3 reasons for Brazil’s growth in influencer marketing

Creators in Brazil for influencer marketing

As a German marketing influencer agency putting a focus on Brazil might not be the most obvious move.
Bold Creators Club has been established out of a fantasy football startup which was successful in Europe, but blew up in South America because of strategic influencer partnerships.

This is why we were diving deeper in the industry, with one key learning: Brazil’s growth influencer marketing is astonishing.
Campaigns with creators become more mature in the US and Europe, but it is in its high growth phase in South America and Asia: Brazil has seen a tremendous 332% YOY growth in sponsored feed posts on Instagram between 2018-2019, behind the South Americans are countries like Japan (151%), Indonesia (123%) and India (60%).
This growth comes with challenges and great opportunities to leverage the momentum.

Why Bold Creators Club targets Brazilian influencers
São Paulo is the economic and financial center of Brazil and South America as a whole, being its largest city with 12.2M inhabitants.

Bold Creators Club aims to give an overview why Brazil is so attractive for brands right now and in the upcoming years. We want to give you an idea how technology, the people’s mindset and the economic conditions support influencer marketing and brands which want to invest in these creators.

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