Carnival campaigns that made a difference in 2023!

Carnival is the biggest event related to Brazil when it comes to tourism and economic development, as it was discussed earlier. A profitable growth of BRL 8.1B (approximately USD 1.5B) was estimated during the festivities. That number includes the brand’s efforts to present its products and connect to its respective public. In this article, we’re going to look at carnival campaigns that left a good impression during this event.

InsightAce Analytics, a service focused on market research, stated that canned beverages saw an increase of 60% in the alcoholic beverages market.

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The carnival’s start is a complex theme since most historians still find some inconsistencies during discussions. One of the most accepted theories is that it all started with past pagan festivals held to celebrate spring’s start.

Carnival’s influence over Brazilian states

It was already discussed in a previous article the estimated revenue that this event was expected to achieve. After a few days of festivities, the Brazilian market already noticed a significant increase in numbers in different states.

A survey by MVS Consultoria considered hotels that were close to strategic points where the carnival was taking place. In Belo Horizonte, hotel chains alone have already earned more than BRL 10M (approximately USD 1.7M).

Today, Belo Horizonte only sells single daily rates during carnival, unlike what happens in other areas, such as Rio, Salvador, and Recife. We have to start selling hotel packages during the carnival period. In addition, it is necessary to work better the programming for Monday and Tuesday and thus get the tourists to stay on these days.

Maarten Van Sluys, a hotel consultant and owner of MVS Consultoria interview for “Estado de Minas

During 4 days, a survey was conducted with a total of 30K participants checking in. The data collected revealed that the occupancy rates in hotels varied between 52% and 80% throughout the period. Notably, Saturday and Sunday recorded the highest occupancy rates.

The event in Olinda, Pernambuco, reported more than 4M revelers and registers BRL 400M (approximately USD 74M), the research was conducted by the city’s hall. The hotel occupancy rate was 98%, according to the municipal management survey. There was an 11.11% growth in the number of people compared to 2020.

Aside from the festivities itself, to prepare for the incoming numbers of revelers, Olinda’s city hall invested in the infrastructure. With at least 450 chemical toilets installed and also 9.4K chemical toilet cleaning operations to keep them in use during the event.

Brahma: Já é carnaval! Em 2023 a folia volta para as ruas!

Carnival in Brazil doesn’t work without a cold beer, so Brahma has adopted the funny mood of this return to revelry life after almost 3 years of living inside the world pandemic COVID-19. With a countdown, a jingle, and hiring influencers to promote this campaign. The promotions were already underway in January with their countdown to raise the public’s attention.

During the early stages the brand teamed up with singer Claudia Leitte under the theme ”Já é carnaval! Em 2023 a folia volta para as ruas!” (It’s carnival already! In 2023 the carnival will be back on the streets!), Brahma was already promoting its projects with the event in mind with Reels and posts within its Instagram account.

The survey by Nielsen, a global information and data company, reports that at least half of the revelers prefer alcoholic beverages, and beer is at the top being the school of 92% of this public.

Brahma also brought Gisele Bündchen to experience Rio de Janeiro’s Carnival. While the brand planned to invest BRL 2M (approximately USD 348K) in the model and influencer, they ended up spending as much as BRL 10M (approximately USD 1.74M).

Tinder: Nenhum Match Perdido

Carnival is not only about drinking or dancing, but the connections themselves. Tinder, one of the biggest dating apps, wanted to make sure to leave its mark on its users during the festivities, the app has 10M of users and the platform increases daily its user base by 2%.

During Carnival season, Tinder, wanted to make its members’ experiences unforgettable. They set up a booth in Ipanema, a famous neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro, inviting people to question the connection between the brand and the festival, with the project ” Nenhum Match Perdido” (No lost matches).

We are always focused on our customer’s experience and on how we can make people’s lives easier. This partnership was a perfect match, because Carnaval is to be enjoyed without worries and we want to offer people uncomplicated, fully digital protection, without fidelity or need.

Flavia Molina, Chief Marketing Growth Officer from Pier, for Estrela Guia News.

Tinder offered its members accessories to enhance their experience. These accessories, including hats, earrings, tiaras, necklaces, phone holders, bags, and bandanas, were created in collaboration with an NGO. Each item had a unique QR code that would take users directly to the Tinder profile of the person wearing it.

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