Selected case study:
World Cup Campaign 2018

We connected two things we love, fantasy football and emotions, in the following teamstr campaign:


See the full teamstr case study below.


The Challenge

Teamstr wanted to promote their newest feature: The teamstr wall. This feature enables user to interact with each other and to dive deeper into the game of fantasy football. The teamstr wall represents teamstr’s stand-out feature.

Teamstr needed an outstanding campaign to make itself known to soccer fans ahead of the biggest tournament of the time: The World Cup in Russia 2018.

The Solution

We took teamstr’s revolutionary product and filled it with life. We created the slogan “Feel the Game”.
Not just playing a game, but actually having a real game feel while playing is something that has never been done before in fantasy football.

We navigated the teamstr campaign with posts on YouTube to Facebook and Instagram.
And we started a giant battle: We let influencers across Europe and South America compete with each other.
We created international matches between influencers and their communities.
All to promote teamstr’s newest feature. All on teamstr itself. All worldwide.


teamstr case study

In Europe, we asked FIFA gamers, football freestylers and football fans from Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal and the United Kingdom to join our battle.

On the left, you can see the classic match: England vs. Germany.
This video got more than 500.000 views, trended on YouTube and made teamstr popular in the UK.


South America

In South America, we worked with influencers from Mexico, Argentina and Brazil and had even better results!
The influencers cost only 25% of the European prices and delivered more app downloads. Furthermore, the app’s ratings and content creation on the teamstr wall increased, all through the traffic generated from South America.

The outstanding results from this campaign were the reason why we decided to shift our focus from Europe to South America.


Fact Sheet:
"Feel the Game"

For the World Cup campaign in Europe, we invited 15 influencers to participate in our “Feel the Game” competition. These are the results:





Engagement Rate:
(2.5x Industry's Standard)

Costs/ Install:

Ø $1.89

Industry's Standard:
Ø $2.04

South America

We also invited 9 influencers from South America to join our “Feel the Game” tourney for the World Cup campaign. Here are the results:





Engagement Rate:
(3.5x Industry's Standard)

Costs/ Install:

Ø $0.43

Industry's standard:
Ø $0.76

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