Camilla de Lucas: Becoming one of the biggest black creators in 2022!

Camilla de Lucas is a leading name in the Brazilian beauty market, constantly offering interesting content for the black community; self-titled as the ”real influencer” (blogueirinha real).
In 2020, she made it to the Forbes magazine list as one of the most promising young women in Brazil under 30 in the Web category.
She finished in second place in the Brazilian version of Big Brother – in this article you’ll get to know how she became Brazil’s “walking meme” and managed to get millions of followers after leaving Big Brother.

Camilla has 10M Instagram followers and 5.3M TikTok followers and creates popular makeup transitions and comedic videos.

Camilla de Lucas Bold Creators Club Influencer Marketing Agency South America Brazil
Source: Camilla de Lucas on Twitter

Pioneer as a black content creator

Camilla had a small Instagram account that she used to post pictures to her followers, and people constantly were asking her how she styled her natural afro-hair; this was right at the time when the so-called ‘hair transition” was at the top of the trending topics. At that time there were no Instagram Reels and it was not possible to post longer videos, so the influencer chose to create a YouTube channel to share her styling process.

The channel was created in 2017, and even with a relatively good amount of beauty influencers, Camilla noticed the need for a black content creator that would suffice the lack of representation. Social media accounts were blowing up with posts about hair care connected to curlier hair textures. Already on the first day that she created the account, she got 1K subscribers to the channel.

It was clear that she was necessary on the field, because right in that very first video she got huge feedback from the public requesting more tutorials, and content related to the black community. Camilla saw an opportunity and took it immediately.
During that same period, Camilla got a scholarship for an accounting degree, and even with only one slot available, she made it through her hard work. Aside from college and influencer life, she was also working at a real estate company at the time.

Initially, as a very organized person, she would be able to conciliate her side hustle as a real estate agent with the channel. The income that she would get from her channel was higher than her job was paying. She didn’t have the time to fully dedicate herself to either her job or her channel. It got to the point where she was recording content during her work breaks, so Camilla had to make a decision that would change her life forever.

Camilla signed a one-year contract with an undisclosed brand at the beginning of 2018 for a salary of BRL 60K (approximately USD 11K). She saved this money while continuing to work and study. She planned to either finish her studies or use the money to pursue a career in accounting if her internet career didn’t work out.

She didn’t have to worry because her popularity as an influencer grew, and as brands started to reach out, she got into a busy schedule that made the influencer decide to stop studying to focus on the internet. She had 500K followers on Instagram and 50K on YouTube at the time.

Around the end of 2019, as the influencer began posting content specifically for Instagram, she gained popularity and increased her audience feedback, her main leverage was the content she produced for the black community mixed with funny videos.
When Instagram switched focus to videos in Reels format, Camilla saw her opportunity. As a result of this, she prioritized Instagram over YouTube and gained 2M followers by the end of 2020.

Under 30: Camilla got featured in Forbes

In 2020 made it into the Forbes ”Under 30” in the category ‘web’ as one of the most promising young women in Brazil in December 2020. Along with her 2M followers on Instagram, she also captivated celebrities such as Péricles, Taís Araújo, Giovanna Ewbank, and Regina Casé, among others.

The article praised Camilla for achieving high numbers in such a short amount of time, during the pandemic. She entertained her audience and promoted empowerment to the black community, showing pride in her identity by utilizing her hair as a platform.

At that time, the influencer had a total of 6M followers across her most active social media platforms, including YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. People speculated that she made BRL 1M (USD 187K) in advertisements during the lockdown period.

The ”Under 30” article is available on both App Store and Play Store.

Big Brother Brazil 2021: Camilla, the living meme

During the first BBB (Big Brother Brazil) challenge that could grant the winner immunity to elimination, Camilla and the other contestant, Carla Diaz (Brazilian actress and influencer) took all the public’s attention over their height differences: Camilla was 1.79 meters tall (5’10), while Carla was 1,53 meters tall (5’0).

They were supposed to be a team and the girls ended up being meme material on the internet. The duo had to stay hugged to each other on the top of a cylinder platform during the challenge; the team was the second to leave the challenge but the first on the trending topics on Twitter due to the height difference being put on display.

The influencer stated that she tried to have a good relationship with the other contestants, but unfortunately, that didn’t work out the way she planned. During the program, Camilla went viral and got a lot of the public’s support after getting into an argument with the controversial contestant Karol Conká, a rapper and influencer that got herself into hot topics due to polemical conduct, including applying psychological pressure that eventually made a contestant quit.

Camilla declared that the other contestant was constantly trying to add fuel to the fire between the ‘brothers’ in the reality show and that she wouldn’t accept this manipulative behavior, such as psychological manipulation to make people vote to get her rivals on ”Paredão” (the eviction week on BBB).

She started to argue with the contestant and went viral due to her iconic catchphrases during the discussion, such as ” You might think you are a bad-ass woman, Karol, but you got another one right here ”.

The point of this fight specifically was that Karol was ”throwing shade” at the influencer and stating that Camilla wasn’t supportive of her during Karol’s fights with other contestants, since they’re both black women. The influencer shut her down, by saying that the discussion wasn’t related to skin color but affinity.

This moment also was one of the biggest events in the show for potential meme materials due to both the heated discussion and again, Camilla’s height.

The Influencer’s account got a significant upgrade in numbers due to her participation in the reality show; she went from 2.8M on Instagram and ended up getting 9.7M followers at the end of the reality show.

