Bold & Daily: Lemon8 the social media cousin of TikTok has arrived

A new mobile app from ByteDance is gaining traction in the U.S., despite growing national security concerns around ByteDance’s China ties. Although ByteDance lists no affiliation with Lemon8, there are clear signs that the two companies are connected.

Lemon8 new social midia TikTok pinterest
Lemon8 had more the 17 million downloads on 2020

The app, which caters to the Generation Z audience, features a mix of videos and photos in a structure reminiscent of TikTok and Pinterest combined. unlike TikTok, the app allows users to upload still photos. Lemon8’s aesthetic is more artistic, colorful, and aspirational than TikTok’s, reminiscent of Pinterest in some respects. Lemon8’s impressive growth at such an early stage demonstrates the popularity that Chinese apps have over American users, It also shows how determined ByteDance is to grow in the US market, while debates over taking action under TikTok rumble on.

Lemon8 new social midia TikTok pinterest
First Look on Lemon8 plataform

Lemon8 has been installed 17 million times globally since its launch in March 2020, according to Apptopia. It has been installed in the US 650,000 times in the last week and a half.

Japan is Lemon8’s largest market, accounting for 36.5% of its lifetime downloads. The app has a considerable following in Asia and Southeast Asia. Within so many instabilities with the future of TikTok Lemon8 is certainly an interesting app that has brought a bold proposition to keep an eye on.

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