9 Brazilian travel influencers you should check

Brazilian travel influencers

Travelling has been the dream of many for years, and globalization has allowed that to happen easily. This boosted the tourism industry numbers and created a new wave of influencers. In Brazil, these Brazilian travel influencers are followed by millions on their social media platforms.

So, what travel influencers do?

A travel blogger is an influencer who has made his dream become his job and life. Indeed, they are paid to travel all over the world, to visit exotic places and new luxury hotels. They are very valuable for the owners of these firms because their opinions and their posts can drive the blogger’s public to visit the same places advertised by the blogger.

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Brazilian travel influencers are boosting the tourism industry

The Brazilian tourism industry has faced growth in 2018 and 2019 but with the pandemic and the travel restrictions, these numbers declined in 2020. This happened worldwide, as expected. 

The best years for the industry were in 2014 and 2015 when the internal consumption of travel and tourism peaked at $102.3 billion and $102.5 billion, respectively. This was thanks to the 2014 FIFA World Cup, hosted by the Brazilians.

Brazil hosted the biggest football tournament in the world in 2014, leading to a peak of tourists in the country

Brazilian travel influencers are very important for the boost in the travel industry. But why? They usually engage millions of people. This is very important for every industry, and the travel industry is no different.

While in the fashion industry, for example, influencers share tips or photos about the products they are using, in the tourism industry, influencer marketing works differently.

It is more important to share a real experience than a scripted campaign. And this is where Brazilian travel influencers help companies from the tourism industry. A hotel can approach an influencer and offer him a stay in exchange for visibility in the influencer’s platform. 

The biggest platforms for the Brazilian travel influencers are Instagram, YouTube and, lately, TikTok has also gained an important value for brands in the travel industry.

Christian Balian, a famous Brazilian YouTuber with more than 1.80 million subscribers on his channel, is an example of how the tourism industry can benefit from influencer marketing. On his channel, he shares challenges and experiences and sometimes he will post videos about his stay in hotels in Brazil. Fans love this type of content, as he mixes funny moments with real opinions. This can boost the hotel reputation and works as a strong marketing tool.

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Balian is one of the influencers on Bold Creators Club

Brazilian travel influencers on Instagram

Instagram is a key platform for influencers as they can share experiences and engage with their audience. 

Either by posting a photo in a hotel as a marketing campaign or posting stories of activities, Brazilian travel influencers can always succeed in engaging followers in their trips.

Here is a list of 5 Brazilian travel influencers for you to check before deciding where you want to travel to:

Alan PossamaiBorn in the state of Santa Catarina, the model and digital influencer who shares his daily life on Instagram, where he gathers more than 1.1 million followers. With cool photos in exotic places, Alan loves adventures like diving and paragliding.
Quel FurtadoFounder of @vamospraonde and yoga enthusiast, shares photos of her trips and many travelling tips on her blog “Vamos Pra Onde” to her 397K followers.
GabiCreator of the Instagram account viajandocomgabi, the digital influencer from Bahia has travelled to 84 countries and has more than 280K followers on her platform.
Fabi GamaCreator of the Instagram account loucosporviagens, Fabi has 553K followers on her Instagram where she shares cool photos and videos and also many tips that you can follow before your trip.
Lala RebeloLala is different from the other Brazilian travel influencers. She mixes motherhood with travelling, showing that you can do both. Sharing her daily life and many tips on the tourism industry, Lala is a most-follow.

Brazilian travel influencers on YouTube

YouTube allows creators to share their travels and experiences with all their followers and subscribers. It is a great platform for tourism, as it shows the true beauty and services that their cities or facilities offer.

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Here is a list of some YouTube channels by Brazilian travel influencers that you should follow if you love travelling:

César TrifoneCésar has travelled to more than 40 countries and is more known for sharing valuable tips about cheap travelling. On his Instagram, he has 107K followers and on his YouTube channel, he gathers more than 20K subscribers.
Vitor LiberatoWith 204K followers on Instagram and 313K subscribers on YouTube, the creator posts beautiful content about his trips around the world.
Via InfindaCreated by Eliezer Tymniak, the YouTube channel has more than 1.3M followers. The creator is well known for his tips on wild and cheap travelling and posts weekly videos of his adventures around the world. On Instagram, Eliezer has 321K followers.
Camila e BrunaBorn in São Paulo, the two sisters share their travelling experiences, with a special focus on their exchanges. They share tips on how to travel on a budget and many stories about travelling. On YouTube, they count 389K subscribers and on their shared Instagram account “mustsharebr” they have 26.7K followers. On their personal Instagram account, Bruna has 30.3K followers and Camila has 87.5K followers.

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