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Our customers’ influencer marketing campaigns case studies. Discover some of the most successful influencer campaigns we run over the year 2020, and how we helped our partners to succeed in the South American market thanks to our customized projects. Read the stories of our clients crushing it with our influencer marketing campaigns, through our influencer case studies in Brazil.

Influencer marketing has become such an important element in our daily lives, whenever we open our Instagram feeds we end up in scrolling many posts from influencers.

Slide down and discover some 2020 case studies about the latest Brazilian influencer marketing campaigns of Bold Creators Club’s partners.


900 ranks up with < $3,000 investment

Instories had success in Europe, now they want to tackle the growing Brazilian market. We worked with 15 influencers, see here first results.


10,000s of installs for football App

The huge success of teamstr made us believe in Brazilian influencer marketing. Starting from scratch we’ve built a network of great talent.  

P&G Case Study

Procter & Gamble

Empowering Young Brazilian Mothers

Together with P&G, we accompanied famous young Brazilian mothers through their parenthood journey to share their favourite daily products with their millions of fans.

Calvin Klein

São Paulo Wears Their Calvins

Our 5 hottest Brazilian influencers brought their Calvins to the urban streets of São Paulo while hitting up the city’s trendiest spots and their fans can’t get enough of it!

influencer marketing campaigns case studies


Be Bold, Be You with FOREO

With Eduarda as Aladdin’s Genie, we boosted FOREO’s campaign message: There’s no such thing as over-the-top creativity. This was to inspire artists to boldly create without worrying about clearing their skin as there’s no extremes FOREO products can’t handle!

Brazilian influencer case studies


Happy Baby, Happy Life with PAMPERS

Our famous young Brazilian mothers shared peeks of their new parenthood life with millions of curious fans, revealing top parenting and baby comfort secrets with their most trusted diaper brand PAMPERS. 

Best influencer marketing case studies, draw new ideas

How does reviewing the stories about the best Brazilian influencer marketing campaigns case studies can help you crate you own influencer strategy? 

At Bold Creators Club, we decided to share with you some of our best 2020 works. In fact we want to give everyone the possibility to deep his knowledge about Brazilian market. Our content creators, through the strategic help of our influencer agency, helped many companies to grow their market share in different sector. 

Instories and TeamStr campaigns’ influencer case studies are two examples of how the Bold Creators Club Influencers supported the growth of our partners, sometimes entering in the South American market for the first time.

Other partner companies we are working in close contact with right now, respond to the names of Procter and Gamble, Calvin Klein, Foreo and Pampers. The case studies about their influencer marketing campaigns will be soon available to become part of our tells.

More influencer marketing campaigns case studies for you

If you couldn’t find a case study regarding your thematic, don’t despair!
We have many more influencer marketing campaigns case studies to showcase you. In fact, you can talk with us about your business’ needs and together we will point out the main interests of your potential influencer marketing campaign. Our team of influencer marketing experts has run several campaigns with customers from very different sectors, and various business and geographical niches. So you can discover many examples of what did we do in our past campaign. 

We have more case studies to show you, about our influencer marketing campaigns in your business niche. You will be able to discover the potentialities of the Brazilian influencers market, through the analysis of our more inherent case with your type of products. Also find out who are the most indicated Brazilian influencers you should target for your campaigns, based on our expertise. You will be shown the numerical results of our Brazilian influencer case studies, in order to be able to take a rational decision for your campaign.

Moreover, Bold Creators Club will introduce your international brand to the Brazilian influencer marketing best practices. But it’s not everything, one of the main issues, or concerns, when advertising your business abroad, it’s to comply with the country’s regulation that you can find in this link.