12 Brazilian TikTok influencers you should keep an eye on

Brazilian TikTok influencers

TikTok sudden boom has shaken the industry for influencers marketing. This caused companies to look to the platform searching for advertising with the best influencers, as they can target Generation Z and Millennials easily. In Brazil, the Brazilian TikTok influencers gained their space on the app and with funny and easy-going small videos, they gained millions of followers. Brands that want to penetrate new markets must consider TikTok marketing in their marketing strategy.

The app gained visibility with the lip-sync of popular music, aiming at younger people, but fastly grew to other areas. From humouristic takes and sketches to health advice or fitness tips, the Brazilian TikTok influencers reached every area successfully.

source: Amanda Vick

The app was so important that even big creators on other platforms also migrate to TikTok. For example, the Brazilian star Whindersson Nunes, one of the biggest YouTubers and comedians in the country, has also created a big platform on TikTok, becoming one of the biggest Brazilian TikTok influencers. 

The smart algorithm of TikTok allowed brands to locate their audience in the app and create content alongside creators directly to their fans, as their communities are probably more interested in that type of content.

Brazilian TikTok influencers statistics you should know

Brazil is one of the countries that most consume social media platforms worldwide, so here are a few statistics from 2020 that your brand should know about, before planning a marketing strategy:

  • In Brazil, around 7% of influencers have more than 100k followers, allowing them to collaborate with brands.
  • Brazilian TikTok influencers have more than 200 videos uploaded to their account, on average.
  • The core audience of TikTok are females between the ages of 13 and 24 years old (56.8%).
  • Engagement rate of Brazilian TikTok influencers is 20% higher than the average global engagement rate

Smaller Brazilian TikTok influencers for you to work with

We know that working with influencers like Maísa ou Larissa Manoela is the dream for every brand, as they engage millions of people on every platform. But this high number of followers also comes with a high value, and many brands are not capable to pay that much for an influencer marketing campaign.

So here is a list of influencers from multiple areas that you may look to before deciding which one to go to. We separated the influencers into the four tiers we use to categorize the influencers from our agency:

  1. Fashion & Beauty Influencers;
  2. Lifestyle & Travel Influencers;
  3. Gaming & Entertainment Influencers;
  4. Sports & Food Influencers.

If you want to penetrate the Brazilian market in one of these categories, look at the list below and check the Brazilian TikTok influencers we suggest.

Fashion & Beauty Influencers

NameUserFollowersBrazilian Audience
Victoria Rocha_viihrocha232.7K84.7%
Gabi Varejãogabivarejao318.9K79%
Sarah GamaSarahgama_662.7K84%
Fashion & Beauty Influencers

Lifestyle & Travel Influencer

NameUserFollowersBrazilian Audience
Lucas Martinslucasmartins961.1K21%
João Tzannojtzanno174.5K89.86%
Lifestyle & Travel Influencers

Gaming & Entertainment Influencers

NameUserFollowersBrazilian Audience
Taimon Müllertaimonmuller489.5K98.9%
Ademara Barrosademaravilha198.8K98.8%
Gaming & Entertainment Influencers

Sports & Food Influencers

NameUserFollowersBrazilian Audience
Jean Borgeslivreborges207.1K72.7%
Tábata Changtabatachang699.3K74.9%
Tamo Junto na Cozinhatamojuntonacozinha453.1K90.9%
Sports & Food Influencers

How can Bold Creators Club help you to get in touch with Brazilian TikTok Influencers for your brand?

International brands face several cultural problems when trying to penetrate the Brazilian market. That requires an effort that you may not want to have. 

Apart from analysing all the Brazilian TikTok influencers in the app, you will also need to understand the audience from all the influencers you are interested in and what to expect from them. 

We can easily connect with the best Brazilian TikTok influencers and help you with your strategy, as we have a deep understanding of the market and the Brazilian culture. 

Partnering with us may be the answer to your problems. We will make intensive market research and present you with the best hypothesis.

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