Fashion & Beauty


Maria Venture is the most hyped Brazilian YouTubers in the beauty section. Maria has >5M followers and >200M views on YouTube.

On her instagram profile Maria shares more about her daily life, with several fun stories, adding up with more than 4M followers.


MC Bella is a singer and influencer born in Bahia and currently living in São Paulo.

Considered an artist different from the others for having her own style - in beauty as well as in singing! She started her social media career with cover songs and is now one of the most creative influencers when it comes to beauty.


Amanda Domenico has currently more than 4M followers on YouTube.

Amanda is also present on Instagram (1.6M) where she shares content about her daily life as a mother in addition to captivating her audience with her fashion and beauty tips!


Pamella Libbre is a originally from São Paulo, she is known for her unconventional and audacious content.

On her channel you can find playlists, pranks and also videos showing a little of her life. Pamella Libbre brings together a young and urban audience on the main social networks, especially with her "By Pamella" channel on YouTube.


Jully Molinna represents the fashion for the streets, being influenced by brands like Balenciaga and Supreme.

She is one of the main influencers on beauty and life style, adding more than 1M followers to her instagram (her main social network)!


Priscila Somoes is your perfect influencer if you want to connect maternity and fashion.

Priscila Simoes shares with her followers her experiences as a mother, recommendations for the household and beauty tips, all with great friendliness and good humor!


Amanda Pontes is the upcoming superstar in South America's beauty industry.

Amanda Pontes is one of the most influential creators 2019, with an enormous engagement and more than 800K followers on instagram!
Amanda shares her experiences in terms of fashion, beauty and life in general!


With Bruna Barbie you will get the unicorn among beauty influencers.

Known for her "Barbie-style", with pink clothes, blond hair and a light posture towards life, Bruna has more than 1M subscribers on YouTube, entertaining her audience with her unique way of behaving.


Leo Borges' major weapon is his creativity, which helps him to get things done on his own.

With DIY-tips for fashion and his lifestyle in general, Leo Borges stands out with his good humor, repartee and passion.
Leo also produces quality content on Facebook, Instagram and


Nicolle Rocha lives in Brasilia and she covers all topics related to beauty & fashion.

She speaks not only about makeup, but also about hair, dresses and other female topics. Nicolle Rocha has a strong presence on all major social networks, bringing together over 1M subscribers to the "Niimakeup" YouTube-channel.


Suzanna Freitas startes as an actress and model, but she became even more popular when she started to entertain people on YouTube and Instagram.

On Suzanna's channels you will always be pleased by her friendliness and her good vibe, which she spreads throughout her videos.
Her favourite topics are makeup and travelling.


Stephanie Viegas can rely to her strong charisma that conquers the people around her.

With a striking look and unmistakable laughter, she doesn't hide her opinions and her strong personality from anyone. As owner of herself and full of attitude, she has no need to prove anything to people.
She knows well what she wants and that's enough!


Jessica Belcost has a loyal audience since eight years.

Since 2011 on YouTube, Jessica is extremely respected for the sophisticated and intelligent way through which she addresses topics ranging from DIY, decoration, tips and lifestyle to fashion, beauty, hair and makeup.
She can rely to a loyal audience and a very strong engagement.


Juliana Motta is focused on beauty, hair and makeup.

Juliana has reached great prominence and more than one million subscribers on YouTube on her channel "Julianna Motta" (former "Agora Sou Linda"). Through a strong presence on Instagram and Facebook and with a close relationship and engagement with her fans, she gains followers at an increasingly fast pace.


Agatha Braga is the craziest among the beauty influencers.

Best known on the internet for her nickname Aggy, Agatha is notable on YouTube for her geek content, colorful hair and cosplays.
She approaches from the most serious to the most fun subjects in a relaxed way, and in her social networks she shares details of her daily life as an influencer.


João Zoli is one of Brazil's most known reality TV-stars.

