2 reasons why Brazilian live streaming influencers are the best option for your brand

Brazilian live streaming influencers

The live streaming industry grew drastically in the last year. A technology that allows viewers to watch creators that are producing and sharing videos of all types in real-time. The industry of Brazilian live streaming is taking over the country, as more people tune in every day and more Brazilian live streaming influencers start gaining strong fanbases.

Brazilian live streaming influencers are growing big fanbases
Live streaming is growing drastically everyday

Streaming services are not new and gain more popularity daily. People are replacing TV channels with Netflix, HBO or Amazon Prime, as they offer more content in an easy and comfortable way. CD’s and radios are being substituted for music streaming services like Spotify and Apple music. In Germany, the revenue from physical music sales and streaming grew 9% in 2020.

If someone wants to learn new content or have fun, YouTube offers billions of hours of entertainment, and if that is not enough, live streaming allows users to connect with their favourite creators in real-time, as platforms like Twitch, Facebook Gaming and Mixer are free, funny and easy to use.

A report by Cisco anticipates that 82% of internet users will be watching live streams by 2022. Another report by GlobalWebIndex states that around 44% of Brazilians streamed video content on smart TVs and streaming services during the lockdown.

source: Cisco

But how are Brazilian live streaming influencers helping with this boom? 

Brazilian live streaming influencers and Twitch

Twitch managed to merge two of the most popular sectors: live streaming and videogames. Being one of the biggest streaming platforms, Twitch is not just a unidirectional platform that allows viewers to watch someone playing or talking. It works both ways and in real-time. While streamers are creating their content, they receive instant and direct feedback from their followers. This way, they can communicate and exchange ideas. This creates an idea of closeness between the streamers and their fanbases.

Brazilian live streaming influencers are perfect in this type of communication. Gaules, one of the biggest streamers in Brazil, known for his long live streams and for being one of the main video game tournaments narrator, spends a lot of time in the dawn talking to his fan base, whom he calls Tribo.

Brazilian live streaming influencers are crucial for the gaming industry

But Brazilian live streaming influencers are not only gamers. Bruno, known on social media as brino, took advantage of the lockdown to start his career at Twitch, and already has over 35 thousand followers on the platform. Known for his humour, Bruno makes daily streams where he reacts to current programs, such as Masterchef, or plays horror video games, while communicating with his loyal fanbase. He is also big on Twitter, with 720K followers and on Instagram, with 173K followers.

source: brino‘s Instagram

Finally, Twitch made a partnership with the biggest podcast in Brazil: Flow Podcast. With almost 1M followers on the platform, the trendiest podcast in the country makes live streams with other famous personalities and allows its followers to ask some questions, for a certain amount of money.

source: Flow Podcast‘s Instagram

The boost on live streaming numbers

The pandemic forced people to stay at home, and many celebrities took advantage of this time to boost their social networks and communicate with their fans in other ways. Many platforms closed partnerships for live concerts or live performances since every concert was postponed. Travis Scott’s virtual concert with Fortnite broke attendee records of 12 million views. Global superstars group BTS also joined the online concerts, drawing more than 700k people and making $20 million in a single online performance.

Concerts were replaced by live streaming performances

Brazilian live streaming influencers also took the lead and performed during online shows during this period. Criolo, the Brazilian rapper, performed an online show for thousands of fans. Marilia Mendonça was the most-watched online show, crossing 3.3 million simultaneous viewers. The famous DJ, Alok, also took the internet to perform live for his strong fanbase.

Brands acknowledged this boom and were quick to respond to the changes. The brand Kenner boost its brand reputation and sales by signing a brand deal with Pineapple StormTV, for the Festival Pineapple of live music that was seen by more than 1 million people. Wise Up Online, an English teaching platform was also quick to develop a brand deal with the live stream of Flow Podcast that has millions of monthly viewers.

source: Wise Up Online‘s Instagram

But dealing with Brazilian live streaming influencers is not easy. Brands must acknowledge that communication during a live stream is not linear or clean because these influencers develop their own language with their fans. In order to fulfil a brand deal with Brazilian live streaming influencers, the strategy must be well-thought to combine honesty and transparency between the influencer and its fanbase, but also to boost brand recognition fulfilling the company’s communication standards. 

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We understand that it is hard to find the perfect fit for your company in such a broad world that is Brazilian live streaming influencers. Maybe you will have difficulties in understanding some slang that the streamers use, or maybe your product is not ideal for that type of audience.

That is why you should contact an agency. We guarantee that the communication flow is easy and quick, the Brazilian live streaming influencers are the correct ones for your brand and that the strategy fits the audience. Crossing the linguistic and cultural barriers is the hardest part of every brand deal, and that is why teaming up with us is so beneficial for you.

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