The Growth of TikTok and How It Might Surpass Instagram

The Growth of TikTok and How It Might Surpass Instagram

Regardless of the ongoing challenges from rival platforms, along with regulatory concerns and even restrictions in some regions, the growth of TikTok continues to go from strength to strength. And according to App Annie’s latest data on this app’s growth momentum won’t be slowing down any time soon.

The wildly popular TikTok app is on pace to reach 1.5 billion users by the end of 2022, according to App Annie’s report for this year’s mobile forecast. The survey shows that in just one more year alone, the growth of TikTok and its cultural influence around the world will go even further than before!

The Growth of TikTok and How It Might Surpass Instagram
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That would put it well in front of Instagram, which stays on a billion actives, a number it originally announced back in 2018 and hasn’t refreshed since.

App Annie is a company that specializes in app analytics and predictions. They have been accurate with their past estimations, predicting last November that TikTok would surpass one billion active users by 2021 which it did back in September!

The rapid growth of TikTok

TikTok became so popular because the growth of TikTok rate has been unprecedented. The app became a cultural force faster than any other platform in history, and it accomplished this by capitalizing on established trends, unlike Facebook and Instagram who needed to establish new habits for their first billion users. Tiktok was able to take advantage of that through innovative features that are now standard across all social media sites.

It’s been a wild ride for TikTok, which has experienced both success and failure in its five years on the market. But even so, it’s still remarkable to see how far this app – that lost India, a country that was once the biggest user of the app – managed to ascend within such little time.

The Growth of TikTok and How It Might Surpass Instagram
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The growth of the platform was so big, that other companies started copying the TikTok formula: short and vertical clips. Meta released the Reels option on Facebook and Instagram, but that didn’t slow down the number of downloads of TikTok. Youtube released Youtube Shorts and even Snapchat released its own version, called Spotlight. 

But what is the key to TikTok’s success and the growth of TikTok?

The key to success with this platform lies in its algorithm that continuously provides you content, which is highly attuned to your interests.

TikTok has an advantage over other video apps in that the feed is full-screen, meaning every action you take while watching a clip indicates your response. If it’s not something interesting to watch, you will swipe past quickly and that will trigger the algorithm, changing its behaviour to provide you quality content of your interests.

The Growth of TikTok and How It Might Surpass Instagram
Source: Amanda Vick

Monetization is the next step and providing comparative capacity for top stars to make as much money on TikTok as they can in other apps. But that too moves along at a rapid pace with platform partnerships evolving quickly facilitating more opportunities this front

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