Brazilian influencers’ marketing and 5 ways to improve it with influencers relationship management

Brazilian influencers' marketing

Creating a strong relationship with your brand’s influencers is important. This is called Influencer Relationship Management and is a crucial part of Brazilian influencers’ marketing.

The best Brazilian influencers are able to impact how an audience views and decides about something. That is why brands all over the world want to connect with these influencers, as many are popular among the brand’s target audience. Building a strong and positive relationship with the influencers makes it easier for them to recommend the brand and the product, influencing their followers. 

Influencers may be taking part in your campaign because brands are paying them, but the truth is that the more they are engaged and like the brand, the most convincing they will be when talking about it on their social media platforms. 

Check all the steps you should follow before engaging in a Brazilian influencers’ marketing campaign.

Choose the correct influencers for your brand

Brazilian influencers’ marketing involves checking and keeping up with thousands of different creators, from all over the country and with many different areas of interest. 

As brands partner with agencies, they will provide a list of all influencers they believe to fit the campaign, the brand’s values and image. 

Jessica Belcost fitness Bold Creators Club influencers
Jessica Belcost is one of the most famous influencers from our agency

It is important to every brand to acknowledge that the best influencer for them may not be the one with the most followers or the best engagement rate. 

Influencers that fit perfectly with the brand’s values can transform a small campaign into a long-time partnership, as they identify themselves with the brand and put on some more attention, affection and truth on their message on the campaign.

Customize your communication to every influencer

At first, it may seem like this is not an important step, but it is.

Brazilian influencers’ marketing always has to take into account how to reach different influencers. 

Sending the same message to everyone may seem like the fastest way to contact all the influencers the brand wants to work with, but this won’t work.

It is important that a brand understands that not every influencer is the same. Customizing the way they talk to them will benefit, as the relationship between brand and influencer becomes closer and more transparent.

Work alongside influencers in developing the campaign

Every influencer has a different background, a different audience and talks in a different way, especially when we are dealing with Brazilian influencers, as the country is built on different cultures and multiculturalism is strongly present in everyone, either by the slang they use, to what they eat, drink and even think.

That is the reason why brands must acknowledge that working alongside the influencer when developing the campaign is important. 

The goal of every Brazilian influencers’ marketing campaign is to sound the most authentic and genuine possible so that the influencers’ audience will engage with what their favourite creators are saying. 

As many influencers have a very specific type of communication, it is important that this communication style is merged with the brand’s communication style to create the campaign. The better this is done, the more authentic will sound like. 

Leading influencer agency in South America
Everson Zoio has a very strong and loyal fanbase and communicates using many Brazilian slang

This will also make the influencer understand that the brand trusts and believes in them, creating a better relationship between them.

Understand how to measure Brazilian influencers’ marketing

Brazilian influencers’ marketing involves understanding and defining the correct metrics to measure every campaign.

This is a combination between what the brand expects from the influencer, and what they want. 

For example, if a brand wants to gain brand awareness in a specific part of the country, and they reach the best brazilian influencers, they must be aware of how good is the influencer’s image on that specific part of the country. 

It is also important to manage expectations. Not every Brazilian influencers’ marketing campaign will go viral, and that is okay. 

Marketing campaigns take time and patience, and that is why the process of building a strong relationship with the influencer is so important.

The best Brazilian influencers are growing daily and are putting on work in order to gain more views, followers and engagement. That is why it is so beneficial for the brand to create a good relationship with the influencers, as they may continue to grow in the future and it may be easier for the brand to reach them if their previous campaign was successful.

Reward influencers fairly

We already discussed influencers’ pricing in our blog, but this is always an important topic to bring up. 

Influencers are brand partners, and that means that their work usually involves payment. 

For some micro influencers, this payment may mean free products in exchange for a shout-out or a story or even a post, but for the majority of influencers, it involves money.

It is important that brands define an initial budget and work with that. Of course brands would love to work with celebrities like Cristiano Ronaldo or Ariana Grande, that have millions and millions of followers on their Instagram, but this would also mean spending huge amounts of money that may not be possible. 

That is why brands must acknowledge the perfect influencer for their campaign and work alongside them on the budget they have.

Investing in Brazilian influencers’ marketing will show good results, but it is important that this investment is done smartly.

Bold Creators Club can help in your Brazilian influencers’ marketing campaign

Creating a good social media strategy is crucial if companies want to succeed in such a competitive market that is Brazil. 

The country offers many opportunities, but having a clear Brazilian influencers’ marketing strategy is one step closer to success for every brand that is willing to work hard.

Partnering with an agency may be the solution, as the low prices of Brazilian influencers are an asset to any marketing campaign.

At Bold Creators Club, we work closely with brands and the best Brazilian digital influencers on the market so that we can help you achieve your goals.

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