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Sthefane Mathos has one of the most engaging communities in Brazil, reaching out to her 2 million followers and fans who are passionate about her charisma, friendliness and humor! 

Sthe shares her daily routine with her followers talking about her motherhood with her son Apollo, humor, fashion and his lifestyle! There's also a super-pumped YouTube channel where you'll find lots of make and beauty tips!


Abner Pinheiro is one of the most famous influencers in Brazil, with more than 1.5M followers on his Instagram and a Youtube channel.

He had several appearances on "Em Alta" on Youtube. 
Abner shares his daily life in stories and vlogs on his Youtube channel with a lot of humor taking several laughs from his followers.


Vivi Wanderley entertains her audience with her good humor, her beauty and her quality content.

She produces makeup videos, daily vlogs and travel blogs. Currently with more than 700K subscribers and more than 3M followers in instagram, Vivi is one of the most known Brazilian influencers on social networks receiving thousands of views and likes every day.


Nicks Vieira is the singer of one of the most viralised songs on YouTube in recent years in Brazil.

Nicks Vieira makes music videos, lifestyle and various other themes on YouTube, as well as having a very strong presence on Facebook and Instagram, where she interacts with her followers daily through stories and posts.


Sofia Santino is one of the great revelations of the Brazilian internet in 2017.

Sofia has achieved more and more prominence with her humorous and fun content. This young woman from Pernambuco has been growing rapidly on YouTube and as well as Instagram and Facebook, where she maintains in close contact with her followers.


Dany Martines is one of the biggest influencers of DIY and decoration in Brazil.

Dany is a great inspiration for millions of followers, with a very strong presence on both YouTube and Instagram and Facebook. Dany has talent, creativity and professionalism, characteristics that serve as a reference for everyone in this segment.


Morimura is know for unique videos, impeccable editing and fun screenplays, which makes him one of the greatest talents of the Brazilian internet.

With more than 1M followers on both YouTube and and being immensely popular also on Instagram and Facebook, there is no doubt that he will become increasingly known for his incredible talent and charisma.


Tati Nunes from Rio de Janeiro is a perfect combination of lifestyle content and music vlogs.

Tati makes videos about music and lifestyle on her YouTube channel, entertaining her audience and interacting directly with her followers through Instagram and Facebook. In addition, she is beginning a musical career with the support and production of the renowned "DJ Detonna".


Thais Matsura presents the perfect mother-daughter relationship.

Thais Matsura stands out in the segment of channels aimed at the whole family, besides also having two major secondary channels and a very strong presence on Instagram. Thais is also known for having lived in Japan for many years.


Kerollayne Mila has a Youtube-account with her boyfriend Jeff (right), the channel is called Young Couple!

Young Couple is a channel where the couple Kero and Jeff tell about their day to day, with lots of trolling, games and companionship. Currently the channel has more than 1M subscribers being a success of views. In addition Kero also has many fans on instagram, where she shares more personal content with her followers!


Jeff Barbosa has a YouTube-account with his girlfriend Kero (left), the channel is called Young Couple!

Young Couple is a channel where the couple Kero and Jeff tell about their day to day, with lots of trolling, games and companionship. Currently the channel has more than 1M subscribers being a success of views. In addition Jeff also has many fans on instagram, where he shares more personal content with his followers!


Raphael Salles is from Rio de Janeiro, but he currently lives in São Paulo.

He is a YouTuber and tattooist, on his social networks Raphael makes videos about tattoos and lifestyle, with lots of humor and charisma. In his artistic profile, "Salles Tattoo", he has more than 49K followers, being a great tattooist from São Paulo and who has tattooed various well-known Youtubers.


Haruyuki Ozawa is a young Japanese and Brazilian, who divides his time between Brazil and trips abroad.

Knowing and spreading diverse cultures and talking about his atypical customs, Ozawa gains strength by sharing his knowledge and producing entertainment content through his social networks such as Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook.


Christian Balian has a channel with more than 300K subscribers, where his fans follow him on vlogs and challenges full of humor.

In his instagram, Balian has more than 30K followers who follow his life daily through entertaining stories and photos.


Alicereja is known for her work on YouTube where she deals with themes ranging from fears and insecurities to comedy and humor.

She is enchanting her audience with the talent of her performance and her vast repertoire of subjects. Ali is a comedian and actress.


Juliana Sartori is a young influencer from the interior of São Paulo who specializes in DIY, crafts and decoration.

She has thousands of followers who have a very high rate of engagement and follow the creative and original content of her videos on YouTube and Facebook.


Kaiane Rodrigues is known for her vlogs, lifestyle content, playlists and good humor.

Kaiane produces content with lightness and quick-wittedness, standing out both on YouTube and Instagram and Facebook. Her Instagram content, in particular, has been reaching increasingly larger audiences through Kaiane's spontaneity.


Nalu Costa is a young 18 year old influencer from Rio de Janeiro and mother of two children.

Nalu presents a unique content of lifestyle, discussion of ideas, reflection on issues and interpretation of texts, communicating with her audience in a very emphatic way both on YouTube and Instagram.


Thais Genaro is influencing São Paulo, specialized in content about Korea.

She is very influential in the context of current Korean fashion that sweeps the Brazilian youth both in terms of music and in terms of series, films, language and culture in general. Thais presents a unique content on her YouTube- and Instagram-accounts.


Fernando Pagani is one of the greatest creators of the Brazilian

He is also a creative producer of music, dance, comedy and entertainment content also on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Fernando's audience are mainly young people, interacting daily with him through the most modern communication tools.


Mario Henrique is known for his loyal and large female audience.

Mario is only 23 years old. With his repartee and funny way he films beauty content, entertainment and makeup for those who follow him with quick tips of "do it yourself".


Leandro Gallis has been creating excellent videos on YouTube with diversified lifestyle, humor, trolling and other content.

He was showing his experience both in Brazil and Canada. In addition, this young influencer has a great presence on Instagram, with photos and stories that engage thousands of followers.


Camila Rech produced viedeo about lifestyle, fashion, makeup, design, beauty, and vlogs.

Camila Rech has a strong website, a large presence on the main social networks and a loyal audience which follows her for a long time and trusts in her tips and recommendations.


Debby Lagranha is a mother and is known to be a presenter, actress and veterinarian.

On her social networks Debby shows her day to day life in the artistic milieu, squandering sympathy.


Thais Wandrofski produces videos such as reviews, DIY, vlogs, and much content about books, series, movies and everything else about pop culture.

She is passionate about books in general, and the universe of Harry Potter in particular.
In addition this young writer has already four books published!