The Drudi Sisters: the Brazilian Kardashians

Drudi sisters pamela jaqueline drielly fantiny brazilian influencers

If you use Instagram a lot, then you might have heard of the Drudi sisters. They are Brazilian women who are very successful in social media. People usually recognize them as being the “Brazilian Kardashians” due to their resemblance. The four sisters, Pâmela, Drielly, Jaqueline, and Fantiny Drudi share everything about their lives on their social media profiles, including tips on makeup and food.

Thanks to all the success each of the Drudi sisters had on Instagram, Pamela Drudi decided to create a YouTube channel on her name, to share more in-depth content about her. But she also started to include her sisters in the videos she produced, since she noticed a positive return from the public.

Young and always with a lot of lightness and fun, they make sure to entertain their followers, which is what their audience finds truly attractive and worth following.

Pamela Drudi

Pamela is the eldest Drudi sister, born on June 11, 1997, with Geminis as her birth sign, the same as her sister Jaqueline. She is the creator of the Youtube channel, and is known as the family clown. “I encourage all the people who follow me to never give up on their dreams. This medium is something I intend to follow and not abandon,” comments the influencer.

Pamela Drudi brazilian influencer drudi sister youtube
Pamela Drudi

Pamela Drudi is a Brazilian YouTube star who started posting videos in October 2015 and has become famous for her channel. Pamela’s content includes family vlogging, often featuring adventures, challenges, and storytimes with her three sisters, Fantiny, Jaqueline, and Drielly. This content has earned the star more than 304 million total views.

Pamela has more than 2 million YouTube subscribers and 3.9 million on Instagram, where she also shares fashion and modeling content.

Jaqueline Drudi

Jaqueline was born on June 4th, 1998, with Gemini as her birth sign, the same as her Drudi sister, Pamela. She graduated in Physical Therapy, but today she works as an influencer and makes make-up videos. “I love interacting with the people who follow us, I love giving them tips,” Jaque expresses.

drudi sister brazilian influencer jaqueline
Jaqueline Drudi

Jaqueline Drudi is a social media star and makeup artist who is known for her comedy skits and dancing videos with her family and friends on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. She has over 1.4 million followers on Instagram and 692 thousand on Tiktok.

Drielly Drudi

Drielly was born on August 19th of 2000, with Leo as her birth sign. This Drudi sister decided to stop law school, and today she continues to work on social networks as a photographic model and has partnerships with several brands.

drudi sister drielly brazilian influencer
Drielly Drudi

She launched her Youtube channel in January 2010 and since then gained popularity on the platform. Drielly is a social media celebrity and YouTuber who is known for her comedic skits, dances, and brand modeling videos with her family and friends. Her Instagram is account @driellydrudi and has more than 1.7 million followers.

Fantiny Drudi

Fantiny is the youngest of the Drudi sisters, which was born on April 13th of 2004, with Aries as her birth sign.

Fantinty drudi sister brazilian influencer content creator
Fantiny Drudi

In December 2017, Fantiny started her Instagram account. By March 2021, she had one million followers on the platform. This Drudi sister also posts videos on TikTok, and her first video there received over 40,000 views. Fantiny has also appeared on her sister Pamela Drudi’s YouTube channel.

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