Instagram Video is the new feature to replace IGTV

Instagram Video

Instagram recently announced a shift into video following the success of TikTok and YouTube, Instagram Video. Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, pointed out that it was not just about taking pictures anymore, but also creating videos for social media apps that are all competing with each other in order to attract as many users as possible. Instagram Video is the new feature of the platform.

Instagram is taking another step toward its larger goal of making video a more central part of the Instagram experience with news that it will now combine IGTV’s long-form videos and posts in one new format called “Instagram Video.”

The profile page will now have a tab called “Video” where these videos can live! These longer or shorter clips give users another way of connecting with others.

The new feature will bring the platform into parity with YouTube, where viewers can tap to enter full-screen viewing mode and explore video content from creators on their own terms.

None of these changes will impact what Instagram is doing with Reels, though. The company’s short-form video platform and TikTok rival will continue to remain separate from one another in terms of design as well as functionality.

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Instagram Video is here to replace IGTV

Instagram’s IGTV button was removed from its homepage in early 2020 due to a lack of traction on the product, and the brand IGTV was losing ground.

The company pointed out the fact that most people were finding videos through their feed or by searching “IGtv,” rather than on Explore which means they are catering more specifically towards those who use these features.

Instagram is doubling down on its video strategy with the IGTV app, even though it’s not going away.

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The video-sharing platform Instagram announced that creators will be able to crosspost their videos through Stories and share them through Direct Messages.

Instagram is trying to boost video engagement with these changes. But by keeping Reels separate from each other, the app still differentiates videos based on length even if they fall under one category like “long-form” or short-form as YouTube has its own separate button for TikTok competitors called “YouTube Shorts.”

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