2 ways the top Brazilian YouTubers can help your brand to grow

top Brazilian YouTubers

YouTube is the second most popular website in the world. The video platform gathered more than 20 billion visits in 2020, second behind Google. This is seen as a major opportunity for marketing agencies and brands to reach a bigger audience and the top Brazilian YouTubers can help you achieve that.

Advertising on YouTube seems to be quite tempting, but it can fail and be a waste of money if not done correctly. It is therefore important to understand all types of advertising on the platform before starting a marketing plan.

YouTube is a video sharing platform funded in 2005

A major step is to decide if you will only do YouTube Ads or if you want to collaborate with a YouTuber. 

Let’s check what are the differences between both.

YouTube Ads on the top Brazilian YouTubers videos

YouTube Ads have different types, and it is important to understand each one before deciding which to pick. 

Skippable in-stream video ads

These are those video ads that you can normally skip after 5 seconds. They are divided into:

  1. Pre-roll, when the ad appears before the video starts;
  2. Mid-roll, the ads that pop up during the video.

The advertisers that choose this type of ads will only pay if the user watches at least 30 seconds of the video ad or if they interact with it by clicking.

Studies have shown that more than 75% of YouTube users skip these ads after 5 seconds.

Non-skippable in-stream video ads

As the majority of users skip the ads, advertisers decided to start using non-skippable video ads. These ads usually run for 15 seconds and are made to create brand awareness.

To create a non-skippable video ad is very important that the advertiser is 100% sure that the creativity behind the video ad is good enough that will keep the user’s attention during those 15 seconds, as it can backfire and make the viewers mad with the brand advertising.

With non-skippable ads, advertisers pay per impression, at CPM.

Discovery ads

Discovery ads are the ads that appear alongside organic search results. They include text alongside the thumbnail and when viewers click on it, they will be sent to the video or the YouTube channel.

Non-Video ads

Non-video ads are divided into two different categories:

  1. Display ads, including an image and a text, with a CTA with a link to the website;
  2. In-video overlay ads, banners that appear floating on monetized videos.

Although the engine tries to make these ads relate to the content of the video, many times it is not possible to do so.

Partnership with the top Brazilian YouTubers

Recently brands have decided to go directly to the top Brazilian YouTubers for advertisement instead of relying on YouTube’s algorithm to launch a marketing campaign on the platform. 

These partnerships consist of having time on the Youtubers’ videos where they can talk about the brand, the product or the service, promoting it directly to their audience. 

It can also be divided into different categories:

  1. Shout-out – this is the most simple one, and also the cheapest. It consists of having the YouTuber mentioning your brand on the video. This usually leads to brand awareness.
  2. Sponsored video – the majority of the top Brazilian YouTubers already do this. During a video, they will save some time to talk about the sponsor of the video. This “commercial” time can either happen at the beginning, middle or end of the video. Usually, the brand just gives some small briefing to what the creator should mention and let him decide the direction of the advertisement, so the message stays loyal to his usual communication style.
  3. Dedicated video – this is the most expensive type of video. The YouTuber will do a whole video about your brand, product or service. We usually see this type of videos with gaming YouTubers or technology reviewers. This will not only create brand awareness but will also boost sales, as a lot of viewers on YouTube trust their favourite creators.

Bold Creators Club can help you connect with the Top Brazilian YouTubers 

YouTube has millions of users engaging, sharing and being influenced by what they see their favourite creators doing.

It is important for brands not only to work closely with the top Brazilian YouTubers, but it is also important to have a good relationship with them and their target audience. This way, fans will value your brand and check and buy the products more often. 

Creating a good marketing strategy for YouTube is crucial if a brand wants to survive, as the transition between physical and digital has accelerated. But we know that doing this is not easy.

Before contacting the top Brazilian YouTubers, there are some problems you must deal with like logistics, social and political problems that can become barriers in the future. That is why partnering with an agency may be the solution. 

At Bold Creators Club, we are always aware of what the top Brazilian YouTubers are doing and how they are succeeding on the platform.

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