3 reasons why Brazilian Instagram influencers from Big Brother Brasil are crucial for your brand

Big Brother Brasil Brazilian Instagram influencers

Reality shows have been changing the television industry since the early 00’s. Shows like Idols and Big Brother quickly became worldwide franchises that took over screen time in every television. This was the start of an era for Brazilian Instagram Influencers.

In Brazil, this was no different, with every channel on open television trying to take a piece of the share. RecordTV brought us, A Fazenda, a huge success for the network, but Rede Globo won the fight for two of the biggest reality shows in the country: No Limite, a Brazilian version of Survivor, and Big Brother, the biggest reality show in Brazil and worldwide. 

With this wave of reality shows striking the country, a new type of celebrities appeared, ex-competitors from these shows. So it was not shocking when reality shows became showcases for top Brazilian influencers.

Breaking Records in 2021

Since the first week, it was clear that Big Brother Brasil 2021 was going to be a huge success. The show broke all the records for TV audiences in the country, helping TV Globo grow 14% on their audiences, in the first week, and counting already with a share of almost 50% of open television shows. 

Brazilian Instagram Influencers
The #BBB21 reached 35 million tweets in less than a month

The show also exploded on social media, reaching 35 million tweets with the tag #BBB21, on Twitter. 

In 2020, this big social media phenomenon also happened, with the show breaking the world record for the TV Shows with the biggest number of votes, reaching 1 Billion votes. This was driven thanks to the constant sharing of opinions among the social world in Brazil, with various mentions of the program by the biggest Brazilian Instagram influencers, but also by celebrities, such as Neymar, that counts with more than 145M followers on Instagram, making him the most followed Brazilian on the platform.

Source: Neymar‘s instagram

From unknown to one of the biggest Brazilian Instagram influencers

In 2020, Big Brother Brasil decided to revolutionize the reality show game, by mixing Brazilian celebrities and Brazilian Instagram influencers with unknown individuals. What seemed to be a strange move, quickly became one decisive strategy for the game. 

The winner of Big Brother Brasil 20, Thelma Assis, had around 1K followers on Instagram, counting already with more than 6M followers on the platform. Another case of success was Filipe Prior, a Brazilian architect with around 1K followers, which reached 6M followers after the show. Not only unknown individuals enjoyed a boost of followers, but also celebrities and Brazilian Instagram influencers, like Manu Gavassi that entered the show with around 4M followers and currently counts with almost 16M followers on Instagram, making her one of the biggest Brazilian Instagram influencers.

Source: Manu Gavassi‘s Instagram

In this edition of Big Brother Brasil, this phenomenon was not different. With only one month deep into the game, we already have a huge boost of followers on the platforms of some of the contestants. A perfect example of this is Juliette Freire. A lawyer and makeup artist from Paraíba entered the contest with around 4K followers on her Instagram but already counts 9M followers, making her already one the biggest Brazilian Instagram influencers, with 2 more months to go.

How are brands working with brazilian Instagram influencers from these reality shows?

Brands are already understanding the potential of these influencers, and how big their platforms can be. If we look at the contestants of the previous edition of Big Brother Brasil, we can understand that they are managing their social media careers with important brand deals. 

Source: Thelma Assis‘s Instagrama

Some examples of these deals between brazilian instagram influencers and brands are:

InfluencersFollowersBrand Deal
Babu Santana6,3MWizard; Americanas, PicPay
Manu Gavassi15,8MO Boticario; Netflix; PicPay
Thelma Assis6,2MAmstel; Americanas; Colgate
Some examples of how brands are working with brazilian instagram influencers

Brands have also a big interest in ex-participants with smaller platforms. A good example of this is Kerline Cardoso, the first contestant to leave Big Brother Brasil 2021, already one of the trendiest brazilian Instagram influencers. She counts 974,000 followers on Instagram and already worked with some brands on her platform. Some examples of her brand deals are:

  • Housi, a digital platform for renting. Her engagement rate with the ad post was 7,67%;
  • Nayane, a lingerie brand. Her engagement rate with the ad post was 9,05%;
  • Top Store Joias Acessórios, a jewelry and accessories brand. Her engagement rate was 9,46%.
Brazilian instagram influencers
Number of brand deals among ex-participants of BBB21 are growing daily

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