Sports & Nutrition

Brazilian fitness influencers are the fasted growing figures in 2020! Brazilian followers love to stay fit and healthy, while enjoying their favourite influencers’ daily routines! Here are the top sports & nutrition influencers for your brand.


Lucas is model and actor in 2015 he won the title of "Mister Brazil", in 2016 he became "Mister Mundial".

He became famous after winning the reality show "A Fazenda 11". Current in Minas Gerais, Lucas shares his daily life as one of the top Brazilian fitness influencers in his social networks in a very charismatic and fun way, collecting fans more and more passionate all over Brazil!


Jessica Belcost has built up her loyal audience since nine years. As one of the best Brazilian fitness influencers, she can rely on an active audience and strong engagement.

Since 2011 on YouTube, Jessica is extremely respected for the sophisticated and intelligent way through which she addresses topics ranging from fitness to nutrition, beauty, hair and makeup.


If you are looking for a fashionable, tattoed athlete with a passion for dogs, Victor is your go-to guy.

Born in the city of Salvador, Victor is not only one of the most popular Brazilian fitness influencers, but also an entrepreneur! He owns his own business called Clube do Risco. His favourite social media platform is Instagram.


In the sports segment Mariana Santos stands out for her light and youthful content, her striking smile and her cheeky attitude.

People in her home town São Paulo know Mariana. In the past months she got more and more "clout" - as she would call it - all over Brazil. Mariana is just 18 years old and has built a strong and engaging community. No doubt she's is one of the top Brazilian fitness influencers!