How can top Brazilian Influencers benefit an international fashion brand?

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Since the launch of the social network Orkut, a social media network that facilitated communication between friends, colleagues and family, similar to Facebook, the Brazilian social media market has opened several doors for top Brazilian influencers and new opportunities, since around 70% of internet users had an Orkut account, in Brazil. While Orkut slowly vanished, and with the emergence of Facebook and Instagram, the market of users grew. In 2020, around 150 million internet users were identified in Brazil, with 140 million of them were also described as social media users. These numbers are expected to continue growing constantly.

These opened several opportunities, not only to users with large numbers of following, the influencers, but also to brands that now find ways to promote themselves next to consumers, using influencers and their following base to do so.

How are the top brazilian influencers helping with the boost of eCommerce?

One of the markets that have been explored the most with the Boom of social media has been the fashion market. Thanks to the internet, eCommerce grew significantly throughout the years.

top Brazilian influencers
Pâmela Drudi is a star of makeup and fashion between the top brazilian influencers

With the integration of social media in fashion, Brazilian fashion influencers are playing a big role in setting tendencies as opinion-makers on the country. Many Brazilian fashion bloggers have built an enormous following in social media and on the internet, developing businesses and working closely with international brands. The top Brazilian influencers in the fashion area can engage with their communities and are opinion-makers, sharing tips, opportunities, and recommendations with millions of people.

Brands are finding it more attractive to work with Brazilian Instagram influencers, as they merge the Brazilian culture on their communication, with the culture of the company. This opens a world of possibilities, as brands are now capable of being closer to the communities. The world of modelling has also been affected, as it became easier to follow it up through social media. Brazilian Instagram models have taken over the platform, engaging millions with their photos and videos. These are seen as a big marketing and business opportunity for brands to develop their image in Brazil.

However there is a possible drawback, influencer marketing is all about people and with virtual influencers, there is the risk of seeing a loss of contact between the influencer and his audience. There is a loss of human relation between the influencer and the follower. So the risk of virtual influencer can be to focus on just one product and hardly be able to have a bright future, but no one can know it for sure in advance.

How is the relation between brands and the top brazilian influencers?

Brands are finding it more attractive to work with Brazilian Instagram influencers, as they merge the brazilian culture on their communication, with the culture of the company. This opens a world of possibilities, as brands are now capable of being closer to the communities. The world of modelling has also been affected, as it became easier to follow it up through social media. Brazilian Instagram models have taken over the platform, engaging millions with their photos and videos. These are seen as a big marketing and business opportunity for brands to develop their image in Brazil.

Brands need to understand which topics are trending in the country, and especially in social media. This is integrated not only by the top brazilian influencers but also by Brazilian fashion bloggers and Instagram influencers. Currently, the main topics on the social media and fashion world are:

SustainabilityAs the country faced several problems with fires in the Amazon rainforest, that led several brazilian Instagram influencers to openly talk about it and visit the damaged areas to raise awareness for these problems. Sustainable fashion is growing, as several businesses are getting more creative to revolutionize the market, embracing new and more eco-friendly materials, or controlling waste. By combining this with brazilian fashion bloggers and brazilian instagram influencers, these brands are gaining more and more space on social media and gaining followers.
Female EmpowermentThe feminist movement is growing daily in Brazil, with the country having one of the better-organized movements. Brazilian Instagram models and Brazilian Instagram influencers are talking and discussing this topic daily, raising awareness for the lack of equal rights between genders. With fan bases made up of people from as young as 8 years old, to as old as 70 years, the discussion of these topics by the top brazilian influencers may be the change on the country’s paradigm. On fashion, this is not different. Brazilian fashion bloggers and brazilian fashion influencers are the main voices for the movement of empowering females on the fashion market.
MulticulturalityAlso considered as a key topic for every platform and market. Brazil is one of the most diverse countries in the world, with people having roots in Europe, Asia or the United States. This heritage became one of Brazil’s image, with brands acknowledging the different cultures and empowering diversity. Brazilian Instagram influencers are very important for the empowerment and integration of this diversity, by using their platforms to expose social inequality and helping the change of it. In the fashion world, the integration of minorities in fashion-related companies is already happening, with the help of Brazilian fashion bloggers, as well as the growth of brazilian Instagram models from these communities.
Body positivityOne of the main topics on social media. The diversity of brazilian Instagram models and brazilian Instagram influencers is growing, breaking imposed beauty standards and leading to more acceptance of all types of bodies in both women and men. The top brazilian influencers are important for the fight to normalize all types of bodies. In the fashion world, the inclusion of plus-size models has been an important topic for brazilian fashion bloggers and brazilian fashion influencers.
How the top brazilian influencers are discussing about the hot topics on theis platforms

