2 ways the best Brazilian influencers can help with your branding

Best Brazilian influencers

Branding has been a topic of discussion for the past years, as companies began to understand that it is a powerful competitive advantage. The best Brazilian influencers can be important in this.

But, what is branding? 

In short, branding is the total sum of the consumer’s experience with a recognizable product or service.

It is way more than a name.

It encompasses all the actions of a company aligned with its position, purpose and values. The goals are to awake sensations and to create connexions that will be decisive in the moment of the decision before the purchase. 

All the movements of a brand, from the logo, to the font, the communication, the company values and even the brand ambassadors or the people that represent them, will help a brand to build its own personality in the mind of the consumers. 

Branding is more than the product, it is what a brand represents

So, how can the best Brazilian influencers help you with your branding? 

The best Brazilian influencers can add value to your brand

Before the internet, Branding was mainly done through television, radio and journals. This would limit the options through which a company could advertise and send its message. With the internet, brands can now choose between many different channels and the segmentation and narrowing of its target audience is better. 

So, before the internet, if an international company wanted to enter the Brazilian market, it would have to choose between the three main media channels. This would still be a problem, as not every Brazilian region would have the same TV channels, or newspapers or radio stations.

Now, this can be done easily through the internet.

With the growing number of smartphone users among the Brazilian population, and the strong presence on social media (Instagram, Facebook and TikTok are the strongest platforms for Brazilians), companies can easily reach their target market.

The best Brazilian influencers are important for this process.

Let’s look at the example of NIVEA, the german cosmetics brand. 

The brand is already one of the most well-known brands in the country, and the use of the best Brazilian influencers helped with this branding. 

NIVEA is one of the international brands that most invests in Influencers marketing in Brazil

With more than 600 thousand followers on Instagram, the brand posts regularly with the best Brazilian influencers. 

In their feed, you can check some of the most followed Brazilian influencers on the platform: Simone Mendes (30.5M followers), Deborah Seco (20.7M followers), Mari Maria (18M followers). 

This helped NIVEA with its brand image. The company understand the importance that correct use of social media can have on their sales and brand recognition.

The best Brazilian influencers can engage your brand’s target audience

Companies are aware (or should be) of their target audience. A makeup company usually targets young women, while car companies usually go for older men when announcing their new sports car. 

But communicating with this specific target audience may not be as easy as it seems. The company must acknowledge that there are certain platforms that will work better than others. For example on makeup, social media will have the most impact on the target audience, either by Instagram, TikTok or YouTube, as young women spend a lot of time on social media. For the sports car, television will still maintain the most important channel of advertising 

But how can the best Brazilian influencers talk with our target audience?

After analyzing the best platform to post, a company needs to find the best influencers and work with them while developing social media campaigns. 

Brands are acknowledging the importance of social media on their branding

Guarana Antártica is an example of a brand that recognizes the importance of choosing the correct channels to promote its brand. 

They have a strong social media presence, with partnerships with the best Brazilian influencers on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube. 

On TikTok, they post regularly with famous influencers on the app like V1ctorian0, Tadeu Tannouri and Saulo Sampaio.

Bold Creators Club can help you with your branding 

Brazil is one of the fastest-growing markets at the moment. The country has a growing economy and a similar market to countries like the United States and China. 

But entering the Brazilian market is not easy. Between social, environmental and political problems, the country also presents a very unique population. English is not spoken by many people, and even inside the country, the microcultures embrace millions of people.

Developing a strong brand identity in Brazil usually means embracing a whole new identity, after all, the country has a very different culture from the other countries. 

Partnering with a Brazilian influencer is one of the fastest ways to gain brand recognition in the country, as they have millions of followers and one of the highest engagement rates in the world.

Working alongside an agency is the best way to work with the best Brazilian influencers. We will make intensive market research and present you with the best hypothesis, and we are aware of the current social, political and legal situation of the country, saving you time and money in the process.

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