3 reasons why Brazilian brand ambassadors are the best for you

Brazilian Brand ambassadors

Companies are taking influencer marketing very seriously, and for a good reason. Social media has been rocking the internet world and the business world since it appeared. With platforms like Instagram and TikTok gaining millions and millions of users daily, companies are looking for a way to promote their businesses to this high number of followers. Brazilian brand ambassadors are one of the key channels to enter the upcoming Brazilian market.

This is where influencers marketing steps in. People with big and loyal fanbases that use their channels to promote something, reaching thousands of people daily are the perfect way to communicate easily and faster with all types of people.

Between all the types of influencer marketing, there is one that is standing out and making companies rearrange their marketing strategies: Brand ambassadors.

A brand ambassador is a person chosen by the company to represent its products and services and create a brand identity, especially on social platforms.

They are usually chosen because they represent the vision of the company and their big fanbase is the focus group for marketing strategies. 

They are also expected to post regularly about the brand, write for them and attend big events, as sometimes they are seen as the face of the company.

How are Brazilian brand ambassadors standing out?

Brazilian influencers are usually the most engaging influencers on every platform, as the Brazilian people are very strong on social media. That is why Brazilian brand ambassadors stand out from the rest.

While many other influencers usually have an engagement rate between 5% and 10%, Brazilian brand ambassadors are able to reach 15% and more, as they create innovative content for their fans.

Neymar is a cultural brand ambassador for PokerStarts.net, source: Neymar’s Instagram

They are also very natural and real in their communication. As Brazil faces several social alterations, it may not be easy for brands to reach certain communities, especially peripheral communities that develop their own slangs and ways to communicate between them. This is why Brazilian brand ambassadors are usually better. Many influencers are coming directly from those communities and are able to understand how to reach them and how to spread the message they want.

Lastly, there are all types of Brazilian influencers in every area. While in other countries there may be some areas where influencers don’t have that much influence, in Brazil, every area gathers millions, from fitness to gaming, you will find an audience for your brand.

Sabrina Sato is one of L’Oréal’s brand ambassadors, source: L’Oréal Brasil Instagram

How to choose the perfect Brazilian Brand ambassadors for you?

While preparing your influencer marketing campaign, looking for a brand ambassador can be tricky. 

You will want to choose someone that has a good social media presence, that is not involved in any scandals or problems and, most importantly, is already in some kind of way connected to your brand. This connexion can be either because you already worked together in some influencers marketing campaign, or because the influencer is a big fan of your brand and your products.

If you are a fitness brand, you will probably want to look for sports & fitness influencers in Brazil or if you are a surf brand, you want to reach an audience that is a fan of the sport or surfs, so an influencer that is well-known for that type of the content will probably have a fanbase more directed towards that. 

Surf brands are using Brazilian brand ambassadors in their marketing strategies

This will also make your partnership more natural, as the influencer is already familiarized with your area. For example, for a company that makes vegan food, the best brand ambassador will be someone that is vegan and talks about it on its platform regularly. This way, when your partnership is announced, people will see it as a natural choice.

What are the best social media platforms for Brazilian brand ambassadors?

As in every influencer marketing campaign, Instagram takes the lead as the most important platform for promoting your brand, but it is not the only one.


Instagram will always be the natural choice for Brazilian brand ambassadors programs. The app is one of the most downloaded apps in the country and almost 50% of the population has an account, around 99 million people.

Instagram is also the quickest way to reach your target market, either by posting a photo or the Instastories that reach thousands of people daily.

L’oreal is a brand that counts heavily with Brazilian brand ambassadors. Right now among their brand ambassadors are:

NameUserFollowers on Instagram
Thelma Assisthelminha6,2M
Sabrina Satosabrinasato29,5M
Taís Araujotaisdeverdade11,4M
Paula Carolinapaulaamorimbarbosa3,1M


TikTok emerged in the social media scene recently but has already taken the podium as one of the biggest platforms in the world. In Brazil, this is not an exception.

With the marketing strategies getting more and more creative every day, TikTok is already considered as one of the main channels to promote a brand.

Brazilian brand ambassadors have thousands of followers on the platform and are capable to engage their audience with funny and valuable content.

A brand that is investing in TikTok is Guaraná. The soda company has 299.9K followers on the platform and posts funny bits with famous TikTokers like Gabryell Urlan, LK and Raíssa Marques. 


Being the biggest video platform in the world, YouTube attracts millions of users every day.

Podpah, one of the biggest Brazilian podcasts in the world, represent the brand Habib’s on their videos on YouTube, source: Podpah‘s Instagram

On this platform, Brand ambassadors programs are usually different from the others. The brands can either promote regularly in some YouTubers videos with integrated advertising messages or can create their own channels and have their brand ambassadors creating special content for the channel. 

How can Bold Creators Club help you find the Brazilian Brand Ambassadors for your brand?

International brands face several cultural problems when trying to penetrate the Brazilian market. That requires an effort that you may not want to have. 

Apart from analysing all the Brazilian influencers on multiple platforms, you will also need to understand the audience from all the influencers you are interested in and what to expect from them. 

Partnering with us may be the answer to your problems. We will make intensive market research and present you with the best hypothesis.

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