Influencer marketing campaigns and 3 steps to effectively measure one

Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Influencers Marketing has been growing significantly, being rated by marketers as the fastest-growing channel for online customer acquisition. But how can a company measure the results in influencer marketing campaigns? 

Measuring success is an essential part of every marketing campaign, and with influencers, this is not different. It is necessary that brands understand what they can count on when investing a budget into influencer marketing campaigns.

The insights of the campaigns come principally from working with influencers. The more influencer marketing campaigns a brand does, the more insights they are going to have for the future, being able to have better control and understanding of their needs and what they must do to achieve their goals.

Sthefane Matos is one of the biggest influencers in Brazil and fits perfectly in any brand’s marketing campaign

Defining GOALS for influencer marketing campaigns

So, how can you measure your influencer marketing campaigns?

The KPI’s are different for every brand, but usually, they all lead to the same. So while establishing a strategy, the first step is to define clear goals to relevant metrics. 

Some examples of metrics that brands usually use to measure their influencer marketing campaigns are:

Influencer marketing campaigns
Brand goals for influencers marketing campaigns

All of these goals may be suitable for a marketing campaign, but you should narrow them to your own business, before defining metrics to measure the results.

Defining METRICS for influencer marketing campaigns

Campaign Reach

One of the goals for many companies while performing influencer marketing campaigns is to increase reach and make the brand go as far as possible.

The metrics to measure this are:

IMPRESSIONSThe number of times your content is displayed on someone’s device, no matter if it was clicked or not.
FOLLOWERSPeople that follow the influencer’s social media platforms that you chose for your campaign.
TRAFFICThe number of visits to your website through the campaign link. This tells you how many people visited your site by clicking the link on the influencer’s post.
Metrics to measure influencer marketing campaigns

While not being very easy to measure the total reach of a campaign, the best indicator is impressions, as it gives you a number of active accounts that really saw your influencer marketing campaigns.

source: Syifa5610

Campaign Engagement

Engagement ends up being a better indicator of influencer marketing campaigns than reach because it gives us the extent to which the interacts with the influencer’s post.

It can be measured by several different metrics, with the same final engagement rate. These metrics are:

LIKESThis gives a clear picture of how many people really interacted with the content and can boost it in the rankings of several social media platforms
COMMENTSUsually come from a “call to action” type of description, like a question, and indicates that the audience is engaged with the content and have an interest in it.
SHARESShow the number of people that are interested in the content and sharing it with their followers or friends. It’s a great way to increase brand awareness and reach more people.
CLICKSSum up all the clicks on the post and give an idea if the audience is interested in it.
Campaign engagement

But engagement rate is not an easy number to analyse. Companies must understand that some industries have more engaged followers, or the more followers an influencer has, the smaller its engagement rate.

The following image is an example that explains better this relation between the engagement rates and the number of followers.

Comparison between two influencers

Kim Kardashian is a mega-influencer, and one of the most followed person in the world. Jac Anderson is a macro-influencer from the United States that counts with more than 300K followers.

source: Kim Kardashian‘s Instagram

Analyse final influencer marketing campaigns results

The final step is to measure the success of your influencer marketing campaigns by checking the goals, the metrics and compare them with the final results.

  • One good way to measure success is referral traffic. Referral traffic indicates all the people that are coming to a website through the influencers, and by which channel they are coming (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc.).  By using Google Analytics, we have a clear idea of how the influencer marketing campaigns are improving a site’s traffic, if that is one of the established goals. 
  • Another good way to measure the success of the marketing strategy is by creating an influencer’s specific promo code. This will not only measure the number of sales coming from that influencer but will also boost the general sales of a brand because of this new audience they are being exposed to.
  • Brands can also use influencer marketing campaigns to improve their social media presence, so a good indicator of success is to analyse the growth in the number of followers and engagement. 
source: Jcomp

How can Bold Creators Club run an effective influencer marketing campaign for your brand? 

As you can see, influencer marketing campaigns are not an easy process to go through. There is a lot of analyse that a brand must put before even thinking of final results. 

At Bold Creators Club, we specialize in influencer marketing campaigns, especially in Brazil, having demonstrated results that sustain our position in this field. 

If you are planning on expanding your brand to Brazil, the best way is to affiliate with an agency. You can avoid problems like communication, as most Brazilian influencers don’t speak English, legal issues and even social problems, as the country is one of the most multicultural countries in the world. 

Reach us and let’s talk and define the goals and the KPI’s for your influencers marketing campaign.