Bold & Daily: How a TikTok ban would affect the Influencer Economy

TikTok has 1.051 Billion daily users on the planet, according to Statista data. The US market accounts for more than 10% of the total number of people who access the service at least once a day.

TikTok ban Influencer ecomony
TikTok was 1,5B daily users on the planet

An eventual ban would drop the network to less than a billion daily users, leaving it behind Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Instagram, WhatsApp, YouTube, and Facebook.

It would be a big loss for TikTok in terms of reach. Worse than the reduction in the number of users would be the impact on TikTok’s monthly bills. Although the advertising investment in short videos lags behind other services such as Instagram and Facebook, the fact remains that the money generated by the US is critical. TikTok does not reveal which its top advertisers are, but it would be no surprise if companies from the US country were in the top 5.

TikTok Ban Influencers economy
TikTok ad revenue

Statista 2022 reveals that Amazon invested about $22.5 million in four months. HBO is second with $19 million and Cerebral closes the third position with $13.3 million. Most of the companies in Statista’s survey are from the United States. Giants like Samsung, Mcdonald’s, and Pepsi are among the biggest advertisers of short videos. The possibility of a ban would generate a significant impact on the platform. Still, not enough to shut it down, but TikTok was already banned in India, which was the largest market in the U.S., had 200 million users, and had a loss estimated at $ 6 billion.

The Future of TikTok

currently, the U.S. has 150 million active users. What is the future of TikTok? The next few weeks are likely to be decisive for the future of TikTok. The end of TikTok would be an incalculable loss for content creators. The way TikTok’s algorithm works brings more visibility, something you can’t easily get on other networks, it is likely that creators will change platforms.

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Dealing with social media influencers is not always easy. Actually, most of the time, companies and influencers can’t communicate clearly, as there is a lack of a cultural, linguistic, and social bridge that connects both.

When it comes to Latin influencers, this communication barrier is even bigger. Not only because a lot of people in countries like Brazil or Colombia don’t English, but also because these countries are highly multicultural, with cities with completely different styles, slang, and social and cultural movements within the country. 

In the case of Brazil, this aspect is so strong that there are even completely different cultures within the same city, in big metropolises like São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro. 

It is really hard to keep up with the constant changes in pop culture and in the internet world, so contacting an agency whose job is to always be updated about what the influencers are doing, how is the stability in the country, and more important information for your company, is the best strategy.