Casimiro revita-lives the world cup 2022

Casimiro, the phenomenon that has been breaking world records on views and reach, will be on live streams every day, for the entire duration of the world cup in Qatar. The partnership between LiveMode and FIFA to promote the streamer is something that has never happened before and is about to change how millions of people immerse themselves in the biggest sports event worldwide.

Casimiro World Cup 2022
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How did that happen?

In early 2022, splicing the draw for the first round of the World Cup with the Carioca Championship, Casimiro did a 30-hour live before the final of Carioca where he had full access to Maracanã. The Livestream started on Friday (03/01) and went on until Saturday (03/02), the day of the final between Flamengo and Fluminense. The Livestream already hinted that Casimiro would be directly connected to the transmission of World Cup matches.

And the expectation was not in vain, the phenomenon of Twitch, Casimiro, once again welcomes the public in their streams. In his recently announced partnership with FIFA and LiveMode, Cazé will live stream all 22 matches of the World Cup in Qatar, including the opening ceremony and game, the finals, and the semi-finals.

Source: GQ Magazine

Attracting all publics

Revolutionizing the traditional means of broadcasting World Cup matches, which until the 2018 World Cup took place only on television channels, this partnership aims to engage young people and promote free access to live broadcasts.

After the World Cup in Russia reached 3.5 billion viewers in the virtual media, FIFA has invested in Live Streams to leverage this success for the 2022 World Cup. LiveMode will take care of all the promotional material and will invest heavily in the production and dissemination of the lives, further increasing the public’s expectations.

Casimiro on the 2021 eSports ceremony awards on which he won Personality of the Year

But what is LiveMode?

LiveMode is the company that directly takes care of the regional sponsorships of the World Cup. It was also responsible for broadcasting the Paulistão championship in 2022 and has as one of its founders the former member of Esporte Interativo (currently TNT) Edgar Diniz. Casimiro, just like Edgar, made history at Esporte Interativo.

Casimiro keeps breaking records

And it is impossible to deny that the star of the show, Casimiro, has the perfect know-how to perform the task of transmitting the joy of the World Cup. Renowned sports commentator, with 200 million views and 2.1 billion minutes of viewing only on a YouTube channel (Cortes do Casemito), with audience records and several awards, Casimiro is the golden choice to narrate the twenty-two games of the World Cup.

No better reference speaks more to the target audience than the Streamer who managed to get out of his content bubble and reach other niches, simply with his charisma and creativity. Casimiro has the potential and the resourcefulness on point to transform this change in the World Cup broadcast into something successful and permanent.

Source: MKTEsportivo

The goal is to reach greatness

The bet is on the young audience and the diversity of fans that Casimiro has gathered throughout his career as a Streamer. The World Cup goes beyond sports and is an intercultural opportunity that brings nations closer together. As the Streamer has a massive record-breaking track record of engagement and views in his live streams, the goal is in good hands.

The official broadcasts are scheduled to begin on November 20 and run through to the final on December 18, opening with Qatar’s match against Ecuador. The lives will be broadcasted from all platforms and will feature the refreshing relaxation that only Casimiro could provide. With renowned sponsors, such as Coca-Cola, Mcdonalds’, and Nubank, the expectations are all directed to reach the public and break viewer records.

On his social media, Casimiro started to broadcast internally the call for the Brazilian team on November 7th. From the opening, the live streams will be daily with live commentary, and there will also be a 20-hour live show where Casimiro will comment and react to Brazilian and Qatari content.

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