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    The creators agency Bold Creators Club was founded to give foreign brands the opportunity to find the perfect Brazilian influencer. In other words: We want to bring your brand to Brazil efficiently – in a short time and at the best price.

    Annabelle Bold Creators Club 机构
    Annabelle will be your Brand Manager

    Visit our creators agency directly in the Bold Creators Club offices in Munich and São Paulo!

    Munich office
    Heißstrasse 13
    81369 Munich

    +49 157 88312550

    In Munich we are sitting close to the beautiful Isar river while pushing your brand into the exciting world of Samba, high engagement and passion.

    São Paulo office
    Rua Doutor Victor Brecheret 64
    Vila Mariana
    04.008-100 São Paulo


    Next to the sunny Praça da Paz (a stunning  park a stonethrow away from our office), we are inviting creators to our office. After that, we are working with them on your ideas and campaigns.

    Bold Creators Club (BCC) is the leading agency for influencers in Brazil. Therefore, BCC was built to enable businesses to expand to Brazil through the top 5% of Brazilian influencers.

    We only work with the most diligent and creative influencers. In other words: every creator goes through a selective application process including a quality assessment for every social media account. After that, every influencer needs to have a personal call with a BCC member.
    Through this process, BCC has built an influencer network of more than 500 Brazilian influencers. For instance, we are representing the major Brazilian creators in beauty, fashion, lifestyle, travel and gaming.

    In conclusion, BCC gives you access to the fastest growing market for influencer marketing at a best price, delivering a high ROI. Speaking directly to your target audience, influencers will facilitate and accelerate your expansion to Brazil.

    Above all, we will help you to find your ideal influencer and design and execute your campaign to increase your sales or brand awareness.