Arthur Aguiar: the champion of Big Brother Brasil 22!

Arthur Aguiar BBB22 Big Brother Brasil 22 Brazilian influencer artist

Arthur Queiroga Bandeira de Aguiar was born on March 3, 1989 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He is an actor, singer, and swimmer. Arthur began his career in 2008 in theaters. In 2009 he started his soap opera career with an appearence in the hit show Malhação. In 2010, Arthur starred in the series “Bicicleta e Melancia” from Multishow and gained prominence in 2011 by playing one of the six protagonists of Rebelde Brasil. In the end of April, he became the champion of Big Brother Brasil 22.

Arthur Aguiar is an athlete and artist. His passion for sports started from a young age when he participated in many swimming competitions, won many medals, and even became Brazilian vice-champion in the 200-meter butterfly. In parallel to his sports career, he studied acting and continued developing his artistic skills.

Arthur Aguiar swimming athlete Brazilian influencer
Arthur Aguiar is the vice-champion in the 200-meter butterfly

Arthur participated in several Brazilian soap operas, such as “Malhação”, “Cama de Gato”, “Zorra Total” and “Bicicleta & Melancia” on the Multishow channel. In 2011, his career took a different turn when he starred in the telenovela “Rebelde” in the role of Diego Maldonado. The show was such a big success that the band “Rebeldes” was born from it, becoming a national sensation. He was voted Best Singer in 2011 by the “Capricho Awards” and Best Actor in 2015 by “Jovem Brasileiro.” In 2019, he released the single “Eu Já Sabia.”

In his personal life, he had romances with Lua Blanco, Pérola Faria, Alice Wegmann, Giovanna Lancellotti (which lasted one year), and Camila Mayrink (between 2015 and 2016).

He started dating Maíra Cardi in July 2017 and married her in December of that same year. Their daughter Sophia was born in October 2018. As of May 2020, they broke up and started dating again, several times.

Arthur Aguiar and his daughter Brazilian reality show BBB22
Arthur Aguiar and his daughter

Arthur Aguiar and his victory in Big Brother Brasil 22

Arthur Aguiar won Big Brother Brasil 2022 with 68.96% votes in his favor. Arthur talked about his experiences in the reality show, the good and bad things that happened, and what he plans to do in the future.

I never imagined it could gain this proportion

said Arthur
Arthur Aguiar, the Big Brother Brasil 22 Champion Brazilian influencer artist winner
Arthur Aguiar, the Big Brother Brasil 22 Champion

Arthur Aguiar arrived at the most-watched house in Brazil three days after the premiere of Big Brother Brasil 22. When getting there, he found that the other participants had already formed bonds, and he had his first setback: finding a way to create connections with them. Gradually, he managed to break the barrier and make friends with Jade Picon and Tiago Abravanel. But, Arthur was left alone again when Jade stopped being friends with him in the game, and Tiago left the show early. But thankfully, he found a new ally outside of the house to not feel lonely, the public.

I didn’t find it easy when I left. I was exhausted and emotionally drained, but I would do it again if I had to. My game was consistent and clear the whole time. When I agreed to join, I knew that some things might hold me back, but I was confident that the good parts of my game would show through. Most importantly, I went into the game knowing that I wanted to play and win. Became more consistent with my attitude and words, be transparent and not override my values and principles.

Arthur said to GShow when asked about his journey in Big Brother Brasil 22
Arthur Aguiar BBB22 BBB 22 Big Brother Brasil
The three finalists of Big Brother Brasil 22 and the host

He mentioned that after the reality show, he feels that is still going to be friends with PA, Tiago, and Eli, who is a guy he really likes and ended up getting closer. Arthur didn’t know Nayara much, but he said “I liked to exchange ideas with her”. Although DG, one of the contestants, disappointed Arthur, the BBB2022 champion mentioned “we have already talked and I think that is behind us, but I don’t know if it will be reciprocated”. He also maintained a good relationship with Pedro Scooby.

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