3 reasons why Brazilian influencers pricing is a focus for the best brands

Brazilian influencers pricing

The world of social media has grown massively in the last decade. Influencers took over the biggest platforms and sharing, editing and creating photos, videos and opinions became the job for many people. In Brazil, this was not different. Around 140 million Brazilians were identified as social media users, with Facebook and Instagram as the major platforms in the country. This opened an opportunity for many people to grow a social network fanbase with thousands and millions of engaged and loyal followers, and brands start looking for the Brazilian influencers pricing.

This boom made brands understand the value of social media engagement and, especially, the value of influencers in the country. Brazilian influencers marketing became one of the main ways to enter the Brazilian market. 

But how could brands be sure that they were choosing the right influencers for their campaign? Or how to allocate the right budget for this? And what about all the complications in contacting the influencers? And the most important question for the majority of companies: what is the Brazilian influencers pricing?  The answers to all of these questions were simple: Brazilian influencers marketing agencies. 

What is Brazilian influencers marketing?

Considered as one of the most effective ways to reach an audience, influencer marketing has grown and evolved during the last decade. It became the fastest and easiest way to reach a big audience with a more simple and direct language. 

Brazilian influencers are among the most engaged influencers worldwide, attracting international brands from all kinds of industries, and the results tend to be very positive. The following graph shows the top 5 most followed Brazilian accounts on Instagram.

influencers pricing
Most followed accounts in Brazil

Instagram influencers partnership are the best performing platform for brand deals, as they reach higher engagement rates than all the other platforms and a broader audience. The Linqia report from 2019 shows that around 57% of the companies that conducted influencer marketing were very happy with the results of their campaign.

But why should brands invest in Brazilian influencers marketing? As already mentioned, Brazil is an emergent market when it comes to influencer marketing and social media in general. The main reasons why Brazilian influencers marketing is crucial for companies trying to enter Brazil is:

  1. Brazilian influencers have high engagement rates with their audiences, as they are considered trustworthy;
  2. The influencers message is more easily understood, fast and reaches all types of people;
  3. Brazil is a multicultural country, with roots in Europe, Africa and Asia, and several minorities population, so it is easier for local influencers to reach these audiences.
Brazil BCC
source: Wirestock

Bold Creators Club presents some good examples of how Brazilian influencers marketing works and is successful.

One of the best examples of this is our campaign for the app Instories, a tool to produce animated and aesthetic stories for Instagram. The company wanted to gain market share in the Brazilian market, so, after reaching us, we partnered with 15 influencers to create a campaign and spread the word about this new app.

The results were very clear: a success. With an engagement rate of 9,1% (on average), we catapult the app in the App Store and Play Store rankings. A total of 3 Million impressions, an engagement rate of 4,5x higher than the industry’s standard, and a cost/installation of 0,51$, lower than the average industry cost/installation.

influencers pricing
The growth of the App Instories in AppStore and Play Store

Brazilian influencers pricing rates

So how does the Brazilian influencers pricing is established?

First, is important to understand in which social media platforms we want our campaign to run. The pricing for an Instagram post will be different from the pricing of a Youtube video shoutout or an Instagram story.

Then, brands need to establish their campaign’s goal, and from there analyse the influencers category, its reach and the influencers engagement rate. Having the most followers doesn’t mean that the influencer has the best engagement rate. It is important that brands recognize that not all influencers are the same and that the influencers with bigger platforms are not necessarily the best for their campaigns, and Brazilian influencers pricing is a big point when defining the Brazilian influencers marketing strategy.

influencers pricing
Brazilian influencers categories

The main categories are micro-influencers and macro-influencers, but these categories may be different depending on the author. We explained these categories better in our Micro our Macro Influencer article.

The third step is to establish which is the target industry. If the campaign is about a new Playstation game, the correct influencers to search for are gaming influencers because their fanbase will be more interested in these type of products than the fanbase of a makeup artist, for example.

Everson Zoio Bold Creators Club Influencer Marketing Agency South America Brazil
Everson Zoio is one of the biggest Brazilian YouTubers

From here, it is also important that the content matches the influencer. If the influencer normally talks and communicates in a more casual way, it is not recommended that the campaign is written for him to communicate with a formal speech. This will only cause confusion with his fanbase and will seem fake. 

After defining all the point above, the last step is to reach the influencer. This can be done in two distinct ways: brands either talk directly to the influencer or reach an influencers marketing agency. In our blog, we explain why an agency may be the best solution for your brand

What is the Brazilian influencers pricing?

We still haven’t answered how much does a Brazilian influencers marketing campaign costs neither whats the Brazilian influencers pricing. 

The truth is that it depends. Both influencers and agencies define their prices differently. 

influencers pricing BCC
source: Dragana_Gordic

One common method used by some influencers is the “one cent per follower rule”, also known as the “$100 per 100,000 follower rule”, so it may be a starting point to understand if the budget will be high or low. 

Influencers may also use platforms that work like marketplaces for their services. In those types of platforms, users will automatically have the pricing information.

But most influencers have their own ratings and pricings. This will differ because of many reasons. For example, Brazilian influencers pricing will be different from American influencers pricing. So before starting an influencers marketing campaign, you should ask yourself what’s the potential ROI of a certain influencer. 

Pamela Drudi Brazilian Influencers TikTok Instagram YouTube Brazilian beauty influencer Bold Creators Club agency
Pâmela Drudi is one of the biggest influencers on our agency

A good example of these differences between Brazilian influencers pricing and European influencers pricing is the teamstr case study. When launching a new feature for their fantasy football platform, teamstr decided to promote among football fans in the biggest football tournament: the football world cup 2018 in Russia. 

Influencers Case study

The results of the campaign show perfectly how different these influencers are, and why to consider the Brazilian influencers marketing. 

  • In Europe, 15 influencers were invited, and the results were 6,9M impressions, 610K engagement and a cost per installation of $1.89. The engagement rate from European influencers was 8,8%.
  • In South America, the campaign was conducted with 9 influencers, and the results were 4.4M impressions, 730K engagement and a cost per installation of $0.49. The engagement rate was 18,25%.

How can Bold Creators Club help you with the Brazilian influencer pricing?

Bold Creators Club is an influencers agency that specializes in Brazilian influencers marketing. We understand and study the Brazilian market, and create the perfect strategy for your brand. There are several cultural and linguistic barriers that cause several difficulties for brands that want to expand their businesses in Brasil.

We work directly with the best influencers from Brazil, so we understand the Brazilian influencers pricing and how to correctly conduct a Brazilian influencer marketing campaign. 

By considering the low costs of Brazilian influencers, partnering with an agency makes more sense as it facilitates and makes the whole process faster. We can give you a better understanding of the opportunities and threats your brand will face in the rapidly growing Brazilian market, creating a bridge between brands and the top Brazilian influencers.