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Find your ideal Brazilian Influencer thanks to our network and our expertise. As leading Brazilian influencer Agency Bold Creators Club assesses each single influencer before including him/ her in the network. We work only with the top Brazilian influencers: From placements with one influencer to campaigns with 100 creators and beyond.

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We work with B2C and B2B companies, including those with niche interests and one-of-a-kind passions and connect them with top Brazilian influencers in their segment.


MC Bella is a singer and one of the most popular Brazilian influencers. She's born in Bahia and currently living in São Paulo.

Considered an artist different from the others for having her own style - in beauty as well as in singing!
She started her social media career with cover songs, today she broadens her portfolio to fashion and beauty.


Mirela Janis is one of the top Brazilian influencers and a professional dancer with more than 3.1M fans on Instagram!

Next to dancing she's known for her red hair. In a partnership with Universal Music Mirela has pushed songs through TikTok into the Charts. Which generated media attention and partly made BCC the best Brazilian influencer agency.


Pâmela Drudi is the reference of beauty influencers in Brazil. She and her sisters became four of the most popular Brazilian influencers.

As leading Brazilian influencer agency we have all members of the Drudi Family in our network. Pâmela is showing her daily life and beauty and lifestyle tips and enchants a young audience every day.


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Matheus Yurley, is a YouTuber and singer from São Paulo. At the age of 21 he is one of the most popular Brazilian influencers.

He started producing videos in March 2015 and today his YouTube channel alone has over 12 million subscribers. Which makes him one of the top Brazilian influencers and to some extent BCC the best influencer agency in Brazil!


Bold Creators Club became the leading Brazilian creators agency because of the most popular Brazilian influencers in our portfolio. With high engagement and nearly 12M followers Sthefane is for sure one of them. 

Sthe shares her daily routine with her followers passionate about her charisma and humor. talking about her motherhood with her son Apollo, humor, fashion and his lifestyle!


Jully Molinna is one of the top Brazilian influencers for fashion, wearing brands like Balenciaga and Supreme. Jully is the hypebeast among the creators in the leading Brazilian influencer agency.

She is one of the most popular Brazilian influencers on beauty and life style, adding up to more than 6M followers on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube! If you want to have excentric, creative content, pick Jully!


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Everson Zoio is one of the most popular Brazilian influencers with more than 12M followers in the main social networks.

Everson is known for his videos like challenges, trolls and pranks.
His creative humor and media attention has made BCC the best Brazilian influencer agency.


As leading Brazilian influencer agency, we're also covering fun and comady. Leozito, is a comedian and actor, with almost 1 million followers in Instagram.

He is already one of the biggest Internet phenomena in the northeast state. In a funny and humorous way he brings a lot of joy to his audience daily with his fun posts.


Among the top Brazilian influencers is the comedy segment is also Dum Ice, a native of Salvador.

Dum is one of the most popular influencers in Brazil and loved on social media because of his various character roles. Through unique personalities like Dum Ice BCC became the best Brazilian influencer marketing agency.


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Lucas is model and actor in 2015 he won the title of "Mister Brazil", in 2016 he became "Mister Mundial".

He became famous after winning the reality show "A Fazenda 11". Fitness stars like him have made us the best Brazilian influencer agency for Sports. Lucas shares his daily life in a very charismatic and fun way, collecting fans all over Brazil!


Jessica Belcost has built up her loyal audience since nine years and is part of our network, the leading Brazilian influencer agency for ages.

Since 2011 on YouTube, Jessica is extremely respected for the sophisticated and intelligent way through which she addresses topics ranging from fitness to nutrition, beauty, hair and makeup.


Victor is fashionable, a dog-lover and has the highest engagement among all creators of the best Brazilian influencer marketing agency.

Born in the city of Salvador, Victor is not only an influencer but also an entrepreneur! He owns his own business called Clube do Risco. His favourite social media platform is Instagram.


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