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We, as a global influencer agency, seek to give brands a voice in the rapidly growing market of Brazil.
Bold Creators Club consists of of an expertly trained team of creative minds, talent strategists and managers who are motivated to work with you at any stage of your influencer marketing plan:

  • Guiding strategy,
  • leading ideation,
  • orchestrating talent casting
  • and overseeing campaign direction.
At Bold Creators Club, we offer a comprehensive service – find out how we can help you! Contact us and we will show you the opportunities you have in the Brazilian or South American market.

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A global influencer agency reviews the best Brazilian influencers

Bold Creators Club grew out of a global fantasy sports platform – having had experience with influencer campaigns in Europe, the US and South America, we decided to open a new agency which mainly focuses on Brazilian influencers.

We came to this decision as we compared the results from European and American campaigns with the tremendous effects of campaigns we did in the growing Brazilian influencer market. This is why we split the team and made Bold Creators Club an independent entity.

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Find the best Brazilian influencers and read more about the Bold Creators Club story below.

The Bold Creators Club story

We took our first steps as an independent agency in 2017 when we scouted our first influencers in Brazil. The Fantasy Football platform, from which we emerged, had immense success specifically in South America through strategic influencer engagements. 
This made us realize the value of the South American and especially Brazilian influencer market and we signed the first well-known influencers from Brazil. Our headquarters and team in Germany paved the way for partnerships between Brazilian influencers and European brands and companies: the Bold Creators Club was born.

In 2018, the first major campaigns followed, including one for teamstr. Here, we immediately saw great successes of the Brazilian campaigns, which is why since then we have steadily acquired more projects and our portfolio of influencers has become broader and more diverse.

This diversity led us to our next step in 2019, the expansion to Mexico, Colombia and Argentina. After our success in the Brazilian market, we decided to explore the potential of other South American countries. Also outside Brazil, social media platforms are used exceptionally much in South America, which makes the market very accessible for influencer marketing.

In 2020, we started building the film studio and creating video assets for TikTok and Mobile Legends. TikTok as a platform now has 32.57 million monthly active users worldwide via Android and 97 million active users via iOs, offering a huge audience and potential to reach diverse target and age groups. Coupled with the fact that in January 2020, Brazil alone accounted for 10.4% of all global downloads of TikTok, it shows the importance of Tiktok in the future as well, alongside longer established platforms like YouTube and Instagram.

This year, we took another big step and for the first time started publishing “influencer related products“, products in which influencers themselves are directly involved and which are mostly created based on their experience with the marketing scene. Especially in 2021, this type of product gained even greater popularity and awareness.

The market is also growing rapidly in this area and offers a wide range of possibilities, which is why constant further development of the repertoire, as we have done repeatedly over the last few years, is essential: through progress comes change.