Double sales of your beauty brand with remarkable Instagram influencers marketing

grow your sales with Brazilian influencers

How is it possible to double your sales in beauty products with Brazilian Instagram influencers marketing? With this article, you will discover how a well-run Instagram influencers marketing campaign could mark the success of a beauty business in the Brazilian market. In fact. Brazil is a flourishing market for beauty and skincare products, and influencer marketing is becoming more and more popular in this sector. Learn how to grow your beauty brand awareness.

Instagram Influencers marketing in the beauty industry

The beauty industry is huge in the world. The global make-up market is worth $75B in 2020, this figure is enough to explain the massiveness. Celebrities and influencers from different industries promote the beauty products they prefer to use on their social media accounts or similar platforms. Ronaldo, Kylie, Ariana, these are top names and brands of their own. Celebrity endorsements have been very popular for decades now. However, the new reach of influencers has changed the whole game.

Kylie Cosmetics is the brand by the famous Instagram model and business woman, Kylie Jenner

Influencers all across the world are impacting the beauty and skincare community through different social media platforms. They are attracting equal and, in several cases, more consumers for a product than any celebrities. Influencer marketing has a huge impact on consumer spending in beauty brands, because influencers don’t feel like superstars. They are more like best friends to users. If my best friend uses a product, I need to try it as well. That is always the feel-good vibe for these followers. This trend has helped the Brazilian beauty and personal care market grow up to $22.4B in 2020 (despite the pandemic).

We will tell you what makes influencer marketing in general and Brazilian influencers, in particular, so valuable for beauty brands.

how to grow beauty sales with Brazilian influencers
Juliana is one of our influencers, she is known for exotic make-up and creative placements.

The use of social media to double sales with influencer marketing

The top names with huge follower bases and tons of subscribers use their well-celebrated social media platforms to talk about the products they love. Albeit, most of the time, after trying them and liking them. So, we are at present living in a world that is filled with renowned influencers. 

Influencers do actually work to let us know about a product. And why we should believe what influencers show us, must be your first thought. Anyone who follows these influencers for even a couple of days will understand why one can rely on them, and we are going to talk about the trust factor further in between the other discussions. 

But let’s explain how much people are used to using these platforms. And here, we are going to focus on just Instagram. The people of the United States love their Instagram. Not very shocking, to be honest. Till July 2020, the USA has over 130 million Instagram users. The country has seen good growth in its Instagram users. 

On the other hand, Brazil and India hold the second spot of most number of Instagram users. Brazil, in particular, has 104 million social media users. And among them, 82 million people are using Instagram. Not all of them are actively using the platform, but pretty surprisingly, 70 million of them are actually active users of Instagram.

Other than that, we have other social media platforms like Twitter, Tik Tok, even Facebook, and many similar platforms that influence millions of followers by their favourite influencers. But none is as popular as Instagram, especially in the beauty influencer industry, not in Brazil at least.

2020 Social Media usage in Brazil
Instagram is the most popular social media among Brazilians, it’s the best channel to grow sales in beauty brands with Brazilian influencers

Why Instagram is the best channel to double your sales in beauty brands with Brazilian influencers?

  • Personal connections with the influencer

See, we know influencers as individuals at a very personal level. We watch them raw. We had watched them when they just started; we can have a look at their daily activities. We have seen them bare skin without make-up so connecting to them is the easiest and trusting them is even more convenient. That doesn’t in any way mean there are no bad apples there. But the one you are following for years has to be special to follow for months and years, right?

  • Legit interest in the product

Contrary to that, if a celebrity from other industries promotes a product most of the time, it is like they are never using it. They are just here to promote it. And that is not the case when it’s the legit influencers from social media. They will show us using those products, how to use them, how they worked on them, and if not, why they didn’t. Basically, keeping it a detailed process is their job.

  • The influence impact

So, the thing is simple. The followers will let an influencer let them influence when they want to. Categorically, if they are impressed and think they need what is sold to them, they will be sold on that product. The rule is straightforward. Never let anyone crowd your judgment. And if an influencer can cloud your decision, then you can never blame him/her afterwards. So, be very cautious when you choose someone you are following. Don’t be too random, then regret it and blame everything on Instagram influencers marketing.

So, what is Instagram influencers marketing in general?

Influencer Marketing to double the sales of your beauty products

Choose the right Brazilian influencer for your products

Influencer marketing, in simple words, is using a person or organization to support a product. The prime rule to grow your sales with Brazilian influencer marketing is always to choose people who have proper knowledge about the product. They must have an idea about what they are selling. If they do not have the idea, then it’s the brand’s responsibility to let him/her know about it, and only after that they can promote and talk about it. Of course, if they are impressed. 

Jessica Belcost is one of the best Brazilian influencers in fitness & nutrition

It could be an organization like the brand itself, having a social media account. Through it, it can continuously talk about the products it is manufacturing. It might mostly be talking about good things about their products. Or the products that are about to launch. 

