Bold & Daily: YouTube launches a multilingual audio feature with video dubbing

YouTube’s latest feature is set to be a game-changer for content creators and viewers alike. The multilingual audio feature with video dubbing allows creators to offer different language options to viewers, ultimately expanding their reach and audience.

Youtube Mr.beast Multilingual feature
Mr.Beast video with the feature

    With the world’s diversity, this is a significant step for YouTube toward becoming more inclusive and accessible. Creators who participated in the testing phase of the feature reported a remarkable 15% increase in viewing time for videos that were dubbed in multiple languages, compared to those without. This is huge, as it not only means more watch time but also greater engagement from viewers.

    One notable creator, Mr. Beast, maintained up to 11 channels with different audio languages before the introduction of the new feature. This would have been a daunting task, especially for a creator who uploads as frequently as Mr. Beast.

    However, with this new feature, he can upload content with different dubbed languages on one channel, making it easier for his viewers to consume his content in their preferred language.

    Youtube Mr.beast Multilingual feature
    Feature localization interface

    The multilingual audio feature has been rolled out globally, and users can now select the language they prefer to hear when watching videos. If the creator has added multiple audio tracks in different languages, the user can choose which one they want to listen to.

    This makes it easier for creators to produce content in multiple languages without having to create separate channels, enabling them to reach wider audiences.

    Overall, the feature not only expands the reach of creators but also helps YouTube in its efforts to be more inclusive and diverse. With the potential for a 5X increase in reach, this feature is a significant step forward for the platform and creators.

    The Bold Creators club provided an estimation of the increase in the number of views for the creators who will use this feature on the following chart.

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