Sports & Nutrition


Jennifer Dobruski is known for her unique surname of Polish origin, her red hair and especially her always present smile.

Jennifer has a unique relaxed way of approaching topics of nutrition, lifestyle and beauty. Through her charming way of presenting herself, she is growing very fast in the main social networks.


Rosana Marques is a professional dancer known for her role in Brazil's largest YouTube dance channel, "Cia. Daniel Saboya" (14.7M subscribers).

Rosana Marques has also her own channel and a very strong performance on Instagram, where she brings hundreds of thousands of followers together to a huge dancing community.


Babi Sabbag is friendly and humorous in all content she produces, both on instagram and youtube, captivating more than 1M people in her social networks.

She is the mother of Henrique and Guilherme and shows her life as a mother, giving advice on how to take care of children and nutrition tips!


Marcelle Christine conquers people wherever she goes through her charming charisma.

Her taste in sharing her tips and photos has become a business. After having worked with artists such as: Mayra Cardi, Arthur Aguiar, Antonia Fontenelle and others, Marcelle became a businesswoman and nowadays she advises more than 30 people, such as artists, digital influencers and companies.


Fernanda Freitas influences the fitness segment with a strong focus on health, quality of life, fitness and lifestyle.

Fernanda creates quality content on both the colorful "Inteligencia Fit" channel on YouTube and Instagram and Facebook.
With this network, in addition to her website, she has built up a great relevance in the fitness segment.