3 Tips for brands to succeed in the Brazilian market

Brazilian market

The new era of marketing has brought us to the digital world. Social media, smartphones, likes and interactions opened up the world for the Brazilian market. Brands that are looking to succeed in the upcoming Brazilian market must create an influencers’ strategy.

But how to? 

Influencers marketing is not exactly new, but it is still recent when we look at the overview of marketing History.

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All the different eras of marketing have something to teach brands.

We are currently facing the digital era. Brands that want to succeed in such a competitive world must face the decision to impose their presence online. From social media to website, SEO Ranking and working with the most influential people online.

Working with celebrities is not new. Marketing campaigns from the early 80s presented big celebrities. 

But the “world” celebrity has changed. Or at least, it encompasses more categories now. Instead of only big athletes or movie stars, Instagram creators or TikTok or Youtube influencers are now celebrities, with millions of fans all over the world, and with the ability to influence thousands of followers.

The Brazilian market is not that different from the rest of the world when it comes to marketing results, but it is better for brands that are willing to put effort into an influencers’ marketing campaign.

Here are 3 tips to successfully integrate your brand in the Brazilian market.

Establish your brand image for the Brazilian market

This is something that is probably done before even thinking about penetrating the Brazilian market, but it may need some realignment in order to maximize the presence of your brand in the country.

Why Bold Creators Club targets Brazilian influencers
São Paulo

Every culture is different.

When learning about marketing, you are faced with different types of brands. Some are more focused on segmenting their marketing efforts according to the region, country and even city that they are.

For example, in Portugal, McDonald’s change its marketing message according to the city they are in.

Other brands believe that a global marketing strategy works better, sharing the same message everywhere without segmentation of the market.

The Brazilian market has three key advantages when compared to other markets:

  1. The number of smartphone users in Brazil is growing, facilitating the use of digital channels in the country;
  2. Brazilians are among the most engaged population on social media, creating real connections with their favourite influencers and brands;
  3. The cost of Brazilian influencers marketing is low when compared to European influencers or American influencers.

This is the reason why brands associate with influencers and define brand ambassadors. 

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Understand and embrace the Brazilian culture

Brazil is well known for being a multicultural country. Being one of the biggest countries in the world turned Brazil into a big mix of different cultures, races, nationalities and religions. 

With states going as big as countries, to cities practically isolated from the rest of the country, to understand the multiculturalism in the country is to be one step closer to success when it comes to marketing.

Although São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro are seen as the main cities when it comes to business, there are other cities that “shelter” many social media celebrities like Belo Horizonte, Curitiba and Brasilia.

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Adapt your communication

This is a step that is important not only for influencers’ marketing but for marketing in general. 

Although the number of English speakers is increasing, the truth is that still the majority of the population in Brazil only speaks Portuguese.  

Not only this but also the fact that each different region uses and embraces its own slang. This is seen as an opportunity for brands to connect with the population.

When it comes to influencers marketing, letting the influencer adapt the brand’s script to their own way of speaking is crucial, as it gets easier for their followers to connect and it sounds more authentic.

Jessica Belcost fitness Bold Creators Club influencers
Jessica Belcost is a perfect example of how influencers can connect to their audiences

Bold Creators Club can help your brand on social media commerce

Social media has millions of users engaging, sharing and being influenced by what they see on their feed, and brands acknowledge that.

It is important for them not only to work closely with influencers to reach their followers, but it is also important to have a good social media presence, with a clear strategy. This way, users will have the need to follow the brand’s Instagram account and will check the products more often. 

Creating a good marketing strategy for social media is crucial if a brand wants to survive, as the transition between physical and digital has accelerated, especially with the pandemic and all the physical stores closing indefinitely. But we know that doing this is not easy.

Before implementing a social media strategy in Brazil, that are some problems you must deal with like logistics, social and political problems that can become barriers in the future. That is why partnering with an agency may be the solution. 

At Bold Creators Club, we are always aware of what the biggest Brazilian brands are doing and how they are succeeding on all platforms.

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