Cellbit: unraveling the puzzle of success in the gaming industry

Looking for a dose of entertainment and insight from a top Brazilian gaming personality? Rafael Lange also known as ”Cellbit” is a popular Brazilian game producer, writer, YouTuber, and streamer, he is known for his sense of humor and streaming. He made a name for himself as a key figure in the country’s gaming culture. Whether he’s playing in streaming platforms or involved in game development, Cellbit offers an interesting perspective that is sure to appeal to fans of gaming and entertainment.

Cellbit is a popular content creator with a large presence, with 9.5M subscribers on YouTube, 2.7M followers on Instagram, and 2.6M followers on Twitch.

Cellbit Bold Creators Club Influencer Marketing Agency South America Brazil Gamer Gaming Industry Streamer
Cellbit promoting the new season of his tabletop RPG called ”Ordem Paranormal” on Instagram.

Fascination with puzzle games from the start

Rafael Lange was born on February 11, 1997, in Carazinho, a small town located in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. His passion for puzzle and riddle games started at a young age (9 years old), his older brother, introduced him to the Notpron website, famously known as the internet’s most challenging puzzle.

Cellbit was immediately drawn to the challenge, and, within the first year of playing, he and his brother were able to beat the game and reach the second-last level, showcasing their natural ability for solving these types of challenges.

Cellbit Bold Creators Club Influencer Marketing Agency South America Brazil Gamer Gaming Industry Streamer
The initial screen of Notpron – ” The hardest riddle available on the internet ”

Notpron is a pioneering online puzzle game that follows a traditional format. When a player begins the game, they are presented with a web page containing a puzzle that must be solved to progress to the next level. Cellbit and his brother were able to complete 139 of the 140 levels of the game within a year, the last level took them 6 years to finish.

Diving into the gaming community

Cellbit shared videos of his everyday life, including one that became viral in 2014 with over 1.1M views. In the video, he fights off a cockroach with a broom during a video call with friends. The recording was interrupted by the unexpected insect but was shared with followers and caused laughter.

He was inspired by foreign YouTubers who played Minecraft and created a channel called CellBits. He later diversified and produced videos about various games, which was successful. He eventually changed the channel name to “Cellbit” and adopted this as his pseudonym.

Cellbit made videos on YouTube about Minecraft that involved storytelling and role-playing. He worked hard to produce high-quality content, including editing his videos and translating Minecraft challenges for his subscribers.

Cellbit Bold Creators Club Influencer Marketing Agency South America Brazil Gamer Gaming Industry Streamer
Cellbit revisiting his first Minecraft videos and reacting to them, 2020

He gained fame for his Minecraft videos, but he has since deleted all of them from his channel. However, it is still possible to find some of his older videos featuring his gameplay on the platform.
Cellbit became well-known for his distinctive, highly recognizable laughter, which was often described as loud, high-pitched, and shrill.

In 2014, Cellbit began to focus on creating content featuring the popular game Garry’s Mod. As the game’s popularity grew, Cellbit took a break from this type of content and began experimenting with other games. He started a series of videos called “Sagas,” which featured him playing various games and dividing the gameplay into parts on his channel.

Despite deleting his old content, Cellbit’s fans requested a return to his “old days” of content creation. As a result, more recent videos of him playing Gary’s Mod were uploaded.

Cellbit was known for his unique approach to presenting games in his content. Instead of including the name of the game in the title and using relevant images or thumbnails, he used disconnected titles and images of his own reactions while playing.

This added an element of mystery and anticipation for his audience, encouraging them to click and discover what kind of content was waiting for them. This distinctive style helped to increase engagement and kept his viewers coming back for more.

Cellbit Bold Creators Club Influencer Marketing Agency South America Brazil Gamer Gaming Industry Streamer
Cellbit during one of his most recent live stream on his Twitch channel, 2022.

He is known as one of Twitch Brazil’s most popular creators. He was hired by the platform in 2018 and began doing recurring live streams. With over 2.6M followers, he quickly became a standout on Twitch. In an effort to keep his streams available, he created a secondary YouTube account where he stores copies of his Twitch streams, as these files are deleted by the site after a certain period of time.

During his live streams, Cellbit’s average viewership is 250K simultaneous viewers. In addition to gameplay, his content includes reactions to memes from the platform Reddit and casual chats with his followers.

The enigmatic mind behind the projects

The enigma that has never been deciphered. A story is hidden behind them. Don’t believe whose lies?

Não acredite nas mentiras dele’s synopsis on YouTube.

Cellbit began his career in puzzle game creation with a series called ”Não acredite nas mentiras dele” (don’t believe his lies) in 2017. His first video in the series featured a challenging puzzle game that told a story and had not been completed by anyone, leading to Cellbit being known as the enigma guy.

Cellbit’s “Don’t Believe His Lies” puzzle game series was highly popular when it was released, with a total of 11 episodes. Each video featured increasingly challenging puzzles. Despite being discontinued in 2018, the series as a whole has received over 46.9M views on YouTube. It is estimated that Cellbit earned an average of BRL 38K (approximately USD 7K) per video in the series.

Cellbit decided to utilize his puzzle-solving skills in a new project: an RPG called “Ordem Paranormal RPG”. This project was a major success online, with six campaigns and three seasons of the tabletop RPG released in 2020: “Ordem Paranormal RPG,” “O Segredo na Floresta RPG,” and “Desconjuração.”

A role-playing game (RPG) is a type of game where players take on the roles of characters in a fictional setting. A game master (GM) in a role-playing game is responsible for running and narrating the game. They create the setting, and non-player characters, and guide player actions within the context of the game’s story.

The project was conducted via live stream and masterminded by Cellbit himself, who originally had no plans to create a fictional universe of this scale. However, with the help of four friends and a small production team, Cellbit was able to develop the story for the first campaign of the tabletop RPG.

Cellbit showed interest in producing a game, since the tabletop RPG got so famous, he decided to start a game project called “Ordem Paranormal: Enigma do Medo” in partnership with indie game developer Dumativa.

To do so, he needed to raise BRL 500K (about USD 92K) in two months, but he ended up reaching his goal in just five hours through crowdfunding. The streamer raised 846% of the necessary amount, a total of BRL 4M (about USD 740K). In 2021, he announced the fourth season of his RPG game, “Calamidade”, the game still under production and it is planned to be released in 2023.

Cellbit’s enigmatic personality and passion for puzzles have led him to become one of the most well-known names in the gaming industry. His talent for creating interesting and innovative projects has earned him a reputation as a top content creator. Throughout his journey as a child solving puzzles online, Cellbit has proven himself to be a standout in the gaming world.

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