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Everson Zoio is one of the biggest names in the Brazilian internet with more than 14M followers in the main social networks.

Everson is known for his videos like challenges, trolls and pranks, his creative humor is the daily laughter of millions of young people from all over Brazil.


Melody is known for her songs on YouTube, her fun way of expressing herself and her creativity which entertains people.

Melody has been gathering more and more followers in the main social networks, having a very strong presence not only on YouTube but also on Instagram and Facebook.


Gabriel Dearo owns the great pop culture channel "Operacao Cinema".

"Operacao Cinema" has more than 4.5M subscribers, in addition to Gabriel's other successful channels such as his vlog channel and other entertainment video channels.


Edu os Primitivos is famous for many pranks which became viral in Brazil during the recent years.

Edu is very experienced, being one of the main references of Brazilian YouTube. Edu is also present on Facebook and Instagram and he always maintains a relaxed and funny posture.


Montalvao is influencing gamers across South America and Portugal with more than 1M followers and presence on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitch.

Montalvao is one of the outstanding creators in his niche, disseminating trends in its audience and influencing in a strong way also other creators.


Francisco Vieira, often called "FULL", is your Brazilian football expert.

He has the biggest football analysis channel of Brazil.
He loves to entertain his audience with his funny and adroit videos about Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar and other superstars.


Nina Braz conducts both, the website "Tu Organizas" and her social networks.

She is great at showing creative and innovative ways of decorating, organizing, DIY and crafts on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram and inspiring her followers to seek smart solutions for decorating and organizing their homes.


Maidy has the largest female channel about Disney and animations in Brazil.

She shares with her subscribers curiosities about the films, theories, stories, all with humor and friendliness that conquers new fans daily. In her Instagram, she posts recurring cosplays of characters from animations and pop culture.


Gabriel Paparazzo is a big football fan - especially from the Clube de Regatas do Flamengo.

Gabriel Paparazzo has a channel with daily videos that has more than one million monthly visits on YouTube, in addition to producing content related to the topic also on Instagram and Facebook.


Cazum8 owns a gameplay channel with more than 800K subscribers and a daily frequency of posts.

His content ranges from virtual reality gameplay games to various other types of games, achieving strong statistics of interaction and engagement.


Fred Vasquez is one of the most experienced FIFA gamers in whole South America.

He streams and uploads content for his loyal audience nearly everyday.
This pays off in great engagement and comments about the challenges Fred should play in his upcoming videos.


Mariana Santos stands out for her light and jovial content, her remarkable smile and her stunning beauty.

Highly known on Instagram, YouTube and Facebook, this eighteen-year-old girl is becoming more and more prominent, becoming one of the major influencers in her segment with an outstanding engagement.


Caio Ferreira is the creator of the "Espaco Nerd" channel, where he talks about iconic films of geek culture.

He creates an unique and authorial content on Youtube. The Nerd Space is a reference in the niche and one of the great channels of the nerd segment, adding more than 64 million views!


Maria Gal is an actress, presenter, content creator and activist.

Currently Maria Gal plays "Gleyce" in the soap opera "The Adventures of Poliana". With her charm and charisma Maria is also a talent on social networks, with an Instagram-channel that adds more than 500 thousand fans and followers!


Luiz Rubio, better known as Ative Gamers, is the most famous Formula 1 gamer in South America.

In daily let's plays and vlogs about partnerships around the Formula 1 he shows that he knows everything about racing games.


Ariane Osaki is a very special gaming influencer, she combines her love for shooters like CSGO and beauty on her channel.

She produces quality content on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and, attracting a young and engaged audience from both São Paulo and the rest of Brazil.


Alice Gobbi is a former professional gamer and today the main female reference of Brazilian YouTube games.

Young and funny, with her stripped style, Alice enchants thousands of people with her tips and techniques to take the slack, holding the viewer until the end of her videos.
In addition to her youtube channel, Alice makes live gameplays on Twitch, and she interacts with her followers on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


Vinicius Grossos is the author of "Duque de Caxias in Rio de Janeiro" and graduated in journalism at the Federal University of Juiz de Fora.

Vinícius is the author of a great variety of books published by Faro Editorial, currently he is writing on more books that will be released in 2020. In his social networks Vinicius addresses themes related to life in general and literature in particular in a comprehensible and intelligent way.