Carnival: 3 Influencers who stood out during the 2023 carnival!

Let’s take a break from the business side of things and focus on the people who made Carnival even more exciting – the influencers. These social media stars truly stole the show and we’re going to introduce you to three of the best, so keep reading.

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Carnival Bold Creators Club Influencer Marketing Agency South America Brazil

During carnival season, many brands recognized the importance of using influencers to draw people out onto the streets and join carnival. As a result, these brands collaborated with influencers to represent and party together, promoting their products and services while also bringing people together in celebration.

According to a recent survey conducted by Ibope, more than half (52%) of internet users in Brazil follow digital influencers. The study revealed that the top two reasons for following these influencers are the valuable information they provide (74%) and a shared alignment of ideas or beliefs (53%).

Paolla Oliveira

Carnival Paolla Oliveira Bold Creators Club Influencer Marketing Agency South America Brazil

Paolla Oliveira isn’t just a big influencer; she’s also one of the biggest actresses in Brazil. During the carnival, she’s one of the main attractions, and for almost 4 years she kept the title ‘Queen of Drums’ position during carnival. The role of the ”Rainha da Bateria” or Queen of Drums in a samba school is quite important, during the Samba school’s parade.

The queen will be dancing as one of the main characters during the parade. Her selection is based on her samba skills, vibrancy, and charisma. She is entrusted with the task of being the school’s spokesperson not just during the carnival but also throughout the year.

Paolla was ‘crowned’ in 2019, by the Samba school ”Grande Rio” and since then she’s been a part of the team. During her performances, people were speechless by her resourcefulness and humbleness and that she wasn’t gifted with acting skills only, but also a great presence.

Paolla proved herself to be worthy of the title, and even through tribulations, she tried to have fun during the carnival’s parade. The influencer faced some wardrobe malfunctions during her time at the carnival. In Sapucaí, Rio de Janeiro had some issues with her clothes. The stylist that prepared the costume, Michelle X, had some issues accessing the parade’s area.

Is renewal what you asked for? So hold on to this complete team that is with us for 2024. The team of millions remains united for another Carnaval of much dedication and work. We can count on you too, community?

Grande Rio‘s staff announcing the team’s contract’s renewing for 2024 on Instagram.

Despite the hassle, she concludes her parade in Sapucaí. Her costume was fully silver; she showed her back side and used tape to cover her breasts. Aside from these problems she faces, her hard work has paid off, and the samba’s school renewed Paolla’s contract to 2024.

Sabrina Sato

Carnival Sabrina Sato Bold Creators Club Influencer Marketing Agency South America Brazil

Sabrina Sato held the prestigious position of the Queen of Drums for eight years, from 2011 to 2019. Last year, she made a comeback to the post in Vila Isabel. With her busy schedule, Sabrina has a lot on her plate, including parades in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, and a hectic routine in between.

Flowers are the ultimate demonstration of nature’s beauty. They symbolize fertility and therefore life. Illuminated by the sun and nourished by the soil, they are the most beautiful gift from God to be gloriously reborn every spring. Today my costume pays homage to the flowers of the caipira parties, the most beautiful and traditional Brazilian rituals. Let’s ask, thank, and celebrate! Long live our Vila Isabel!

Sabrina Sato about her parade look for the samba school Vila Isabel.

During her tenure as the Queen of Drums of Unidos de Vila Isabel, the influencer became known for her stunning costumes. One of her most popular outfits was a flower-themed ensemble that drew attention from all quarters. The piece represented the flowers of the June festivities, in keeping with the storyline that celebrated carnival.

It featured feathers, flowers, and precious stones, with even the nipple cover embellished with gemstones. The elaborate attire required the assistance of 16 people to help her get dressed.

Viviane Araújo

Carnival Viviane Araujo Bold Creators Club Influencer Marketing Agency South America Brazil

Viviane Araújo, a renowned Brazilian actress, started her career as a model and dancer. She recently made a comeback to the parade of Mancha Verde, a school that she has been associated with for 17 years, as the Rainha de Bateria (Queen of Drums), after missing out on the carnival in 2022 due to her pregnancy.

Last year, Viviane was five months pregnant with her son during the school’s presentation, so she only participated in the parade in Rio de Janeiro, where she holds the position of the battery queen for Salgueiro.

The actress has been holding this title for 16 years and continues to reign in both cities at the age of 47. Despite her long-standing commitment to both schools, retirement is not an option for her.

I won’t be eternal, but I’m not thinking of stopping. Let the others fight for queen of drums the position.

Viviane about her position as Queen of Drums.

Mancha Verde’s theme song, which pays tribute to the xaxado, a popular dance that originated in Pernambuco, has earned the school the championship title in São Paulo’s carnival. Viviane’s return to the parade was a significant moment for the school, which has been missing her presence. Her return was greeted with great excitement by the school’s supporters and parade attendees alike.

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