Boost your apps in Brazil with the best Brazilian digital influencers

Best Brazilian digital influencers

Launching a new app on digital stores may be a challenge as there are millions of apps available and being launched every day. The best Brazilian digital influencers may be the answer if you want to boost your number of downloads and climb places on the digital stores.

But why investing in influencers’ marketing?

Well, let’s look at numbers first.

In 2020, studies stated that there were 3.6 billion smartphone users. These numbers are expected to grow to 4.3 billion smartphone users by 2023. 

In Brazil, there were 141.45 million smartphone users and these numbers are expected to grow to 157.85 million users by 2025.

In the iOS App Store, there are around 1.85 million apps available to download. Android users have more to choose from, with 2.56 million apps on the Google Play Store, studies show.

The best Brazilian digital influencers have loyal fanbases

Measuring success is an essential part of every marketing campaign, and with the best Brazilian digital influencers influencers, this is not different.

When dealing with Brazilian fanbases, it is necessary to understand the public you are dealing with. 

Very different from other influencers’ fanbases, like European or North American, Brazilian people are very strong on social media and participate closely in discussions, trends and everything that happens in general.

Companies are finding it more attractive to work with Brazilian Instagram influencers, as they merge the Brazilian culture on their communication, with the culture of the company. This opens a world of possibilities, enabling App companies to be closer to the communities and answer to their needs and problems more quickly.

Brazil is considered as an upcoming market for brands

The best Brazilian digital influencers have taken over the biggest social media platforms, engaging millions with their photos and videos, either in Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter or Facebook. These are seen as a big marketing and business opportunity for App developers to grow their products in Brazil.

Cases of successful influencers’ marketing campaigns with the best Brazilian digital influencers

At Bold Creators Club we have worked on many different campaigns, and working alongside App developers’ companies are among the clients we have successfully helped penetrate the upcoming market in Brazil.

We helped many digital businesses to grow in Brazil through influencer marketing. Brazilian influencers are on average less expensive than American or Mexican creators.

Here are some of our most successful campaigns with the best Brazilian digital influencers:


Instories is an App developed by Ylee Studio LTD. It brings influencers and their followers the perfect tool to create stories in an easy and innovative way.

instories case study
Instories is one of the most successful campaigns of Bold Creators Club

The campaign “LET CREATORS CREATE” was a success in Brazil, thanks to the best Brazilian digital influencers. The ease of creating stand-out stories within seconds was perfectly suited for an Instagram story placement.

By partnering with 15 of the best Brazilian digital influencers from Instagram, the app was catapulted to the top positions of the App Store. This happened thanks to an incredible engagement rate of 9.1% on average from the campaign. 

Influencers encouraged their fans to download and test instories, leading to the creation of high quality Instagram stories all over Brazil.

The strongest fan bases reached were the beauty, fashion and lifestyle influencers’ fans. The Drudi sisters were very important for the success of this campaign.

Pamela Drudi Brazilian Influencers TikTok Instagram YouTube Brazilian beauty influencer Bold Creators Club agency
Pamela Drudi, one of the Drudi’s sisters that were the key for the success of Instories


Teamstr, a fantasy football platform, looked for the best Brazilian digital influencers to promote a new feature: The teamstr wall.

This feature enabled users to interact with each other and to dive deeper into the game of fantasy football, merging a football fantasy platform with a social media platform.

Teamstr needed a campaign to reach football fans and decided to launch a campaign before the biggest tournament of sports: The football world cup 2018 in Russia.

The slogan “Feel the game” was used during the campaign and reached YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, mainly. 

teamstr Case Study
teamstr was a successful influencers’ marketing campaign

Influencers from Europe, Mexico, Brazil and Argentina were contacted to promote the app on their channels and several initiatives took place and helped the app climb positions on stores and get popular in those countries. 

The results from South America were the ones that stood out among all. 4.4 million impressions and engaged more than 700 thousand people, with an engagement rate of 18.25% on average.

Bold Creators Club can boost your apps with the best Brazilian digital influencers

The app world is a very competitive place, as millions of apps are available and thousands are created every day.

App development companies must look to influencers before starting a marketing campaign, as influencers are the best way to reach an audience.

Creating a good social media strategy is crucial if the companies want to succeed in such a competitive market.

Partnering with an agency may be the solution, as the low prices of Brazilian influencers are an asset to any marketing campaign.

At Bold Creators Club, we work closely with brands and the best Brazilian digital influencers on the market so that we can help you achieve your goals.

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