Bold & Daily: Adobe has launched its new AI image generator

Adobe has launched its new AI image generator, Firefly, which is only trained on licensed or out-of-copyright content, and not the work of individual artists across the internet. This move helps to avoid copyright infringement and makes it more brand-safe.

Adobe has just launched its own AI image generator with a family of creative generative AI models called Adobe Firefly. The company has released the first two tools that utilize these models.

Adobe’s latest release of Firefly is a significant milestone for the company, as it offers a family of creative generative AI models. This release is specifically aimed at professionals in the creative industry such as designers, copywriters, and social media administrators.

With the promise of AI-assisted content production for everyone, regardless of experience or skill, the tool aims to provide a broad range of features that span images, audio, vectors, video, and 3D renderings. Firefly will use brushes, gradients, transformations, and other tools that are typically the preserve of humans.

Images generated by the Firefly AI

Firefly is a unique generative AI tool that sets itself apart from others by not only being able to generate content but by anticipating problems and providing solutions for users. Unlike other generative AI tools that are limited to generating content based on a given input, Firefly uses context from images, videos, or documents to provide help when needed. This makes Firefly a true assistant for users, as it not only generates content but also provides helpful suggestions and solutions.

One of the most notable aspects of Firefly is its transparency in regard to the data its models are trained on. Adobe, the creator of Firefly, has made it clear that all the data used to train the tool is either out of copyright, licensed for training, or sourced from the Adobe Stock library, which the company has the right to use. This commitment to transparency is important, as it ensures that the tool is being developed in an ethical and responsible manner.

The use of ethical and responsible data is not the only way that Firefly stands out from other generative AI tools. By being able to anticipate problems and provide solutions, Firefly has the potential to revolutionize the way that people interact with AI. Instead of being a passive tool that simply generates content based on input, Firefly is an active assistant that can help users navigate complex tasks and provide support when needed.

Adobe also plans to compensate artists who contribute training data in the future. This transparency could differentiate Adobe from other companies in the industry, as it is taking a proactive approach to image rights. Finally, Adobe’s Firefly release marks a significant step in the integration of AI into creative workflows, opening up new possibilities for the industry.

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