Is Instagram Favorites the new feature on the way for Instagram Users?

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Instagram is set to release Instagram Favorites. The new feature would reportedly let you identify which accounts are most relevant to see before other posts.

Instagram confirmed it’s developing a new feature called “Favorites,” which would allow users to select certain accounts and see their posts higher in the feed. A similar feature already exists on Facebook where you can control what appears at the top of your News Feed algorithmically by selecting friends or likes, according to TechCrunch

This is just one more sign that technology is moving faster than ever before so keep up with all these changes, as Instagram Favorites seem to be around the corner.

Instagram Favorites could give you more control over your feed

Instagram “Favorites”  seems like an interesting new feature. This would allow users to view their favourite photos and videos from every account they follow selected from their followers’ list, as well as those accounts not on this list but still important enough for you to want them around during your hiatus period from the platform.

Alessandro Paluzzi, a reverse engineer, posted about Instagram Favorites on his Twitter account. Paluzzi was told by an Instagram spokesperson that ““This feature is an internal prototype that’s still in development, and not testing externally”.

Paid subscription on Instagram is another feature that might be on the way, although there are still few sources that confirm it.

In the past, Instagram has tested a chronological feed for its users, but it changed the algorithm. Today, users have no need to scroll through posts in order to find something interesting or relevant for them – the first thing that pops into your head may just be there waiting when you open up an app on this day.

Though Instagram did say it’s working on the development of Favorites, there’s no guarantee that such a feature will launch to users. Companies like Facebook do test out new ideas and prototypes for public release in order to see which ones work well, but not all tests make their way into general releases!

source: Le Buzz

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