How Brazilian Instagram influencers are changing the beat for the beauty industry

Brazilian Beauty influencers

The beauty industry has been one of the most engaging industries on the internet. Coming from blogs back in 00s, where hundreds of bloggers would suggest and talk about cosmetic, until today, where social media apps are in everyone’s smartphone and beauty influencers post daily about beauty topics. In Brazil, Brazilian Instagram influencers took over the platform, always standing in the most followed accounts in the country and engaging hundreds of people daily.

But let’s talk about numbers first.

In 2018, the cosmetic industry grew around 5.5% when compared to 2017. In 2020 these numbers grew even more. The main product categories are skincare, which takes around 39% of the global market, haircare, make-up, perfumes, toiletries and oral cosmetics.

The industry is still a very concentrated one, with L’oreal Paris taking 20% of the market share in Europe, and being one of the biggest worldwide cosmetics manufacturers. Unilever and Estée Lauder Companies take the podium next to L’oreal for the biggest companies in the beauty industry.According to Forbes, Brazil is the fourth largest cosmetics consumer market, only behind the United States, China and Japan. In the country, five companies stand out, taking almost 50% of the market share: Natura & Co, Boticario, Unilever, L’oreal and Colgate-Palmolive Co. Studies predict that by 2023, the overall consumption of cosmetics will rise 20.6%.

The beauty industry is set to keep on growing in the future

In the latest years, the trends are changing. People began to be more environmentally friendly and social conscience has also taken over the industry, promising to shake things up and, with this, indie brands and cruelty-free brands have surfaced to take their places among the industry giants. Social media was the main contributor to this.

Brazilian Instagram influencers are helping cosmetic brands reach new highs in sales

Although all the complications that the pandemic brought, the cosmetics industry saw its numbers rise to new highs in Brazil, with exports climbing 2% in relation to 2019, making around $609 million, exporting to 174 countries. 

On imports, the main product categories were skincare, oral hygiene products and fragrances/perfumes.

Skincare is the most imported product from the beauty industry in Brazil

This growth in Brazil has many reasons, but the one that stands out between the others is the growth in inclusivity and diversity among Brazilian people. In a study conducted by Avon, 70% of black women felt unsatisfied with the beauty industry, especially when it comes to makeup. They state that there is a lack of skincare products for darker skin tones. 

This is where Brazilian Instagram influencers took a step and helped the brands to diversify their products in order to attract the majority of the Brazilian population.

Nátaly Neri, one of the many Brazilian Instagram influencers, is a very good example of how social media can benefit cosmetic brands and reach the Brazilian population. She addresses topics like black beauty and female empowerment and has worked with brands like Natura and Sallve. She has 706K followers on Instagram and 751K subscribers on YouTube and it’s a must-follow for everyone who cares about cosmetics, sustainability and inclusivity.

Biggest beauty brands on social media

As stated before, social media took over the internet and brands recognized the importance of having a strong presence on every platform.

Here are the biggest beauty brands on social media platforms.


Bath and Body Works10,3 Million Likes
Risqué7,1 Million likes
Mary Kay Brasil6,1 Million likes


Kylie Cosmetics25,3 Million followers
M·A·C Cosmetics24 Million followers
Sephora20,7 Million followers

Biggest Brazilian Instagram influencers on the beauty industry

Brazil is one of the biggest countries when it comes to beauty influencers. Brazilian Instagram influencers are capable of engaging millions of people daily. 

Here are some of the biggest Brazilian Instagram influencers for you to check.

NameFollowers on Instagram
Mari Maria17,9M
Franciny Ehlke13,7M
Virgínia Wanderley10,1M
Camilla de Lucas8,7M

How can Bold Creators Club help you connect with the best Brazilian Instagram Influencers in the beauty industry?

Penetrating a market so full of innovative brands is not easy. Brands must acknowledge the situation in Brazil. Topics like sustainability, female empowerment and minorities inclusion are always important to be aware of before deciding to launch a new product or service in the country.

Partnering with a beauty influencer may be the best for your brand, as they are capable of engaging with many people in a fun, educative and simple way. 

Apart from analysing all the Brazilian influencers on multiple platforms, you will also need to understand the audience from all the influencers you are interested in and what to expect from them. 

This may cause problems that you don’t want to have. That is why partnering with an agency is the best way to work with the best Brazilian Instagram influencers. We will make intensive market research and present you with the best hypothesis, and we are aware of the current social, political and legal situation of the country, saving you time and money in the process.

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