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The gaming industry is booming all over the world, but in Brazil there is a special passion for video games. That’s why Brazilian gaming influencers are so fundamental to advertise new games and features on their social platforms. Most of the content creators gamers are also Brazilian YouTubers, with large and devoted audiences. Some YouTubers of our team are entertaining their audiences through pranks and telling stories, others, are Brazilian YouTubers in the gaming industry and are often also good players.

Bold Creators Club works only with the top Brazilian gaming influencers, creators are active on different platforms. While many of those Brazilian influencers are YouTubers, but there are other platforms that are used a lot by Brazilian gaming influencers. We are talking about a social media where gamers use to stream their matches: Twitch for the gaming influencers. There are also a lot of gamers influencers on Instagram, where they post suggestions and specific content for their followers.

Entertainment and Gaming influencers in Brazil

Brazilian Youtubers are one Brazil’s favourite entertainment influencers because of their wicked sense of humour, boundless creativity and fun personalities! Brazilians love to engage and keep up with their latest exciting posts! Find them here! 

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Everson Zoio is one of the biggest Brazilian Youtubers and names in the Brazilian internet with more than 14M followers in the main social networks.

Everson is known for his videos like challenges, trolls and pranks, his creative humor is the daily laughter of millions of young people from all over Brazil.


Leozito, is a comedian and actor, with almost 1 million followers in Instagram.

He is already one of the biggest Internet phenomena in the northeast state.

As one of the funniest Brazilian Youtubers , in funny and humorous ways he brings a lot of joy to his audience daily with his fun posts.


Dum Ice, a native of Salvador, is an actor and influencer. Also known as one of the top Brazilian Youtubers, Dum is known for playing various characters in his videos.

With his charismatic manner and unique humor, he now collects over 1 million followers in his Instagram.


Maidy has the largest female channel about Disney and animations in Brazil.

As one of the most trending female Brazilian Youtubers, she shares with her subscribers curiosities about the films, theories, stories, all with humor and friendliness that conquers new fans daily. In her Instagram, she posts recurring cosplays of characters from animations and pop culture.

Gaming industry, and gamers influencers in Brazil

Esports have lately conquered a huge audience, some of the E-players earn more than normal sport players, and the audience watching e-matches is becoming bigger and bigger every year. In 2020 we have a viewership amount of 500 millions, and an annual growth rate above 10%.

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