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Jessica Belcost

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Bold Creators Club works with influencers all over South America: From placements with one influencer to campaigns with 100 creators and beyond.

Across segments such as:

  • Fashion & Beauty
  • Lifestyle & Travel
  • Gaming & Entertainment
  • Sports & Nutrition
We work with B2C and B2B companies, including those with niche interests and one-of-a-kind passions.


Fashion & Beauty


Maria Venture is the most hyped Brazilian YouTubers in the beauty section. Maria has >5M followers and >200M views on YouTube.

On her instagram profile Maria shares more about her daily life, with several fun stories, adding up with more than 4M followers.


MC Bella is a singer and influencer born in Bahia and currently living in São Paulo.

Considered an artist different from the others for having her own style - in beauty as well as in singing! She started her social media career with cover songs and is now one of the most creative influencers when it comes to beauty.


Amanda Domenico has currently more than 4M followers on YouTube.

Amanda is also present on Instagram (1.6M) where she shares content about her daily life as a mother in addition to captivating her audience with her fashion and beauty tips!

Lifestyle & Travel


Sthefane Mathos has one of the most engaging communities in Brazil, reaching out to her 2M followers and fans who are passionate about her charisma, friendliness and humor! 

Sthe shares her daily routine with her followers talking about her motherhood with her son Apollo, humor, fashion and his lifestyle! There's also a super-pumped YouTube channel where you'll find lots of make and beauty tips!


Abner Pinheiro is one of the most famous influencers in Brazil, with more than 1.5M followers on his Instagram and a Youtube channel.

He had several appearances on "Em Alta" on Youtube.
Abner shares his daily life in stories and vlogs on his Youtube channel with a lot of humor taking several laughs from his followers.


Vivi Wanderley entertains her audience with her good humor, her beauty and her quality content.

She produces makeup videos, daily vlogs and travel blogs. Currently with more than 700K subscribers and more than 3M followers in instagram, Vivi is one of the most known Brazilian influencers on social networks receiving thousands of views and likes every day.

Gaming & Entertainment


Everson Zoio is one of the biggest names in the Brazilian internet with more than 14M followers in the main social networks.

Everson is known for his videos like challenges, trolls and pranks, his creative humor is the daily laughter of millions of young people from all over Brazil.


Melody is known for her songs on YouTube, her fun way of expressing herself and her creativity which entertains people.

Melody has been gathering more and more followers in the main social networks, having a very strong presence not only on YouTube but also on Instagram and Facebook.


Gabriel Dearo owns the great pop culture channel "Operacao Cinema".

"Operacao Cinema" has more than 4.5M subscribers, in addition to Gabriel's other successful channels such as his vlog channel and other entertainment video channels.



Jennifer Dobruski is known for her unique surname of Polish origin, her red hair and especially her always present smile.

Jennifer has a unique relaxed way of approaching topics of nutrition, lifestyle and beauty. Through her charming way of presenting herself, she is growing very fast in the main social networks.


Rosana Marques is a professional dancer known for her role in Brazil's largest YouTube dance channel, "Cia. Daniel Saboya" (14.7M subscribers).

Rosana Marques has also her own channel and a very strong performance on Instagram, where she brings hundreds of thousands of followers together to a huge dancing community.


Babi Sabbag is friendly and humorous in all content she produces, both on instagram and youtube, captivating more than 1M people in her social networks.

She is the mother of Henrique and Guilherme and shows her life as a mother, giving advice on how to take care of children and nutrition tips!