Fashion & Beauty


MC Bella is a singer and influencer born in Bahia and currently living in São Paulo.

Considered an artist different from the others for having her own style - in beauty as well as in singing! She started her social media career with cover songs and is now one of the most creative influencers when it comes to beauty.


Mirela Janis is one of the key Brazilian Beauty Instagram Influencers and a professional dancer, today with more than 3.1M followers on the platform. With her beautiful red hair, she collects fans all over Brazil.

Mirela is especially successfull on TikTok where she helped many Brazilian songs going viral as part of a partnership with Universal Brazil.


Pâmela Drudi is the reference of beauty in Brazil next to her sisters of the Drudi family.

Showing her daily life and beauty and lifestyle tips, Pamela enchants a huge audience every day.


Jully Molinna represents the fashion for the streets, being influenced by brands like Balenciaga and Supreme.

She is one of the main influencers on beauty and life style, adding more than 1M followers to her instagram (her main social network)!


Mario Henrique is known for his loyal and large female audience.

Mario is only 23 years old. With his repartee and funny way he films beauty content, entertainment and makeup for those who follow him with quick tips of "do it yourself".


Jaqueline is the second of the famous Drudi sisters. Like everyone in the family she is passionate about make-up.

Jaqueline also loves traveling and exploring new cities. Like her sisters she has a phenomenal engagement rate for her large community.


Drielly Drudi is another part of the Drudi family, the reference of makeup and style in Brazil.

Drielly has had an early push from her sister Pâmela, but afterwards managed to establish a unique fanbase. Having a 11% engagement rate speaks for herself.


Gabriela gives you instagram's most charming smile.

With her iconic beauty and positive attitude GC Busnello, as she is known, produces videos on YouTube about music, fashion, lifestyle, makeup, hair, beauty and tips.All of that in a dynamic, smart and fun way.


The Drudis are known as the Brazilian Kardashians - and if Pâmela is Kim, then Fantiny is definitely Kylie Jenner.

Fantiny is the youngest of the cities and got into the social media world at a young age. Her fans love to see her grow and become a fashionable, strong young woman.