How are Brazilian Sports and Fitness influencers changing the game?

Brazilian Sports and Fitness influencers

Brazil is well-known for many reasons. While some people mainly know the country because of its famous Carnaval or the beautiful and sunny beaches, others know the country for its diverse choice of sports. This creates a distinct wave of influencers: Brazilian Sports and Fitness influencers.

Brazilians are passionate about sports. If they are not playing anything, they are watching, talking or cheering about their favourite teams and players. This passion is deeply embedded in the culture and belongs to their everyday life.

Although the country is well known for its talented football players, the truth is that sports go far beyond football. Volleyball, tennis, judo and surfing are some of the sports that are growing in popularity in the country and winning important world championships.

Football is the most watched sport in Brazil

The revenue in the sports and the outdoor segment is expected to reach US$1,597M this year, and the annual growth rate until 2025 is projected as 5,06%.

But why is this so important for the influencers’ world?

What are Brazilian Sports and Fitness influencers?

Brazilian Sports and Fitness influencers are very particular type of influencers. We can divide them into two different groups, in order to better understand their behaviour:

  1. Usually, with big platforms, professional players are among the most followed accounts on Instagram. In fact, the most followed account, besides Instagram’s account, is a football player: Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese athlete counts 268 million followers. On the top10 of the most followed personalities on Instagram, we can still find another football player: Lionel Messi. The Argentinian has 187.5 million followers on the platform. In Brazil, the most followed account is also from a football player: Neymar Jr. The PSG player has 147 million followers. Other sportsmen are also big on Instagram, like Gabriel Medina, a professional surfer with more than 8 million followers on the platform.
source: Gabriel Medina‘s Instagram
  1. Fitness or sports-related influencers are also big on Instagram, Tik Tok and YouTube. Brazilian Sports and Fitness influencers usually engage their audience in different ways. Either by teaching gym techniques or daily exercise routines, this category of influencers help their followers to achieve certain goals or maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Brazilian Sports and Fitness influencers and brand deals

Professional players usually have agents that manage their social platforms and marketing choices, but they also embrace big brand deals, like Neymar with Puma or Gabriel Medina with Rip Curl. 

Brazilian Sports and Fitness influencers are usually managed by an agency. Bold Creators Club has a diverse variety of these influencers, like Lucas Viana or Jessica Belcost. This type of influencers engage their audience and are loved by many, as they help with fitness programs while maintaining understandable communication to everyone. 

Bold Creators Club influencers in Brazil
Sharing is daily life on Instagram, Lucas is one of the biggest influencers of Bold Creators Club

Most sports brands look for influencers to engage in Instagram, youtube and TikTok campaigns, as those campaigns usually present high numbers of engagement rate. On Instagram, users can follow the daily life of influencers, from what they eat before hitting the gym, to how they train and their evolution. 

Although Instagram is the biggest platform, influencers are also beginning to embrace TikTok to create small videos with recipes, training routines or funny moments in their daily life. Brands enjoy these moments as they show honesty, making it easier for followers to relate to Brazilian sports and fitness influencers.

source: Jessica Belcost‘s Instagram

Brazilian Sports and Fitness influencers on YouTube

YouTube is the biggest platform on the internet for videos. Engaging millions of people daily, the platform allows creators to have many followers and present them with their unique content. For Brazilian Sports and Fitness influencers, this is not different. 

YouTubers are in constant search of unique ideas, so we are presented with several videos weekly in the most diverse themes. 

Source: Kelly Key‘s Instagram

The following list presents different types of Brazilian Sports and Fitness influencers on YouTube:

House exercisesDriven by the pandemic and lockdown, the demand for home training increased dramatically in 2020 and continued in 2021. With gyms closed, many people went to YouTube looking for training plans that explained easily the routines in video format. If in the United States they have Chloe Ting, a passionate YouTuber that helps her followers with weekly workout videos, in Brazil they have several channels like Kelly Key or Exercício em Casa, that help users with workout routines.
Fit DanceA workout training routine that mixes dancing and training, making it funnier for viewers that are not fans of gym routines.
Bodybuilding enthusiastsMany people look for channels focused on bodybuilding. In Brazil, the biggest channels can mix bodybuilding lifestyles with funny content that engages the user and entertains millions. A good example of this type of channels in Brazil is Mansão Maromba, which posts daily content related to gym and bodybuilding videos.
Sports channels Last but not least, sports commentators or opinion-makers are an important part of Brazilian Sports and Fitness influencers. Among the most subscribed channels in Brazil, these types of content creators present, discuss and teach many aspects of different sports. In Brazil, football channels are growing daily. The most relevant are TNT Sports, with 7.36 million subscribers, Desimpedidos, with 9.79 million subscribers, and FutParódias, with 8.65 million subscribers. All of these channels have different contents, but they are all connected by the same passion: football.
Types of Brazilian Sports and Fitness influencers

Bold Creators Club and Brazilian Sports and Fitness  influencers

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Bold Creators Club count with the best Brazilian Sports and Fitness influencers, so we understand that not every influencer is good for every brand. Communication in Brazil is very specific, especially on social media. The barriers created by sociocultural differences may be hard for international brands to overtake, and that is why it is better to work with an agency.

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