João Zoli is a singer, model and actor, being one of the participants of the famous reality show of Rede Record: "A Fazenda". At the farm, he met his future girlfriend Gabi Prado, leading to a romance that enchanted thousands of viewers in Brazil. Now the couple is willing to continue building unforgettable moments on their social media accounts!


Gabriela gives you instagram's most charming smile.

With her iconic beauty and positive attitude GC Busnello, as she is known, produces videos on YouTube about music, fashion, lifestyle, makeup, hair, beauty and tips. In addition, she reaches thousands of people with short texts on Twitter and shares her daily life with photos and stories on Instagram.
All of that in a dynamic, smart and fun way.


Anna Rita Cerqueira is an actress and a model who let's her fans participate in her daily life.

She has a strong connection to her followers through vlogs on her channel and exciting behind-the-scenes content in her story! With videos in several countries, the model always passes the information with great friendliness and beauty on a daily basis.


Not only Juliana Leme's instagram profile name is about makeup - her whole appearance on social networks is about how to look magnificent.

Juliana Leme, or Ju Leme as she is known on social networks, is a reference on makeup. Ju shares her beauty routine, makeup videos and many tips for women in and outside of Brazil!


Thais Damaso is not only an outstanding content creator - she also knows how to shine in the business world.

She is co-founder and creative director of the "Dvine Shop".
On her social networks Thais has received a lot of sympathy telling more about her life and giving fashion and beauty tips!


Talitah Sampaio is the punk among the beauty influencers.

As a creator of several types of content aimed at the geek public, Talitah is an influencer known for her originality and diversity of content.
With her DIYs, tutorials, cosplay guides, short films and sketches, Talitah became more and more established as one of the major highlights in her niche.


Lary Bottino went the way from a reality TV star to an established content creator and a rising starlet in the Brazilian beauty industry.

Known for her participation in the MTV program, "Vacation with Ex", Lary became a social network sensation captivating the fans obtained in the reality show.
Now she is focused on beauty content and sharing with her fans her personal secrets on how to look magnificent day after day.


For Nay Firens beauty is not only a hobby but a profession.

She is a professional makeup artist from São Paulo with incredible skills. Nay Firens is known for making many of the make-up tutorials that have become viral on the Brazilian internet in recent years. She is surprising people with her skills on YouTube and Instagram, on Facebook and now on


Yasmin Miranda doesn't only show off with her beauty - she let's people feel magnificent through her own brand.

Yasmin is the creator of the company "Clube do Vestido Brasil". Showing all her beauty on social networks and showing her travels in her stories, Yasmin captivates her audience daily!


Dada Favatto combines humor, good vibes and beauty.

Dada is 22 years old, funny and spontaneous.
All of this great mix you can view on her social networks, where Dada suprises her audience every day.


Regianne Ahadi is a well-respected voice in the black and female community in Brazil.

She is also reaching her fans with her vast knowledge acquired in her career as a model and her studies in Aesthetics and Cosmetology. Her self-acceptance content makes Regianne one of the main icons of women's empowerment on the Brazilian internet.


Carolina Carvalho has a great knowledge of SEO, promotion and production of content.

Focused on the branch of beauty, hair, fashion and makeup and with a presence in a large number of social networks, this creator's content is one of the great references when it comes to HQ beauty content.


The Novo Arte channel on Instagram presents unconventional and specialized quality content around makeup and hair.

You can get a closer look on the know-how of these creative professionals who color the hair of some of the most well-known influencers in their salon in Sao Paulo.


Luiza Brasil is one of the greatest fashionistas in South America and known by many as the right arm of Costanza Pascolato.

Luiza reconciles modern and urban concepts with a rare sense of good taste and refinement. She shows her work with fashion on her website, "", and on her instagram.


Maria Venture is the most hyped Brazilian YouTuber in the beauty section. Maria has >5M followers and >200M views on YouTube.

On her instagram Maria shares more about her day to day, with several fun stories, adding up with more than 4M followers.