By finishing as the runner-up on BBB, Camilla not only received the BRL 150K cash prize (equivalent to USD 28K), but she also gained significant visibility that left a great impression on the public’s hearts. During discussions the other contestants would call her ”plant”, a term used to describe someone who doesn’t interact or isn’t relevant in the show, and still, she made her way to prove everyone wrong, the reality show got more than 633M votes during that day.

Camilla de Lucas Bold Creators Club Influencer Marketing Agency South America Brazil
Camilla, Juliette, and Fiuk during the BBB 2021 edition’s final episode, showing the voting results.

Racism: hair is still a controversial topic

Camilla de Lucas Bold Creators Club Influencer Marketing Agency South America Brazil
” You guys will eventually kill someone on the internet”. – Camilla de Lucas on Instagram’s Stories.

Camilla got initially known as the ”natural hair” influencer, but during her time on the reality show, she was wearing braids, soon she got out, and she started to try on different hairstyles since she was still under her hair transition process.

On June 23, 2021, she got on trending topics on social media after sharing a couple of Instagram Stories crying. The influencer, Camilla de Lucas, got criticized by the internet for wearing a blonde wig, after getting attacked by racist comments with the excuse of self-acceptance; the influencer clapped back at the haters.

” For black women, there is always a checker to ask when they are going to show the afro.
I wore lace fronts before. I wear wigs whenever I feel like it. This is not associated with hair shame. Educate yourself!”.

”The weight of racism on black women’s aesthetics affects our self-esteem and tries to confront us daily. Defending flags and not being included comes back as a form of mockery.
To stand up for causes, I don’t necessarily have to wear my real hair. It is as a society to take a stand and be against any oppression. I don’t need to be a Northeasterner, LGBTQIA+, or a fat woman to speak out against any prejudice. And I don’t need to be with MY natural hair to say that I am against any kind of negative comments about natural hair.
Because racism is like this: They wait for you to speak and then use your speech against you!’

Camilla’s friends and her followers showed support towards her during this situation.

After Big Brother’s appearance: notoriety around campaigns, brands, and work on TV

Camilla de Lucas Bold Creators Club Influencer Marketing Agency South America Brazil
Camila’s interview for the Podcast Vaca Cast

After the reality show, she got herself a job opportunity on the TV channel Globo; she would eventually do a few interviews or work on TV shows as a presenter. One of her first and most known works was on the reality show Masked Singer Brazil; she got invited right after she got out of Big Brother Brazil, and the influencer stated that she didn’t have that much knowledge about how a TV program worked.

The content creator worked as a backstage presenter and she took this job as an ”internship” to get experience since it was a different type of format than she was used to as an influencer.

The influencer did not renew their contract for the show and will now need to find ways to study and adapt for future projects with similar work rhythms; she openly informed through Instagram Stories she would take a step back to improve herself.
After the end of her contract, Priscilla Alcantara was selected to fill the job position that was formerly held by Camilla.

Camilla de Lucas Bold Creators Club Influencer Marketing Agency South America Brazil
Camilla joined the beauty brand Monange for their campaign #EuMeCuidoAssim

With over 37M views on YouTube, the new Monange campaign took Camilla as a part of the team for the new project ”#EuMeCuidoAssim” (that’s how I take care of myself). The influencer was on board with other personalities such as Hiane Luiza and Yasmim Silva.

The project promoted the individuality and intimacy of each woman by discovering their unique way of self-care. Monange kept this mindset by choosing Camilla as one of the faces of the campaign.

Camilla made herself an Americanas face, constantly starring in campaigns and getting the public involved in the projects due to her resourcefulness, charisma, and amazing personality, she is a fitting influencer for most of the collaborations that she is invited to.

She is constantly engaged in several campaigns for Americanas, a Brazilian company in the retail sector that works with a variety of categories such as food, sweets, housewares, clothing, stationery, and toys, among others; to promote special offers. She was able to work in collaboration with other influencers, including known personalities such as Bianca Andrade, Gil do Vigor, Gkay, Vanessa Lopes, Oli NatuThamirys Borsan, and Jean Luca.

The brand itself already stated that she is a familiar face in Americanas since she was a part of the Black Friday show and ‘Mega live’ of 11/11, the biggest-selling festival in the world. It was broadcast in a live format on the brand’s YouTube account, with over 412.2k views.

The influencer has a contract with the brand and will still be giving content related to this collaborative work, during her promotions, the influencer’s fans make ”Camilla na Americanas” (Camilla on Americanas) get to the trending topics on social media.

Modeling for ELLE Brazil

The influencer broke the internet by getting on ELLE magazine’s premium and main cover ”ELLEVIEW”, after the release of Camilla de Lucas’ shoot. Elle magazine’s website had an increase of 1.4M accesses in the first hours. Making the magazine’s online platform hit the highest traffic in May 2021.

The shoot took a full 12 hours to complete, starting at 9 a.m. and ending at 11 p.m. Despite the long hours, the influencer kept focused and professional. The resulting photos show off her natural beauty and style. In the photos, she looks powerful and graceful.

Camilla proved herself not only as a beauty guru but also as a versatile artist. Her photo shoot was stunning and she showed that she is diligent and committed when it comes to her tasks. It’s clear that she is one of the biggest names in national culture due to her powerful charisma, and what we can expect from her is yet to come.


  • Date of Birth: October 13th, 1994
  • Born in Nova Iguaçu, Rio de Janeiro
  • Zodiac sign: Libra (♎︎) 
  • Instagram: @camilladelucas
  • Total Followers: 10M

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