The brands tend to take a step further by choosing the big names and smaller accounts and giving them the products to try. These influencers try these products for days if they are willing to provide a detailed review of their experience. Or they are going to share you with their first thoughts. The brand can do two things, either they can send PR packages for free. Or send products and just pay the influencers what they demand to promote the product. 

Now, the influencer you have chosen to promote your brand will influence their followers in using a product by telling them all the good things about it. Sometimes the bad as well. Thus the followers will be influenced whether to buy or not to buy that product.

In every case, the influencers will share their honest opinion. This is what makes influencers valuable. They communicate with their followers in a natural, authentic way about your products – and you can make it easy for future customers to get to your shop through using e.g. swipe-up links. This is what influencer marketing is all about.

double sales with brazilian influencers
Aninha is one of the most creative beauty influencers in Brazil – it takes her hours to prepare for a single picture.

How to use Brazilian Instagram beauty and skincare influencers?

This whole thing of influencer marketing is the most successful in Instagram more than any other platform. Beauty and skincare brands, small, indie, new, or renowned, everyone is taking this platform by storm by continuously hiring Instagram influencers to promote their product. Or at least introduce the brand to a set of people. 

Before discovering how to double sales with Brazilian influencers, you need to know about the influencer industry. When we are talking about Instagram influencer marketing in Brazil, it’s huge. The country has 70 million active Instagram users. Thus it is not too far fetched for a Brazilian Instagram influencer to have up to 20 million followers or more. The top Brazilian influencers tend to have 10-20 million Instagram followers. If the influencer with that many followers introduces your product to even a fraction of his/her followers, your brand will reap the benefit like no other.

The growth in Brazil’s Instagram influencer marketing shows how much the people there love having fun and live in the moment. In growth, it has left countries like Japan, India, and Indonesia far behind. The 332% Year-Over-Year growth in sponsored feed posts on Instagram is huge considering Brazilian influencers have now left most of the top countries’ top influencers way behind. It was before 2020, and we are pretty sure the year 2020 will continue maintaining the road to glory.

São Paulo, source: C. Cagnin

Instagram is the biggest influencer marketing platform in Brazil. But the remarkable point that will make the difference for your beauty brand, helping your to double the sales with influencer marketing in Brazil, is another. The engagement rate on it is more than 10%. That high engagement rate is not seen in even Europe and the USA. People are clicking and surfing Instagram continuously, which means it has a high engagement rate. A high engagement rate brings a higher click-through rate. 

In the Brazilian instagram market, the engagement rate is more than 10%.

Has someone really doubled his sales with influencer marketing in Brazil? Certainly yes. Suppose you have invested a certain amount for a Brazilian influencer who has a million followers to promote your beauty product in her Instagram story. You can easily expect 30,000 clicks on your shop by doing that. We are not even talking about the bigger accounts with 5, 10, or 20 million followers. Your product will reach and be bought by a huge section of consumers. How much you need to invest in hiring a Brazilian influencer with 1 million followers will discuss it later.

Skyrocket your beauty product sales with Bold Creators Club

Looking at the huge numbers, it will be the beauty brands’ loss not to cater to the huge population of the largest country of South America. It will be their lacking not to use the Brazilian influencers to promote their beauty products. They must start investing in hiring them to promote their products. Especially if you, as a brand, are thinking of using the growth and the Brazilian people’s interest in beauty and skincare products, you must start offering influencer marketing jobs here to choose the right beauty influencer for your brand and product. 

Annabelle will be your campaign manager.

In order to double sales with Brazilian influencers, It’s better to hire a Brazilian influencer to sell your product that you know will suit a Brazilian. Her skin tone, skin texture, the product working on her skin in Brazilian temperature, weather, and humidity will be better in making the people there and from similar regions understand better than an influencer in the USA.

Every influencer can’t promote every product. A Brazilian influencer having a million followers will do nothing if they are not connected to that product. It would help if you had a better understanding of the niche of an influencer. If someone always talks about gadgets in their accounts, seems passionate about the RAM, camera, and large screen, you cannot ask them to promote a moisturizer. No matter how supple that makes your skin. 

Yes, many times, there are cases where accounts of a very different niche are hired to promote a completely different product. But the thumb rule is always to promote a product through those who are knowledgeable about it. So, always go for knowledgeable and honest influencers. Here the Brazilian influencer marketing agencies and companies make an entry. If you are failing to get that understanding, let any of those companies or agencies interpose. They will choose the best Brazilian influencer for you after analyzing your product. Let Bold Creators Club set the right content creators for the purpose to double sales with Brazilian influencers.

So if you are interested in investing in Brazilian influencers promoting your products, you can soon contact us and share your objectives and expectations from an influencer. We will then share with you our best opinion about who will be perfect for your brand. Because the popularity of Instagram and the growth of all the Brazilian influencers have made them worth hiring. But depending on the product, a brand needs the chosen one, and that is what we will recommend you exactly. 

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