Triple-digit growth in eCommerce sets the tone for the new decade

Since 2010, eCommerce has grown astronomically worldwide, with an increase of more than 600% on sales. In Brazil, eCommerce is one of the fastest-growing business industries. According to Statista’s forecast, it is expected that the total eCommerce revenue doubles its value within 8 years. This is a result of the fast growth of internet usage. It is expected that in 4 years, 158 million people have access to the internet in Brazil, with more than 90% of them to have access to a social media account.

Why should companies focus on eCommerce?

The answer seems simple. Every company wants to generate leads. In order to do so, it is crucial that the business strategy contemplates the several cultural differences in each market and understands that the traditional marketing approaches do not work as well as before, because consumers are constantly bombarded with information. And here is where influencers play a big role nowadays.

The fanbase of the influencers respect them and believe in their opinions. The top brazilian influencers, for example, can reach millions of people daily in their social media platforms. If the communication and marketing strategy is implemented correctly, the results may be a huge boost in sales, or, at least, the organic growth of the brand image and recognition. This is why more and more companies are looking to establish a strong image on social media, by using brazilian Instagram influencers to do so.

instories case study
The top brazilian influencers helped helped to catapult instories into the top positions of the App store

How brazilian instagram influencers merge the fashion world and eCommerce

On the fashion world, eCommerce is also crucial. It is expected that in 2022, the total revenue of the eCommerce fashion industry surpasses 700 billion USD. So, it is clear that every fashion-related brand wants to survive in this market and take a piece of the market share.

The brazilian fashion bloggers and brazilian fashion influencers play a big role for these companies as trend-setter and opinion-makers. It is common to see brazilian Instagram influencers doing brand deals with fashion companies in their Instagram posts and stories. The reach to these advertisements is an important tool for eCommerce. The Brazilian fashion influencers market drives awareness for brands and products while boosting it into eCommerce sales. Brazilian Instagram models are increasingly requested by brands, from multinationals looking to penetrate the brazilian market with a new product or improve their brand image, to local brands that invest in influencer marketing to gain more brand recognition, and thereby increase the number of leads and sales.

Drielly Drudi Brazilian beauty influencer Bold Creators Club agency
Drielly Drudi is one of the top brazilian influencers, building a strong and unique fanbase and high engagement

One of the key strategies that brands use while advertising their image and products next to brazilian Instagram influencers and fashion influencers are the personalization that these advertisement deals offer. Users care about these personalized recommendations, offers and experiences, that come from the top brazilian influencers that they trust. Most companies see personalization as critical for current and future success, so influencers marketing tends to grow in the future.

But to reach the final goal, a successful brand deal with brazilian Instagram influencers, Instagram models or fashion bloggers, companies must be aware of all the difficulties. First, to understand the brazilian culture and the multiculturalism of the biggest country in South America. What works on São Paulo, might not work in Fortaleza or Manaus, as the culture and costumes are very different.

It is also crucial that companies are constantly aware of the political, social and environmental situation of Brazil, as it changes constantly, making the right timing as a key factor for brand success. The legal situation with influencers and logistics are also very important to analyze in every deal so that everything goes as expected. The top brazilian influencers must be followed daily in order to understand how the market changes and to have a clearer idea of how to conduct a successful strategy, merging the country’s current situation with relevant brand content.

Lastly, companies must be aware that the English language is still not a common language in Brazil, so communication between English speaking brands and Portuguese speaking influencers can become hard, as only 5% of the influencers can speak English.

How can Bold Creators Club help you?

We understand that creating a relationship between brand and the top brazilian influencers is hard, due to cultural and linguistic differences, while also overviewing the current situation of the country and the market, analyzing every potential deal, and conducting a marketing strategy implementation. By considering the low costs of brazilian influencers, partnering with an agency makes more sense as it facilitates and makes the whole process faster. We can give you a better understanding of the opportunities and threats your brand will face in the rapidly growing Brazilian market, creating a bridge between brands and the top brazilian influencers.