3 ways the digital world is driving 2022 fashion trends

Some events in the future will be hybrids, combining different experiences to engage people. This will change the way fashion brands keep their audiences interested, whether they are insiders who have access to an exclusive experience or consumers who are participating from home. 2022 fashion trends are driven by the digital world.

Almost every part of fashion is changing because of digital trends. This includes the design, sales, and how new brands are started. Digital trends are also making it easier to save the planet. They are largely enabled by digital technology. Smart brands are paying attention to digital trends and evolving their businesses around opportunities created and imperatives uncovered.

3 ways the digital world is driving 2022 fashion trends
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User-generated content and experiences set the bar for 2022 fashion trends

In 2022 and beyond, fashion shows and product reveals will need to find a way to reach both digital and in-person audiences. One way to do this is by having users generate content during the event that can be shared online. This will help engage the online community as well.

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Marc Jacobs, a brand known for its high-profile fashion shows, offers a blueprint on how to achieve this. The virtual launch of the Perfect Marc Jacobs fragrance included activities for influencers who were in attendance. These activities included portrait drawings by Jacky Blue, whose illustrations adorn the product’s packaging.

The truly participatory event is more engaging than just watching a show on a runway. It demonstrates how digital technology can be used to activate audiences everywhere, not just in locations where Fashion Week events are taking place. Creating this type of participatory event is important for 2022 fashion trends.

Demand is changing the fashion industry and 2020 fashion trends

The fashion calendar is changing. Now, there are limited capsule collections that are released closer to when they are revealed. People used to have to wait months after a collection was revealed to buy the clothes, but now there are new ways for people to buy clothes.

3 ways the digital world is driving 2022 fashion trends
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People’s passions can be played through fashion experiences that are exclusive but also accessible through digital content that people can shop. Search and demand in real-time is one of the biggest 2022 fashion trends.

Communities are driving 2022 fashion trends

The fashion industry has always been influential. They predict and create trends that people follow. But as more people use social media, the industry is changing. Younger audiences are not interested in what the industry tells them to like. They want to decide for themselves.

Many top fashion brands are used to being in the spotlight. However, it is now time for them to let others take the lead. This is not a bad thing, and it should not be seen as scary. It is actually about opening opportunities to engage directly with audiences and build relationships in new ways. 

Last year, there was a trend called the #GucciModelChallenge. In this challenge, people would dress up like they were models for the Gucci brand, even if they weren’t wearing any Gucci clothes. This trend didn’t require people to wear Gucci clothes to look like the brand, but they could if they wanted to.

@gucci Gucci’s new video project for @tiktok will feature talents that took part in the #GucciModelChallange including @thvmxxs. Voice by @morganpresleyxo ♬ original sound – Gucci

Fashion and luxury thrive on making people want what they cannot have. Likewise, their digital strategies should give people the opportunity to immerse themselves in the brand and its story. Fashion brands can increase engagement with consumers by hosting experiences that encourage users to share, limiting releases of new products to create a sense of urgency, and monitoring social media to take advantage of opportunities to connect with specific communities.

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