Malena010102: Uncover the top female Brazilian gamer

Discover the story of Malena, the openly lesbian content creator who’s taking the Brazilian gaming industry by storm with her relatable and hilarious videos. Learn how she’s breaking barriers and winning hearts as the biggest female gamer in Brazil, and find out what makes her stand out in a male-dominated industry. Keep scrolling to find out more about her story!

Malena is a popular gaming Youtuber with 6M subscribers on her YouTube channel, 1M followers on Twitter, and 1M followers on Instagram.

Malena gamer influencer Brazil Bold Creators Club Influencer Marketing Agency South America Brazil
Malena during #RockinRioNoMultishow‘s event on Instagram.

Supportive parenting and gaming engagement

Malena Riskevich Nunes or Malena010102 was born in São Paulo, Brazil. From a young age, she showed a proficiency in the field of communication due to her talkative nature. She became particularly interested in the gaming world, likely influenced by her mother’s love for gaming.

Malena studied audiovisual for two years but eventually felt unfulfilled in her field of study. As she watched other YouTubers and their content, she began to feel inspired to try something new.

She decided to record a video with the goal of brightening her mood and to shake things up. She posted the video on the forum of the radio station where she was working at the time, and to her surprise, it was a huge success.
As a content creator, Malena has proven herself to be very considerate of her audience. She is always aware of their feedback and pays close attention to what type of content they want to see.

Standing out in a male-dominated industry

At first, Malena didn’t fully understand the impact of her online presence, but as her career progressed, she began to receive feedback from girls who were inspired by her and wanted to pursue similar careers in the gaming industry.

Malena gamer influencer Brazil Bold Creators Club Influencer Marketing Agency South America Brazil
Malena’s interview for the Podpah podcast

These interactions made her realize the importance of her role as a female content creator and the impact she could have on others. However, she also emphasized that things should not be classified by gender and that anyone can pursue a career in any field they are passionate about.

At the age of 17, in 2012 Malena began her journey on YouTube and started her extremely successful career as a content creator. Her first video was of the popular game Minecraft, a sandbox survival game that was gaining popularity at the time.

Minecraft is a game where players can build and explore virtual worlds made up of blocks, where they can mine resources such as coal and diamonds and use them to create a wide variety of items and structures. This first video was a hit and helped her grow her channel and audience base.

During her participation in a video on APTO 202’s YouTube channel titled “Who’s More Lesbian,” Malena received a strong reaction when discussing her sexuality. Many of her followers expressed surprise that they were not aware of her sexual orientation.

Malena has helped to shed light and provide understanding for many people who have come to admire and follow her. Her contributions have been instrumental in shaping the perspectives and beliefs of a whole new generation.

Malena didn’t limit herself to just Minecraft, she also ventured into other types of games and content. She always kept in mind to choose something that her followers would find interesting and engaging to include in her channel. She was known for her reaction videos and other forms of gaming content that kept her audience entertained and engaged.

This video in particular, where she would react to trending videos, was particularly successful and got over 6.3 million views. This brought in a significant profit of BRL 81.7K (USD 15.6K) for her. This was not an exception, Malena’s videos always exceeded this mark and she was known for generating high view count and engagement from her audience.

Her ability to create relatable and engaging content helped her to attract a large audience and monetize her channel effectively.

Projects that she got involved on

Malena, along with over 40 other content creators, participated in the “Copa do Vale,” a YouTube originals project featuring a dodgeball tournament for members of the LGBTQQ+ community. The competition brought together a diverse group of personalities, including Blogueirinha, Cleytu, Kenya Borges, Lorelay Fox, Nath Finanças, Nataly Neri, Phellyx, Rapha Vicente, and Valter Rege, while also raising funds for social institutions.

In addition to the tournament, the episodes of the “Copa do Vale” project also covered personal stories of the creators, in a light-hearted yet powerful manner. These stories exposed the experiences of homophobia and racial prejudice that many of the participants faced in their childhood and school years, particularly in the realm of sports. The show aimed to raise awareness and promote acceptance of the LGBTQIAAP+ community, while also highlighting the importance of inclusivity and diversity in sports.

The tournament not only features fierce competition, but also includes acts of solidarity from members of marginalized communities. Each participating team represents a Brazilian Non-Profit Organization (NGO) such as EternamenteSOU, Instituto Odara, Instituto Transviver, Imune, Fundo Agbara, SOMOS, Casa 1, and Criola.

Malena’s participation in this collaboration was a great success, the tournament was viewed by 2M people per episode and 10M in total on Youtube, the viewers were engaged not only in watching their favorite YouTubers compete but also in supporting the different NGOs represented by the teams.

All teams that participate will receive a prize of BRL 5K (approximately USD 925) to donate to the NGO they represent. Additionally, the top three teams will receive additional prizes to donate to their respective NGOs. The champion team will receive BRL 20K (approximately USD 3.7k), the second place team will receive BRL 15K (approximately USD 2.7K), and the third place team will receive BRL 10K (approximately USD 1.8K).

Mr. Poladoful, Malena, and Gustavo Stockler on the Hackroom Tilibra’s finale (source).

Malena was a spokesperson for a project by the Tilibra brand called Hack Room Tilibra. The goal of the project was to provide an opportunity for young people to showcase their creative and functional ideas, with a prize of BRL 20,000 for the winner. The program was broadcast through Malena’s channel and consisted of three episodes.

The contest received many entries, but only six finalists were chosen to present their ideas to judges Gustavo Stockler (Youtuber) and Mr. Poladoful (Gamer, Youtuber) on the Tilibra Hack Room stage.

Malena broke stereotypes by becoming a successful streamer during a time when the industry was dominated by men. She also gave hope to young girls interested in gaming and proudly came out as lesbian, serving as an inspiration for others to be proud of who they are. It’s important to support and uplift individuals like Malena.

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