Dani Choma: the life of a Content Creator

Dani Choma is an Instagram and TikTok content creator from Paraná, Brazil. She became viral in the media, thanks to the cooking videos she loves to create with her little daughter Jade and her husband Alisson, which the three of them enjoy making together.

Daniela Cristina Paola Choma, better known as Dani Choma, was born in April 19th of 1998. She a digital influencer, mother and wife from São Paulo, but who has lived all her life in Irati, which is a state in Paraná.

TikTok and Instagram are Dani Choma favorite platforms to share the content she creates, which is mostly related to her cooking passion, her pregnancy process and relationship with her husband. In some of her videos, you can see Dani Choma preparing viral recipes she sees on the media and tasting them with Alisson, her husband. In others, there’s the little Jade, her first daughter, making some easy and tasty meals.

Dani Choma digital content creator brazilian influencer
Dani Choma

The beginnings of Dani Choma

In 2016, Dani Choma began to experiment the creation of content on social media. First she was not sure about which type of content to create, therefore she tried on different categories. Dani Choma started as a makeup enthusiast by creating content related to beauty. In the same year, she decided to open a YouTube account as well and share about parties, such as raves, some of her videos became viral with thousands of views.

Dani Choma influencer brazilian content creator
Dani Choma starting her day with lots of love

When she was a teenager, Dani Choma was looking for her role in life and what she wanted to do in the future. Her family wanted her to study medicine but it wasn’t her real passion. Although, two years ago when Dani Choma was 21 years old, she got her diploma in Biomedicine. While studying, Dani had to make a huge commitment and sacrifice since her university was located in another city and she had to travel one hour and a half every single day. In one of her Instagram stories, she mentioned “during the college period I was very far away from my internet dream, because I couldn’t conciliate”.

1. Dani Choma’s Pregnancy

During her last college year, days before presenting her final project, Dani Choma found out she was pregnant. It was very stressful for her husband and her, because they were not prepared for that moment since they did not have financial stability.

Thankfully, Dani and Alisson families were super comprehensive with the situation and helped them through their journey. In that time, they decided to move and live in together as a couple.

3. Dani Choma’s Sweet Husband Alisson

When Dani started to live with Alisson, he was working in a company while she was doing some jobs inside the internet and that is how they were making some income at that moment, until Jade was born.

Before Jade was born, Dani started to do a lot of TikTok videos related to pregnancy and became viral. Two months later, her followers count hit the one million followers on TikTok, she got so happy and celebrated with Alisson, who has always supported her.

3. The Culinary Passion of Dani Choma

Dani has always cooking, but she started on TikTok as a content creator based on pregnancy and all related to maternity. Therefore, she had to find a way to connect with her audience in the culinary aspect as well and she did. Dani Choma and Alisson, created a new recipe, called “Brigadeiro de Xuxu”, which is a dessert made out of a Brazilian type of squash. They loved the outcome of this new recipe and decided to share it with their audience, in that instance she noticed immediately that her truly passion was in there.

We are all so happy and grateful for Dani Choma to share with us all her experiences and decisions she took over time as a content creator. It is never easy when you want to start a new project and sometimes you might get lost and not feel satisfied with what you are doing. Dani Choma showed us that everything is possible and most importantly, you have to follow your heart and passion. As she started creating content related to makeup, parties, pregnancy and now she found her way, the fusion between cooking and maternity which is all she loves combined, plus her relationship with her husband.

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