5 ways Instagram is driving the Brazilian beauty industry

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Beauty, it’s in the Brazilian Culture – Brazil has been a long-standing key beauty market globally thanks to the Brazilian’s obsession with beauty. Deeply rooted in their culture, Brazilian men and women alike strongly value the importance of self-care and physical presentation, as it also represents social status. The Brazilian beauty industry is growing.

Hence, they are very willing to spend money on themselves to show off their best features.

In 2020, Brazil retained the position as the 4th largest beauty markets in the world, after the US, China & Japan.

Brazilian beauty industry
Brazil’s beauty industry is leading South America by far.

Within 10 years, from 2009-2019, the Brazilian beauty industry experienced an explosive growth of 200% in revenue of cosmetics, personal care and fragrance. Therefore, alongside China & Japan, Brazil is one of the key main drivers of the global beauty industry growth. It is also responsible for starting global beauty trends and setting standards that are followed around the world.

Instagram’s Strong Presence in Brazil – Brazilians are highly social and love to express themselves. With over 70 million active Instagram users with high engagement rates, their love for interaction and socialising can be reflected by their heavy social media usage.

Pamela Influencer
Pâmela is one of the Brazilian top-notch influencers in the Beauty industry.

How Instagram is thriving the Brazilian beauty industry

1. Vibrant Brazilian Instagram Influencer Market Creates Unique Beauty Trends

Brazilian beauty industry consumers are highly diversified as they vary drastically from skin tones, hairstyles and body shapes. To achieve an organic connection with Brazilians, the Instagram influencer market needs to be large and diverse enough to cater to all different Brazilian’s needs and interest.
True enough, today’s Brazilian Influencers on Instagram are uniquely for Brazilians! Brazilian influencers embody the beauty and essence of the Brazilian culture. They are fun and creative trendsetters who create styles and trends uniquely for all Brazilians! They also enjoy high engagement rates, compared to local and international celebrities, as they are highly interactive and can authentically relate and connect with their audiences.

Sthefane Matos
Sthefane is the most important Beauty influencer in Brazil with 7.4M followers and an astonishing engagement rate of 12%.
We’re happy to advice you on Sthefane or any other Brazilian influencer.

In 2020, the dominant category for Instagram Influencers in Brazil is Beauty and Fashion, this again emphasizes how Brazilians love their Brazilian beauty industry. With the rise of Brazilian makeup artists role models on Instagram, distinctive bold and colourful makeup and hair trends, and the importance of skincare routine, arises as well.
These trends are eagerly picked up by young Brazilians as they are the most active audiences on Instagram.
As they follow closely to trends, Millennials and Gen Z’s infatuation with beauty grows stronger as they learn about the latest makeup and skincare routine right from home!

2. Instagram Trends Create Brand Awareness & Promotes International Brands

As Brazilians enjoy the creative contents of their Instagram “teachers”, they would also want to have personal experiences with these promoted products that are currently trending.

Being the consumer group that is highly active on social media, Millennials and Gen Z are most exposed to trends. Inevitably, young Brazilian beauty industry consumers also start to pay more attention to the brands they use.
They care for the brand name most as they associate product quality and effectiveness to certain brands promoted by their Instagram influencers.
Given Brazilian’s adventurous spirits and love for beauty, they are very open to exploring products from both local and international brands that are within their budget.

Lucas Influencer
Influencers like Lucas are idols to the Brazilian youth. The brands and products he uses (like the turtleneck here) become national trends.

3. Drive Consumption of Skincare & Colour cosmetics

Haircare has always dominated Brazil’s Cosmetic Industry. Compared to skincare products (ranking 2nd) which takes longer to see its effectiveness, the result for haircare is almost instant. Hence, based on its popularity, haircare product revenue is 1.6x higher than skincare products.
As mass cosmetic brands dominate the Brazilian beauty industry by 93.9% compared to 6.1% by prestige cosmetic brands, colour cosmetic product revenue ranks 3rd as Brazilians continue to opt for cheaper mass cosmetic brands.

However, with increasing Instagram Influencers educating their audiences through quick 1-minute tutorials and promoting quality brands that show results, young Brazilians are gradually learning the importance of proper skincare routines and self-taught makeup skills.
Therefore, they demand higher quality skincare & makeup products, steadily boosting the sales of international and local skin care and colour cosmetics products, while competing with the popularity of hair care products.

Juliana Influencer
Juliana has made headlines in Brazil with various placements for hair products on Instagram and on TikTok (2.6M followers on both platforms).

4. Driving Mobile E-commerce

Globally, Brazil ranks 3rd in Instagram Reach Ranking (potential Instagram advertising reach compared to population) and also 3rd in Fastest Growing Digital Advertising Markets at 5.2% in July 2020. With high reach potential online, brands are increasingly adopting digital advertisements tool such as influencer marketing or Instagram advertisements to promote their products. Marketeers are also seeking to boost online sales through mobile E-commerce as Smartphones are the number one device for online shopping in Brazil, with a 43% increase from 2011-2019.

Brazilian beauty industry
eCommerce in Brazil is one of the most exciting industries worldwide. Brazilian eCommerce is expected to double its size in just 7 years.

In fact, Brazilian consumers have used their smartphones for online shopping more often than shoppers in the US have done.
Therefore, brands are steadily increasing their beauty product advertising on Instagram as it is the most popular social beauty platform. Be it direct links to brand websites from promoted Instagram stories or influencer’s bio link, Instagram plays an important role in better targeting audiences and easily guiding them to mobile shopping websites.
This way, marketeers can better reach their audiences and compete in online mobile sales.

5. Growing Niche Beauty Markets

One of the greatest attributions of social media is its ability to promote awareness and acceptance, leading to the growth of niche markets such as Conscious Beauty, South Korean Cosmetics and Men’s Grooming. In the pursuit of beauty, Brazilian do not neglect their social responsibility. They are highly environmentally conscious beauty consumers as they would opt for sustainable beauty products with natural, organic, or vegan ingredients.

Such conscious consumption behaviour might be another reason for the growing popularity of South Korean cosmetic brands, apart from K-Pop being a huge sensation in Brazil. South Korean beauty brands often promote the image of youthful natural beauty with minimal effort, while positioning their products ingredients as effective, earthly, pure and natural.
Furthermore, these brands often specialise in skin care and colour cosmetics and rely heavily on K-pop and Korean celebrities to represent their brands. This aligns closely with Brazilian’s consumption behaviours and the growing importance of skincare, especially young Brazilians with high exposure to social media trends. Hence, South Korean cosmetics are increasingly very well-received in Brazil.

Victor Influencer
Beauty is female and male, especially in Brazil: Influencers like Victor are testing and promoting beauty products regularly.

Men’s Grooming Industry has grown rapidly in the recent years with Instagram promoting gender equality and acceptance towards men using skincare, hair removal and makeup products.
As such self-care practices are increasingly becoming socially acceptable for men, Brazilian men, accompanied by their obsession for beauty, are not holding back in pampering themselves with these new product lines as well!

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