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Here are our hottest and most trending Brazilian Travel Bloggers!


Matheus Yurley, is a YouTuber and singer from São Paulo. At the age of 21, he is already one of the top Brazilian Travel Bloggers and Brazil's most hyped influencers.

He started producing videos in March 2015 and today his channel has over 12 million subscribers! He is known for his entertaining daily vlogs.


Sthefane Mathos has one of the most engaging Brazilian Travel Bloggers, reaching out to 2M fans who are passionate about her charisma and humor! 

Sthe shares her daily routine with her followers talking about her motherhood with her son Apollo, humor, fashion and his lifestyle! There's also a super-pumped YouTube channel where you'll find lots of make and beauty tips!


Jully Molinna represents the fashion for the streets, being influenced by brands like Balenciaga and Supreme.

She is one of the main influencers on beauty and life style, adding up to more than 6M followers on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube!


Mariana Matarazzo, Maju's influence and mother, is also one of the famous Brazilian Travel Bloggers who shares her personal life experiences and lifestyle to her followers .

Mariana is the wife of Matheus Yurley and often posts content with him. With her funny, charismatic and fun way, she currently captivates over 2 million followers!


Tati Nunes from Rio de Janeiro is a perfect combination of lifestyle content and music vlogs.

As one of the top Brazilian Travel Bloggers, Tati makes videos about music and lifestyle on her YouTube channel, entertaining her audience and interacting directly with her followers through Instagram and Facebook. In addition, she is beginning a musical career with the support and production of the renowned "DJ Detonna".


Nicks Vieira is the singer of one of the most viralised songs on YouTube in recent years in Brazil.

Apart from her talent, Nicks Vieira is also one of the most loved Brazilian Travel Bloggers. She makes music videos, lifestyle and various other themes on YouTube, as well as having a very strong presence on Facebook and Instagram, where she interacts with her followers daily through stories and posts.


Brendha Crizel a creative artist and YouTuber.

She produces several amazing videos on the platform like challenges and makeup tutorials. With over 1.5 million subscribers to her YouTube channel, her style is well known in Brazil.


Christian Balian is well-known as one of the trending Brazilian Travel Bloggers that has a channel with over 300K subscribers His fans love him for his exciting vlogs and funny challenges.

On his instagram, Balian has more than 30K followers who follow his life daily through entertaining stories and photos.


Juliana Araújo's roots, being born and raised in Rio de Janairo can be seen on her YouTube channel.

As one of the famous Brazilian Travel Bloggers, she creates music videos, lifestyle, vlogs and entertainment anywhere she goes.

Next to YouTube she catches up directly with her followers through Instagram.


Adriel became an opinion leader just aged 12. Some even compare him to Greta Thunberg as he stood up after suffering racist attacks on his lnstagram account.

Through the help of his mother he exposed the racists. He is often referenced as the young face of equality in Brazil. His wide range of followers includes Netflix Brazil.


Best known on the internet for her nickname Aggy, Agatha Braga is notable on YouTube for her geek content, colorful hair, cosplays and especially for being the girl of ETs.

You don't get here the 0815 influencer. Agatha addresses a wide range of topic in a relaxed way with fancy outfits and a make-up some more conservative people would call "crazy".


You probably guessed it - Nay is the professional makeup artist from São Paulo, known for her unconventional looks and the ability to literally transform a person with mascara & co.

Nay is known for viral Brazilian makeup tutorials in recent years, surprising people with her skills on YouTube, Instagram and most recently TikTok.