Bold & Daily: The White House is recruiting young TikTok influencers to reach young voters

While the U.S. government continues to evaluate a possible ban on TikTok, the Biden administration is looking to use the app’s influence to sway young voters. This is part of the project to raise awareness for young voters.

White House is recruiting young TikTok influencers
The U.S. has 150

Biden’s administration intends to collaborate with social media influencers within local communities during Biden’s visits to these regions. This partnership aims to amplify the impact of the message, with a particular focus on TikTok and Instagram as the primary platforms for this endeavor.

Biden’s team plans to collaborate with influencers in local communities to increase the impact of their message, coinciding with Biden’s visits to these areas. TikTok and Instagram will be the primary platforms for this effort, as young people are highly engaged on both.

While there is a potential conflict, as Biden is considering banning TikTok altogether, it is also possible that using the platform for political campaigning could highlight his potential influence.

White House is recruiting young TikTok influencers
The Number of TikTok user on the U.S.

This situation reflects the current media landscape, where a Chinese-owned platform seen as a potential vector of foreign influence is also a crucial tool for connecting with potential voters.

It remains unclear whether the White House will go through with the ban, but recent developments, such as TikTok’s chief appearing before the US Senate and Chinese aggression in Taiwan, do not bode well for the app’s future.

However, until then, Biden’s team will continue to use it to maximize their message among young people. This is a noteworthy commentary on the state of media in 2023.

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