6 apps Brazilian Instagram models are using for their feed

Brazilian Instagram models taking photos

Instagram has become a major part of everyday life. Either by posting photos or using Instastories for daily updates, Instagram connects millions of users throughout the world. Brazilian Instagram models are among the most followed accounts on the app, and they are doing things right.

An important aspect of an Instagram account that is looking to grow in followers and engagement is the aesthetic. This is where Brazilian Instagram models are great at. They can mix beautiful photos with unique aesthetic styles while posting. 

The majority of the Brazilian Instagram models are not using the predefined filters that Instagram gives us. They prefer to use apps that enhance their artistic and aesthetic side, especially on InstaStories, although Instagram has provided many new and personalized filters. 

Brazilian Instagram models favourite apps for photo editing

A lot of Brazilian Instagram models post photos of a session, so in those cases, there is no need for photo editing apps. But when that is not the case, there are a few apps that they like to use so that their photos are perfect for posting.

We made a list of some of the best apps so you can check:


VSCO works both as an app for editing photos and as a social media, similar to Instagram, where you can post your photos on your account for your followers to check. It combines dozens of predefined filters with editing tools. It is easy and has a free version.


Developed by Google, this app offers 29 tools and is perfect to correct small mistakes and change perspectives of a photo. It has more than 1M downloads and is also free to use.

Adobe Lightroom CC

Considered by many as the best-paid app on the market, Lightroom brings all the wonders of Adobe into a smartphone app. It is easy to use and gathers thousands of fans throughout the world.

Brazilian Instagram models favourite apps for InstaStories

InstaStories, or only Stories, is a powerful tool that Instagram has given us. It consists of a photo or video that last for 24 hours in the profile of the person that posted it. 

It is strongly used by Brazilian Instagram models when they want to show some daily tasks and is easier for them to communicate with their followers. 

Stories give an idea of proximity between the influencer and the follower because it is usually natural and posted immediately after the photo or video is taken. 

It is also very important for influencers marketing because of that naturality factor, allowing brands to connect with their target audience directly and in a language that everyone understands.

Here is a list of apps that will enhance your InstaStories and make them aesthetic:


Over is a great app to create Stories as it lets you overlay text with your photos and videos in an easy and aesthetically pleasing way. It also offers thousands of fonts and templates for you to use and has a loyal community that shares tips and photos.


A relatively new app that allows creators to create videos in an easy way. It offers royalty-free audio and thousands of filters and templates for everyone to use. It is free to use but you can also unlock many new features with a paid subscription.


Instories allows creators to use dozens of different templates to create videos for InstaStories. It also offers a big library of stock free music and sound and is very easy to use. It has a free version and a pro version, with a paid subscription for more features. The app is a success in Brazil after an incredible campaign with Brazilian Instagram models, helping the app climb 900 spots on the ranking.

instories case study
Bold Creators Club developed an important strategy that helped Instories penetrate the Brazilian market

How can Bold Creators Club help you connect with the best Brazilian Instagram models?

Brazil is one of the fastest-growing markets at the moment. The country has a growing economy and a similar market to countries like the United States and China. 

But entering the Brazilian market is not easy. Between social, environmental and political problems, the country also presents a very unique population. English is not spoken by many people, and even inside the country, the microcultures embrace millions of people.

Partnering with a Brazilian influencer is one of the fastest ways to gain brand recognition in the country, as they have millions of followers and one of the highest engagement rates in the world.

Apart from analysing all the Brazilian influencers on multiple platforms, you will also need to understand the audience from all the influencers you are interested in and what to expect from them. 

Partnering with an agency is the best way to work with the best Brazilian Instagram models. We will make intensive market research and present you with the best hypothesis, and we are aware of the current social, political and legal situation of the country, saving you time and money in the process.

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