3 reasons why TikTok Fashion creators are impacting the fashion industry

TikTok fashion creators

Since the emergence of TikTok in popular culture, fashion content has been a focus of interest on the internet. TikTok Fashion creators gained attention and the conversation on fashion exploded in the digital world thanks to the platform.

The term “TikTok fashion” increased in popularity, according to Google Trends, leading thousands of people to consume and buy new clothes and accessories according to what they see their favorite TikTok Fashion creators doing.

The fast-paced consumption in the fashion industry also allowed TikTok fashion creators to grow inside the platform, becoming “guru-like” personalities for millions of users. 

The fashion movement was already very strong on social media and on the internet with blogs and Instagram, mainly, but TikTok arrived to show that there are plenty of content-creation opportunities and thousands of creators to be inspired by.

This wave of new interest in fashion opened up doors for brands to connect with TikTok users through TikTok Fashion creators. From small indie clothing lines aiming at a specific group of people (like skaters or surfers), to big established brands looking for another channel to communicate with audiences. There is a place for everyone on TikTok.

Connect with the best TikTok Fashion creators

Everyone’s goal is to be viral, but clearly, this is not an easy and automatic process. TikTok fashion creators may not have viral videos daily or weekly, but they know how to grow and maintain a strong and loyal audience.

With regular posts and innovative and creative content, TikTok Fashion creators have different approaches on the fashion industry. 

From creators aiming only at certain groups and niches, like eBoys and eGirls, a trend that emerged and gained popularity on the platform, to creators that teach you tips and tricks of how and where to buy cheaper but still fashionable pieces of clothing or even luxury fashion TikTok creators that show unique pieces to their users. 

TikTok has shown us that connection with the right creator will make your brand reach your target audience easily. 

Check some of our own fashion content creators here!

Hop into TikTok trends

TikTok is constantly with new trends on the platform. The platform is so fast-paced that trends change weekly and the best videos gain millions of views within hours.

From new sounds to new challenges, TikTok Fashion creators are able to hop into these trends and make their own twist, managing to keep their essence while still, at the same time, pleasing the masses. 

Brands with TikTok Fashion creators as their brand ambassadors manage to hop in these trends with them, creating a fun and innovative brand image, and connecting with thousands of users on the platform.

There are plenty of good examples of brands working with the platform in order to grow. 

In 2019, the UK-based brand PrettyLittleThing partnered with TikTok and launched a sponsored campaign that took over the country. Using the hashtag #PrettyChallenge and even an exclusive track by the rapper will.i.am, the brand managed to achieve more than 1M followers on TikTok and partnered with the best TikTok Fashion creators.

Another good example of brands successfully penetrating the app is ASOS. The fashion brand connected with more than 25 TikTok creators and launched a campaign on the platform with the tag #AySauce, showcasing three outfits of the user’s choice in a 15-second video. The tag has more than 3 million videos uploaded already.

Make sure to collaborate on sustainability initiatives

TikTok is one of the responsibles for creating a space to talk about sustainability, one buzz-word from recent years. 

Creators have managed to educate thousands of people on sustainability through videos, opening discussions and creating awareness among a younger generation. These discussions aimed to create conscious consumers.

Data said that 73% of Gen Z stated that they would prefer to pay more for a brand if they knew it was sustainable.

This movement of sustainability awareness was also promoted by several tags. 

Here is a list of the most famous tags:

  1. #sustainablefashion – 948.3 Million views
  2. #upcycling – 5 Billion views
  3. #cottagecore – 6.1 Billion views
  4. #DIY – 87.8 Billions views

Bold Creators Club can help your fashion brand on TikTok

TikTok has millions of users engaging, sharing and being influenced by what they see their favourite TikTok Fashion creators doing.

It is important for brands not only to work closely with the top TikTok Fashion creators, but also important to have a good relationship with them and their target audience. This way, fans will value your brand and check and buy the products more often. 

Creating a good marketing strategy for a fashion brand on TikTok is crucial if the brand wants to survive, as the transition between physical and digital has accelerated. But we know that doing this is not easy.

Before contacting the top TikTok Fashion creators, there are some problems you must deal with like logistics, social and political problems that can become barriers in the future. That is why partnering with an agency may be the solution. 

At Bold Creators Club, we are always aware of what the best TikTok Fashion creators are doing and how they are succeeding on the platform.

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