3 ways a bold influencer agency benefits your marketing funnel

Influencer agency marketing funnel

Social media is evolving and with that, every aspect surrounding it also evolves. From social media marketing done by companies to the way influencers and celebrities use the platforms, influencer marketing has evolved to more than just an initiation technique and an influencer agency can benefit your brand’s marketing funnel.

When the first wave of social media influencers started appearing, partnerships were mainly done to create brand awareness and improve recognition. Most companies would contact an influencer agency to create an influencer campaign, establishing influencers only at the awareness phase on their marketing funnel.

But that has changed throughout the years.

An influencer agency can help your brand get recognition and awareness, but influencers are also perfect to boost sales.

Stephanie Viegas is one of the best Brazilian influencers

Check out how an influencer agency benefits your marketing funnel.

Influencer agency working on the awareness phase

A report by the Influencer Marketing Hub stated that 40% of the participants listed awareness as the main reason to conduct an influencer marketing campaign.

Why is it so important for a brand that wants to build awareness to create campaigns with influencers? 

Firstly, the influencers provide brands with access to their target audience. Normally, influencers build fanbases with people that share the same interests, and brands can take advantage of that, as it is an audience that is already segmented. 

The cult of fanbases is very important for brands

With the pandemic, influencers and social media were crucial to highlighting important issues and boosting awareness for frontline workers and charities. Tags like #StayHome were used by many health departments working alongside influencers.

Influencer agency working on the consideration phase

Influencers are constantly used as brand ambassadors and, because of that, are perfect to activate the consideration phase of a brand’s marketing funnel.

The football player Bruno Fernandes is the official ambassador of RealFevr

The consideration phase consists of the repetition of exposure of the brand, either its products or services. 

By establishing a brand ambassador program with an influencer, a brand can activate a series of content over time directed towards the same audience. With this, that the audience will keep the brand on the top of their mind when it comes to purchasing decisions.

Influencer agency working on the conversation phase

A study by Hubspot shows that 71% of consumers are more likely to purchase a product based on social media referrals, which is where influencer marketing is directed.

With the ability to blur the line between direct advertising and recommendation, influencers are more trusted by consumers. Brands can measure influencer marketing campaigns in several ways: referral traffic to their websites, promo codes or deep-linking, the growth of the brand’s social media pages. You can check how to measure an influencer marketing campaign here.

The Influencer agency can help you with influencer activation

The best influencers are able to impact how an audience views and decides about something. That is why brands all over the world want to connect with these influencers, as many are popular among the brand’s target audience. Building a strong and positive relationship with the influencers makes it easier for them to recommend the brand and the product, influencing their followers. 

source: Annie Spratt

Influencers may be taking part in your campaign because brands are paying them, but the truth is that the more they are engaged and like the brand, the most convincing they will be when talking about it on their social media platforms.

An influencer agency must be sure that the relation between the influencer and the brand is perfect, and work as a bridge between them. 

Bold Creators Club will benefit your marketing funnel with the best influencers

Influencer marketing campaigns are not an easy process to go through. There is a lot of analyse that a brand must put before even thinking of final results. An influencer agency can help throughout all the steps of your campaign.

At Bold Creators Club, we specialize in influencer marketing campaigns, especially in Brazil, having demonstrated results that sustain our position in this field. 

If you are planning on expanding your brand to Brazil, the best way is to affiliate with an agency. You can avoid problems like communication, as most Brazilian influencers don’t speak English, legal issues and even social problems, as the country is one of the most multicultural countries in the world. 

Reach us and let’s talk and define the goals and the KPI’s for your influencers marketing campaign.