Boca Rosa: How did she build an empire and overcome cancel culture?

Adaptability is fundamental to an entrepreneur’s skill set. Boca Rosa was put to the test to show how well she would handle the backlash before received on the Internet and applied to her business. The cancel culture is present in our daily lives as social media users but, to what extent can we use it as a beneficial tool to understand where is necessary to improve?

Boca Rosa has a successful beauty influencer career, with over 18M followers on Instagram and 6M subscribers on YouTube.

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Starting as a beauty influencer

Bianca Andrade da Silva or Boca Rosa, is an huge Brazilian entrepreneur and influencer, she was born in Maré, Rio de Janeiro. Before she set her name as a blueprint for younger generations of beauty influencers, she started her career on YouTube at 17 years old.

In 2011, alongside her YouTube channel, she also had a blog on the deactivated social media Orkut, where she would share makeup tips. Due to her constantly wearing pink-toned lipstick, her followers started to call her ”Boca Rosa” (Pink mouth), and she adopted it as her pseudonym.

She introduced herself to the audience, explaining the reason she created her channel, the main reason was that a video would be way simpler to share her insights about make-up. Her first video on the platform currently has over 1.8M views.

Her videos rapidly went viral due to her chill and charismatic way of delivering content, creating a huge number of followers, and being a reference at the time as a pioneer as an ”beauty guru”.

In 2013, her notoriety got her a famous Brazilian cooking TV show ”Mais Você”, and she was invited by the hostess Ana Maria Braga herself. Which was, at that time a huge accomplishment since content creators weren’t seen on TV.

If you take a rain check, you may not have a next time

Boca Rosa about her interview on Mais Você, 2013.

She decided to take a further step to expand her horizons on the Internet, in 2016, Boca Rosa created her Instagram account, where she didn’t limit herself to fashion or makeup, but also invested her insights on entrepreneurship, healthy lifestyles, and marketing, among others.

By the same year, the influencer announced Boca Rosa – O espetáculo (Boca Rosa – The Show) as a way to provide a more relatable point of view from her journey. The content creator was able to travel throughout Brazil due to its national popularity.

The show, which is based on the life of Bianca Andrade, brings with it much humor stories of overcoming, friendship, optimism, joy, and perseverance!

Boca Rosa – O espetáculo’s announcement on Instagram.

An empire owner

Boca Rosa has left an indelible mark on the makeup world, and in 2019, the influencer decided to take her passion to the next level. Collaborating with Payot, she launched her very own makeup line under the brand name Boca Rosa Beauty.

Today, she plays an active role in every aspect of product development, from identifying trends and conducting market studies to formulation, packaging, and marketing strategies.

The launch was a hit among her followers, and soon after, she teamed up with Cadiveu to release a line of hair products called Boca Rosa Hair.

Cancel culture and BBB

In 2020, Big Brother Brasil had this huge change where they would invite influencers to join the reality show. Bianca was picked to be one of the contestants on the 20th edition of the show.

This was another breakthrough moment in her career, where she would be in a fully monitored house with other participants, where she could show her true colors in the next three months.

Although she was the 5th eliminated contestant, she got herself into the trend topics, and at some point got involved in some controversial topics. Such as sexism, and discussions associated to female partnerships, that would eventually get her ”canceled” by the public.

Despite facing accusations, Bianca was able to clear her name and focus her attention on promoting her brand during her time on BBB. In fact, she had strategized before entering the reality show and it paid off as her makeup brand experienced a significant boost in sales during her confinement. Boca Rosa even proudly shared on her Instagram profile that her brand’s sales had tripled during that period.

I said I was going to make an impression out here, so I thought of a way that would be meaningful. We put together all my looks beforehand, I memorized all the looks, every hair, every makeup. And we sold exactly three times more while I was on the show.

Boca Rosa on her brand’s performance on social media

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